crossIt is with the deepest regret that we have to announce the death of our elder and father Mr/ Farouk Deng Yor which occurred on Thursday the 16th September 2010 in Malakal.

Mr. Deng was well known to many people in our community and his loss will be very severely felt by all those who had the pleasure to his acquaintance.

We should like to express our sympathy to Mr. Dak Deng in Australia (Geelong), Mr. Sabir Deng in USA (Minnesota) and family in their bereavement.

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  • Guest - Francis yowin

    My condolence to the family of Yor For death of our father farouk really is great lost for us and our community, but we have to accept it as powerless.

    Please accept my encourage really we can’t separate the death from human life.
    The death is upon human power and is a God secret be encouraged we prayer that God will accept his soul and entering kingdom.
    May God rest his soul in peace till every lasting day

    Francis yowin

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  • Guest - sabit okwagi

    with deep sorrow we do pass our condoloness to the family of farouk deng .for the sad news .we pray for there family and may almighty rest his soul in peace.amen.

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  • Guest - Ashill Mayiik

    with deep love and felling i and my family would like to pay our condoloness to my nephews dahk deng and saberi in usa and my nieces in australia and over sea for their father may almigty god rest his soul in peace amen.

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  • May Almighty rest his Soul in Eternal peace and May He give his family and friends comfort and strength...Amen!

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  • Guest - 0jwok nyawella

    "God has given,God has taken"With acceptance of God set for the departure of our father Farouk Deng,my condolence to his family and the coll community who said( dhanh been da bol kejye),althuogh he has gone in body but he is alive with his legacy,that would be of great value for our community soldarity and co-existence.

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  • Guest - Nyikwec Pakwan

    Greetings in the Lord's name.

    Indeed, untimely death of Farouk Deng is a great lost for those who know him as some of our people put it. I know Farouk Deng very well. His untimely death near the family and relatives in Malalakal I see it as a blessing to his Eternal Life.

    The end of every person born of a woman is death, and there our beloved Elder Farouk Deng ended his life on earth suddenly. Let us pray that Almighty God rest his Soul in Eternal Peace.

    Please convey my sincere sympathy to the rest of the family as they are passing this bereavement period.

    With God’s richest blessings.

    Yours sincerely,

    Nyikwec Pakwan

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