Late Uncle  Angelo Othow Nyikango , in Chollo’s traditional dress(Lawo).Dear All, this is to inform you of the brutal  Murdering  and the fatal  Shooting to Death of my Uncle late Eng.Angelo Othow Nyikango , who died instantly at the dirty & filthy hands of the so called Nuer’s Militias White , or the Black Cursed Army. And Uncle Angelo Othow Nyikango, was  killed in Malakal, together with his young nephew late Ywomo Daniel Othwol, who happen to be the younger brother of the SPLA’s Major General Peter Pannyango Daniel(Deenhajer), more  recently.

Late Uncle Eng.Angelo Othow Nyikango , was brutally killed by the so called Nuer’s Militias White ,or Black Cursed Army of Dr.Riek Machar, on February 20,2014, in his house in Malakal town ,Upper Nile State. And  he was the young brother  following  my father in their line of Nyikango  family , and Uncle Eng.Angelo Othow Nyikango ,use to work in his life here on Earth, as a Civil Engineer in the Department of Housing & Work ,in many places all over the old Sudan .And for example he  worked  in places like Khartoum , Kassal, Juba, Malakal, and Rumbek, before he became a  Minister of Cabinet Affairs & Housing in H.E. Abel Alier’s Regional Government  in Juba ,during the  Former defunct Southern Sudan Regional Automn Government  in the 80s. And Late Uncle Angelo Othow Nyikango, was also a former politician who has won many elections to   both parliament in Juba & Khartoum , and he was a member of both parliaments of Khartoum and Juba consecutively representing his people bluntly  with  loud and clear voice full of   courage and great integrity .

He truly was a very  remarkable statesman of his time ,who was also devoted entirely to serving  the common good and good cause of his people  .And he use to help  every man & woman regardless their of  tribes, religion , gender, or even their economic status .And Uncle Angelo Othow, was a devote catholic too, who was rise in the Catholic Missions in Lul area , North of Malakal town.  And as a devote  Christian , late Uncle Angelo use to be called a brother in Christ, or  in the  Catholic Church’s  terminology when he, use  to work as carpenter in  the Catholic Mission at Lul Catholic Church dicosess , during his school break holidays . And his  father Joseph Nyikango ,Akoldoung  , who is my great grand father Nyikango Akoldoung , was a  Roman Catholic Catchiest , who use to spread the words of God the work in the Chollo people, local language in Lul mission area, and beyond in the Fashodo county in the Shilluks Kingdom  . And my Uncle Angelo Othow, was real a very  humble, who live a  life full of respects ,  great  dignity plus integrity in his entire life before he was prematurely take away from us for good by the those savage so called white or black cursed Nuer’s Militias ( Nyagatas ) .Its worthy remembering that life of Uncle Angelo Othow, on Earth was real a very spectacle life that was spend helping his communities to built  schools and roads houses, bridges , and  constructing food storages  for  the vulnerable people in the Sudan, and South Sudan in particular . And he was one of the pioneers among the Chollo’s elders who founded  the first Fashodo Collo Community in the Sudan in the 70s in Malakal .Where he use to  helps his Chollo people at the village and rural area levels proposing to initiates local Shilluks communities  cooperatives schemes and project . And he use to advocated  for building more self help schools and health clinics and agriculture cooperation’s in Chollo’s village , and in the whole Chollo Kingdom . And if not in the entire Southern Sudan   ,  with out showing any discriminating , neither segregating against other people, because of their tribal affiliation, or religious & cultural beliefs what so ever  . And late Uncle Angelo Othow Wad Nyikango Aguw Akoldoung,  use to  lecture about Ancient Shilluks history , and as well as an author on the  Chollo people & Luo history and their early  Immigration from Waich Paich, according to the Chollo and Luo people , oral and written ancient and modern  history about the Luo people in general  .  And Late Uncle  Angelo Othow  Nyikango , will truly be missed by his children and the entire family of Kawnrieth Nyikango Akoldoung(Atengdoor). And may Lord Almighty God, Rest the Saul of Uncle Angelo Othow Nyikango , and his nephew Ywomo Daniel Othwol,  In yjr Ever Lasting Peace .Amen.  We Shall Be Missing Uncle Othow Wad Kawrierth Nyikango Aguw,  We Shall Be Missing You. Till than when we shall meet again Rest in Peace my Dear Uncle Angelo Othow Nyikango.Amen (RIP)   By: PK

