With gratitude and thanksgiving,

The family of late Majak Chan and Col. Okwom Nyikang are so happy to let the entire community of Collo Kingdom know about their newborn baby boy ( Yor Akwaich).

Yor Akwaich was born on December 20th, 2008 to Regina Nyalam and Francis Nyawello in Des Moines, Iowa( USA). Baby was named Yor Akwaich to honor his great grandfather ( Yor Wad Nyakwaich).

For those who didn't know this great man Yor Nyakwaich he is the great grandfather of all three Collo families Kingdom of today.

Yor Wad Nyakwaich did have fourty sons without counting the daughters. He reigned in Kicgo village in Fashoda.

Please join us in thanksgiving and praise to the Good Lord for all the blessing he has given to us.

Thank you and may good Lord bless all.

Francis Nyawello & Regina  Nyalam