crossWith deep regret and sorrow to announce that death occurred in Virginia United States of Ochodo Rachpiny Pagan Diwing. To the family of decease, pleases accept our deepest sympathy and condolences for the loss of your dear son. Deceased is the grandson of late Omda Pgan Dewing of Panyidway Payam. Informed are his parents and relatives in Malakal, and Juba and Chollo community in the United States. His burials will take place in the United States. The Chollo community in North America are hereby requested to join hands and to contribute funds towards the burial expenses. Contribution should be send to Mr. Ywomo Arop Byenyo in Virginia or he can be reached at (703) 751-4908.

May Almighty God rest his soul in eternal peace.

Elder Uncle James Ogilo

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  • Guest - william Okuch

    The members of Chollo community express their deep sorrow and regret for death our brother, Ochodo Rachpiny Pagan Diwing. We send our deepest condolences and sympathy to the grieving family and ensure you that you are not alone in this mourning time. We are with you and feel the same pain you are going though. We have been approached and informed by the president of USA Chollo Community.
    We will communicate and coordiante with Youm on funeral arrangement.
    William Okuch Dak, Vice-President of Chollo community in Canada.

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  • Guest - Sabit Okwagi

    The members of Collo Community in Omaha Nebraska USA express their sorrow and regrets for the lost of their brother and a son of the their community and we send our condolensces to the family of late .Ohodo Rachpinny Pagan.may God rest his soul in peace.Amen. Sabit Okwagi.S.G.Chollo community in Omaha.NE.USA.

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  • Guest - otor ogwok

    my deepest condolence to Ochodo families and friends members. t"s very sad to hear his untimely death as a shock for those who knows him, but nothing we can do as God give and take, May Almighty God rest his soul in peace

    Otor Ogwok

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