Dears in Christ

It is very sad news to tell you. As we have lost many of our strong church leaders, pastors, elders, evangelists, deacons/ness, women, and youth, again we lost another important people for us. Though we still in sorrow for death of our beloved brother , Evangelist Gano Joseph and mother deaconess Nyakoth (wife of John Adhok), now it is another great sorrow on us

for the lost of our dear mother Mama Lois and Zelda her daughter who were murdered by thieves in Kenya on last Monday 29.01.2007. It is very painful . Always I don't understand why things happened just like that , why good people just died in unexpected ways , why did God allowed such types of death happened to the very good believers who love to serve Him , as if He is not in control ? Yes, we cannot question God , but as humans, our questions are there . Only by faith, we leave everything to God . In Him, we have overcome all types of death , and we have Eternal live with and in Jesus our Lord .

Dears, lost of mother Mama Lois and her beloved daughter is a great lost for the Presbyterian Church of the Sudan particularly for Collo Church community. As you all know that Rev. William Bill Anderson and his beloved wife Mama Lois were the last devoted missionaries who have worked in Sudan for long time even in time of war , until year 1983 they were in Collo land (in Doleib Hill). Rev. Bill was our Pastor in Doleib Hill Congregation as well was a Principle for Doleib Hill Bible School until 1983 in which some our Pastors were his students. More than that he had baptized many people there especially young people among them was I Ronyo , Rev. Bol , Onwar , Obac and Okuk Solomon , and others .
In addition, they were in charged of Gereif Bible School in Khartoum and later they founded Nile Theological College (NTC) 1992, in which they supported many students, most of them are pastors today?etc.
Like others , We knew Mama Lois since our Sunday school class , she was always very kind , she makes happy like her own children , we have seen her love , always smiling , I have never seen her sad . We love her very much.
Again after 13 years we ( Me & Bol ) met them at NTC in 1996 with the same love and concern to all students , very generous to every one in the College ( students , staffs , and workers ). Every one loves and calls her Mama Lois.
During period of my study at NTC Mama have encouraged me very much to do my studies to the excellent. From the day of my Graduation on the 2nd December 1999 I did not see them , except the news about them , particularly about Bill's eyes problem and car accident that have broken his legs , now we can't see that Beloved Mother anymore , their lives were taken just like that in unexpected way , they have left to Eternal Rest and we are left back in grief , but surely we will meet all of them ( our dear ones ) in Eternity .
It is a pity for our beloved father Rev. Bill who is just left alone in pain, hopeless, and no more support. All his live was depending on his wife, she carry and write everything for him. Dears, as it is our concern let us continuously pray for Rev. Bill to be strong enough to live in peace. May God strengthens his daughter to face this reality and be able to support and takes care of her father. May God comforts our hearts to be able to pray and give Him thanks for what Mama Lois did among us and for the blessings from her good live as an example to us.
Thank you for your Love for Mama Lois and Rev. Bill Anderson.
Sincerely, Yours
Philip Ronyo Obyeny

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  • Dear Chollo,

    On the 13th of March 2007 Chollo Community in Australia lost dearest sister Martha Matthew Lowanyo, her body was transported to Sudan on 29/03/2007 accompanied by Ba Thanho Mama Asha Amajok and Chol Oywach.she was buried in Malakal Town.

    Family of the late sister and Chollo Community in Australia are setting prayers on Monday the 9th of April 2007. in Chollo Community Christian Fellowship Church -Noble Park South East Melbourne.

    May God the Almighty comfort the entire Family in Sudan, Australia and those who know Martha.

    Goodbye Martha.

    Posted by,
    Chollo Community Christian Fellowship

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  • Guest - nagm eldin alala

    i was sent our condolence( Regarding the late President of the pashodo) to all collo around the world but i didn't saw it

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