By/ Lwanyo Awang

I would like to inform our readers, that, is running now.And you can send your articles, videos, photos etc or any form of contribution through:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The articles should be in line with the mission statement below.

1. Unity & Language

LUCO's mission is to build unity among Luo people and form the Luo language to meet global linguistic standards in both written and spoken forms.

People who are called Luo are: Acholi, Alur, Anyuak, Blanda Boore, Brun, Chollo, Jopadhola, Funj, Joluo of Kenya / Tanzania, Jumjum, Kumam, Lango, Luo Bahr-El-Gazal, Maban, Pari, and Thuri.

2. Development

LUCO will focus on: education, healthcare, career development, social services, and creating youth development centers.

3. Preservation

A central activity of LUCO is compiling and documenting the history of Luo people.

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  • Guest - Aler Apamba

    men its time 4 us to stand neck tall and stop our language from being eaten away, let's develop ourselves

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  • Guest - Grace

    Very proud to be a Luo

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  • Guest - Lakwo Obel p'Ochora

    I am first of all very thankful for the strive and hard work(tich matek)the Luo community is doing towards the bringing together(ribo)the Luo community. I strongly believe there should be a lingua franca which is standard and fit for the global need and economy. I am very proud of our Luo identity and its potential. I am Luo Acholi from Northern Uganda. Amaro dano Luo ki tekwarowa matek.

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  • Guest - Apuoyo Biggy Odhiambo

    An a jaluo from kenya

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  • Guest - Didumu Kiru Ajak

    This is Luo of Ethiopia, we are called Anywaa or Anyuak with big land and four rivers which are called Openo, Akoobo, Alworo and Gilo river. Gilo is a name of our grandfather brother of Nyikanga and Demo.

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  • Guest - Ajaw odol oguak

    Very proud being a Luo & Happy for this great idea of all Jo Luo unity In the world.

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  • Guest - jalam malala

    visit this site please

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  • Guest - Lok Oroma Patrick

    Dear Sir/Madam of the organization (LUCO) as soon as i heard of LUCO from a friend i admired the formation of LUCO their and then. coz i show from the logo on his lap top
    But the Luo of Northern Uganda (the Acoli) are still suffering. we need to focus this

    from Kitgum, Uganda
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  • Guest - Isaac Ouma Njiri

    I joined LUCO some time back but it seems the noble idea of having our own organisation is going under. I am a Luo from Kenya and I am interested in communicating with my Luo brothers and sisters from all countries where we are scattered. I am equally interested in tracing back where we originated from and how we split into the 16 known Luo dialects. Please let's communicate. My email address: [email protected]

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  • Guest - Oringo John

    I'm surprised to learn of the existence of a Luo unifying organization more than ten years after it's inception. Please, receive my thanks.

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