Chollo community in Canada is launching its 2nd Annual Fund Raising Celebration on August 25, 2012. It is not only a fund raising celebration, but it is also a celebration of relationship, unity, harmony, solidarity, teamwork, cooperation and getting to know each other.

We all know that Chollo people immigrate to Canada from different countries. Each one came alone and lives in different province far away from his/her relatives, brothers, sisters or friends. Most of Chollo people only communicate by phone or email without seeing each other. They have been scattered, but they must start gathering again. Off course you all know that war was not only launched to kill human physically, but to destroy social setting, unity and cause separation and alienation. It is a time to search for brother, sister, father, mother, friends, husband or colleagues you might have not see personally for long time or those you might have lost a communication with for years.

Together is amazing: We understand that each one has aspiration and ambition to work or study hard to achieve certain goals. But together is amazing. Power of collectivism is behind individual strength because each person is blessed with unique blessings. When we are together, we are putting these various gifts or blessings together for the benefit our community. You might be blessed with a healing gift, but that gift was given to you to benefit the community and yourself. Come and utilize it in healing wounds cause by hatred because you are good counsellor. You might be too blessed with prophecy, and then you may use it for directing people to a right way whenever they slide from right course. Remember that Lord told us to use these gifts to advance a community we live in. Bible: Matthew 5:14 "You are the light of the world--like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden". If you are blessed with special gift, do not keep it at home, but bring it up through participation in community gathering.

Keep up spirit of victory: Daily, we come across challenges that might deter us from doing a right thing or from following right path because evil is fighting hard to make us failures or quitters. Whenever you come through such situation, use a victorious language and spirit to overcome these difficulties. Remember that you harvest the result of your words and thoughts. Bible teaches us in Proverbs 18:21 that, "the tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit". When you cultivate a seed, it shoots down to ground for root and springs up for leaves and branches to produce you a fruit. You cultivate it and you eat it fruit. If we talk about being defeated, we will get it, but if we talk about conquering a fear or any difficult situation, we also will overcome it and emerge as victorious. Remember how our ancestors dealt with their enemies. Enemies attack them or they attack the enemies while hundred of our ancestors fall or got killed from singing machine guns. They never back done, but they use courageous language 'Maiej Weal' (meaning grassfire) simply to defeat an enemy with gun that strike from distance. Can we all say grassfire?

God bless and I look forward to see you all on August 25, 2012 in Kitchener, Ontario Canada.


William Okuch Dak Awor, president of Chollo Community in Canada

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel: 250-818-6228

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Hello Chollo Community in Canada and the finest leader Mr. William Okuc Dak and hios excactives members who is the President of our community in Canada. I must say congratulation in advance to your leadership to be able to hold the 2 Chollo...

Hello Chollo Community in Canada and the finest leader Mr. William Okuc Dak and hios excactives members who is the President of our community in Canada. I must say congratulation in advance to your leadership to be able to hold the 2 Chollo cultural anniversary in Canada. Also I would like to say to all the community members of Chollo people in Canada thank you for doing this. As all of you know that Community of Chollo in Canada is one of the strong, united and peaceful community in the world for Chollo. My suport will be there even if I am in South Sudan now I will be there in spirits. My congratulation to all Chollo women in Canada and thier leadership Mrs. Bushai Otong who is devoted her life for the Chollo community.My contratulation will also go to our artsit and singer Madam Kimo Ajak who will never back down to stand for
the Chollo people. I encourage the women, youth , Boys and Girls and men to stand firm to suport our community in Canada. Pashodo Foundation for peace and Devlepment will one of the most strongest Chollo organt to suport the Unity of Chollo people in Diaspora and in South Sudan. So, Dear Collegs , brothers, sisters youth Girls and Boys Please listen to my advice, our Chollo community must work together with other Chollo communities like USA, Australia, European countries, and in South Sudan so that we can acheived the best quality of Unity and harmony in our home land.
long leave Canada Chollo community.
long leave Chollo Kingdom.
long leave South sudan people.
Thank you
Peter A.Amon
President of Chollo community in Canada on hoilday( Mr. William Okuc is the President in time) Please do not confuse he is our president Now.

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Peter A.Amon
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