Protesters on Thursday petitioned the Kenyan National Assembly and the Ministry of Foreign affairs to clampdown on local banks which they claim are abetting looting of South Sudan national coffers.

The protesters, who included South Sudan refugees living in Kenya led by Daniel Deng, and friends of South Sudan from Kenya, led by activist Boniface Mwangi, claimed that corrupt individuals have manipulated the Kenyan financial systems to obtain resources.

“The reason for this is that the perpetrators of this war continue to profit from the war and therefore lack the incentive to commit to peace,” read part of the petition.

Details of how South Sudan leaders have allegedly been stashing their looted wealth in Nairobi and Kampala was exposed this week in an investigative piece by John Allan Namu’s Africa Uncensored. 



The three-part piece entitled The Profiteers, also detailed bank transactions of top South Sudan government officials amounting to thousands of US dollars that were way above their annual pay.

The petitioners also claimed that the existence of loopholes within the financial system of Kenya and Uganda was a contributor to the war in South Sudan.


Protesters hold a peaceful procession in Nairobi to condemn war profiteers plundering the national wealth of Sudan Sudan. PHOTO | NYABOGA KIAGE

They demanded that the Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary, Ms Monica Juma, addresses the matter.

“The ministry should also explain the circumstance that individuals from South Sudan who are under UNSC sanctions continue to maintain lavish lifestyle in Kenya,” the petition read.

They also demanded that the ministry makes public the action they will take as per to their concerns in 14 days.


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