Oliver Wani found sanctuary from South Sudan’s civil war in a Ugandan refugee camp. But when food ran out, he returned home to be killed in the conflict he had fled. 

The 45-year-old farmer was one of more than a million South Sudanese living in sprawling camps across the border in northern Uganda, seeking refuge from the four-year war that has devastated their homeland. 

Funding gaps and organisational problems often delay or reduce their meagre rations driving some desperate families back to the lands they fled and underscoring the struggle to cope with Africa’s biggest refugee crisis in two decades. 

Refugees from South Sudan have been arriving in Uganda at an average rate of 35,000 a month this year. The Bidi Bidi camp was home to 285,000 people at the end of September, according to the UN refugee agency, making it the biggest in Africa. 

The agency, UNHCR, said funding covered 32% of $674 million requested to help refugees in Uganda in 2017 and the UN World Food Programme (WFP) said it was facing a $71 million shortfall for the next six months.


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