crossWith the deepest sorrow and heart break I hereby announce to you the passing of our beloved father Engineer Matthew Othow Deng born Owashi Dhathim (1932 -2014). He died on Wednesday 30-04-14 in Khartoum Hospital.

The body will be taken to South Sudan on Saturday 03-05-14 and will be buried in Juba. For this God is our God forever and ever, he will be our guide to the end. May he experience the fullness of life with God the Father in heaven (Psalms 48:14) let the glory be for his soul Amen. Late engineer Matthew survived by his three sons and other members of the family:

  • Tijwok Matthew Deng
  • John Matthew Deng
  • Mer Matthew Deng

On behalf of the family,
Simon Okyij, Melbourne, Australia.

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  • Guest - Francis Yowin

    Dears /The Sons and the Daughters and all family of respectable late elder Matthew Othow Deng.

    Really let me in joined my sadness and deep I feel sorry
    about the bad news for the death of lovely Father Othow.

    Please accept my attributed condolence to you and all family my God be mercy on him.

    First point: Please allow me to add some points that the late was played in Collo community and South Sudan in generally.
    1993 I was accepted in Bible School in Greif West Khartoum where I met late Othow in the evening after the lectures we used to go to attend the Collo songs under the leadership of late Othow, he was very active elder among the Collo intellectuals in Khartoum and he had much concerned about the teaching Collo language.
    In that time I saw the humbleness in him and faith although he was very advance educated man and carried academically standard of engineering he put it down and started to serve the Collo community through his faith as I mentioned. (Proverbs 10:2, Galatians 6:9, Luke 6:33).

    The second point: I met him again through the Collo translation whole Bible which completed after two years ago and now the whole Bible in our own language in our hand now we saw it was dedicated by the Collo Churches leaders last year in 2013.
    The late was the one of reviewer member and gave much contributed toward this project to be completed as we saw the fruit of the good work he participated was completed although took a long time, but now we got our Collo own Bible Old Testament and NT.
    The third point: the late was acting governor of Upper Nile Region in 19989. Today is Upper Sate he departed to Jesus Christ with honesty faith he never doubt on his faith in Jesus we hope his good work he done in this World will follow him ( Romans 2:6 , 2 Timothy 3:17, Proverbs 21: 21, ) May our almighty God received his soul in peace and rest integrity.

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