Late Debora Otor Ajak Debora Otor Ajak was born in Feb 1985 in Panyikang Otiego Village in Manyo County.
She has under gone Basic Education in Evangelical School Omdurman, Sudan.
She has gone up to 2nd Year Secondary school in Episcopal School Omdurman, but could not complete it due to various circumstances that time.

Debora went to Medani in 1994 and to Omdurman in 2001. She has a very good Christian testimony and a strong Choir member in both areas that inspired her to compose different Church Songs among which few are as follows:

1. Atang Ayimo Thodhi Won ki Pyel Wath
2. Wa Nyibia Boli Wee Wa Beenu kinni Wo Mal yi Wa
3. Ama Yidii Ocwodo Wu Tyeng Awathu Mumo Wu dwada Yomo
4. Medijwok Oyot yi Wa, Wa Tyeng a Yey
5. Jurri Benn Arepi Jwok ki Bang Maado ....
6. Mal Re Oyebi en ka Piny Olunyi ka Kyel Mal Odemi
7. E t c.........

Debora Otor Ajak was married to Chol Deng AKol in 2009. They lived a good family life until death has abruptly taken her life on Tuesday 3rd July 2012 in Munuki Specialized Maternity Hospital Juba South Sudan. Her songs have theological meanings similar to the Songs composed by Late Nyibol Bol in 90s up to 2000s. Debora's songs along with other gospel songs have played a great role for Christian Revival in the Christian Churches in the region, Sudan, South Sudan and beyond.

Late Debora died due to the complication in pregnancy. She has died at the age of 27 years old and left behind her one Son. Final Prayers for her were conducted in Rock City, Juba on Saturday 7/7/2012.

May Almighty God rest her Soul in Eternal Peace!!!