Uncle Angelo and his young nephew late Ywomo Daniel Othwol were both killed by the Nuers Wild Militias , Just  for no apparent good reasons  apart  from the Nuer’s gone wild the rampart spree of looting  , causing havoc to the Shilluk’s unarmed innocent civilians , and  the savage destruction  of  the  Chollo’s prosperities in Malakal . This was  Nuer’s evil intentions   ethnically cleanse  the Shilluks people in Malakal , while the Nuer tribe have become another  South Sudanese  Janjaweed  in Malakal, ,or  these Nyagatas (the Nuer’s White Army Militias ), are trying to copy the Hutus in Rwanda . And the  question we the family members of Late Uncle Amgelo Othow Nyikango , who was killed by orders from  Dr,Riek Machar , is that why are those savage Nuer Nyagat’s Militias , or these Nuer’s South Sudanese  Janjaweed , targeting the innocent unarmed Shilluks people. And  while at the same time Dr.Riek Machar, and  his savage Nuer Nyagat’s Militias , or his  Nuer’s South Sudanese  Janjaweed, leaving alone the Dinka villages and towns  like Shambe  where (Marial Chiunoung) comes from , Yirol –where Telar Deng Ring comes from ,  Cuiebet the Village where Daniel Awat Akot comes from , Tonj the Village where Aleu, Aleu Deng comes from  , and Aweil Village where  Paul Awa Malou comes ,  Gorgrial in general the Village where Salva Mathok comes from . And last but not last why is Dr.Riek Machar, and his savage Nue’rs Nyagat’s Militias , or his  Nuer’s South Sudanese  Janjaweed, not invading and targeting the Gorgrial- Village of Awan Achan , which is the village where  president Salva Kiir , and what is particular about Malakal town and the Shilluks, that is being targeted by Dr.Riek Machar, and  his savage Nuer’s Nyagat’s Militias , and  his  Nuer’s who are the new Janjaweed of South Sudanese,

Biography for Late Eng. Angelo Othow

Personal Information:
• Name: Angelo Othow Nyikango Joseph
• Date and place of birth: 1st February 1935, Lul
• Village: Wijreg- Thorlong
• Religion: Christian (Catholic )...
• Mitral status: Married father of sons and daughters
Educational Background:
• Lul elementary school-Upper Nile
• Bushery junior & senior school- Wau Bhar El ghazal
• Diploma in construction from Khartoum Technical institute (KTI)-Khartoum
• High diploma in construction from Lancashire& Cheshire Institutes -Britain (1976-1977)
Work Experience:
• Engineer at Ministry of Works and Public Utilities (1964-1974)
• Regional Engineer for Upper Nile region (1974-1976)
• Regional Engineer for Lakes (1977-1979)
• Deputy Director of Finance and Administration (1979-1980)
• Regional Engineer of German Health Organization for many Health projects (1993-1994)
• Supervision of the construction and erection of three silos at Wadakona sponsored by Italy (1990-1992)
• Supervision of construction of Forestry office at Renk (1993-1995)
• Supervision and execution of Malakal Water Station expansion project sponsored by UNICEF &WES (1989-2002)
• Supervision of Construction of Orphans’ Village (SOS) at Malakal (1990-2002)
• Supervision of renovation and maintenance of Upper Nile students’ hostels sponsored by National Students’ Funds (2002-2003)
• Supervision of construction of Zaka premises at Renk
• Supervision of maintenance of Control Tower at Malakal airport
• Supervision of construction of hospital and council building at Nasser.
• Supervision of renovation of Malakal Teaching Hospital.
• Supervision of construction of school buildings at Olang.
• Supervision of maintenance of Presbyterian Church at Bem (2003)
• Supervision of construction of school buildings at Nyigaro village sponsored by Wijreg Chartable Association.
• Supervision of construction of Catholic Church at Bem.
• Consultant of Juba Engineering Consultancy (JEC) for maintenance of roads and drains in Malakal under umbrella of Ministry of Physical Infrastructure
• He supervised and executed many engineering projects with in Upper Nile and other parts of South Sudan which are not mentioned above.
Political Activities:
• Elected for Regional Council of South Sudan and was appointed as a minister for Presidential Affairs in Juba (1980-1981)
• Appointed as a minister for Works and public Utilities in Juba (1981-1982)
• Elected for Constitutional Assembly as a member in Khartoum (1986-1989)
• Attended Egyptian ruling party convention in Cairo (1987)
• Participated in visit to United States of America (USA) carried out by international visitors for Educational and cultural exchange program in coordination with Cross Road Africa (1987)
• Attended conference for non-alliance countries in Zimbabwe Harare (1989)
Social Activities:
• Participated in many seminars, symposiums and lectures carried out by students’ unions and civil society organizations, he contributed with his knowledge and thoughts over the radio and TV whereby he showed his genuine interest in history, culture, heritage, traditions and habits of Colo. Besides his being an articulate speaker about Colo land and its boundary with the neighboring tribes.
• He had been one of civil rights activists.
• He had been continuously an active member of elders’ council of Catholic Church in Malakal.
• He prepared and published a publication on Colo Family tree “Colo geki Orri gen” (2003)
His Assassination:
He was assassinated in his house at Thora jalaba- Malakal by rebels loyal to Riek Machar on Thursday 20th February 2014 at about 03:00 pm just few days after his seventy ninth birthday.

May his soul rest in eternal peace.Amen
By: Peter Karlo

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that a very big lost to south sudan in general.

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