Late Silvio Ajing Aba GocMay, 1935- July 10, 2012

Cause of Death: SILVIO AJING ABA GOC, passed away at the age of 77, on July 10, 2012 as a result of sudden collapse due to heart failure, in Malakal, Upper Nile State, and RSS. The condition started upon falling unto the ground on 26th of December of 2011, due to stroke; where he was flown to Khartoum for medical treatment. There, he was diagnosed with Spinal Cord Disc Disorder, for which he underwent a surgical operation in January of 2012 and was duly put on physical therapy treatment, designated to last for six months. However, the late AJING ABA started to complain of irregular and uneasy feet movement, which progressed to unsteady heartbeats on the day of his passed away. His children and family were by his side when he drifted off to be with the Lord. This is a great loss for the family and indeed the entire Chollo community. May God rest his soul in Eternal peace and may God give the family comfort at this difficult time.


A. Personal Information:
1. Name: Silvio Ajing Aba Goc
2. Date of Birth: May 1935 (according to the Catholic Church Baptismal Record- Lul Parish)
3. Place and Date of Baptism: Lul Parish, Catholic Church
4. Social Status: Married and father to 13 children, 7 deceased, and 6 surviving.
5. Place of Origin: Agodo village, Chieftaincy Wirreg (Payam), Fashoda County, Upper Nile State.

6. Primary: Lul Primary School (from 1945- 1949).
7. Intermediate: Attar Intermediate School (1950 to 1954).
8. Secondary: Rumbek Senior Secondary School (1954- 1959).
9. Post Secondary: College of Forestry, Soba Khartoum: 1960-1962).


10. 1963: Appointed as Forestry Inspector in Khartoum.
11. 1964- 1967: Worked in Bhar El Gahazal in all of: Wau, Bussarre, Kuajien, and Aweil.
12. 1968- 1969: worked in Upper Nile in all of Nasir, Renk, Wadissa, Mban, Wadakona, and Kodok.
13. 1970- 1974: Worked in Greater Equarotia Region from in all of Juba, Torit, Katirre, Kapoeta, and Yei.
14. 1975-1979: Transferred and worked in: Malakal for the second time.
15. 1980-1984: Transferred and worked in: Wau for the second time.
16. 1984-1995: Became Director General for Forestry of Upper Nile.
17. 1995: Retirement or pension.
18. 1996-2005: Appointed and worked as a Senior Advisor for the Upper Nile Forestry.
19. 2008- 2012: Appointed and worked as a Senior Consultant for the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

20. Diploma (Qualified Certificate) in Forestry from India
21. 2003: Awarded a Certificate of Long-Distinctive Service from the National Forestry Cooperation, in appreciation for his role in serving the cause of Forests Development and Conservation in the Sudan

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