Cigg Pödh Cøllø CoverDear Chollo and beloved southern Sudanese citizens who live in South Sudan and on Chollo land in Pödh Cøllø or abroad.  We would like to inform each and every one of you including ourselves about the Chollo Kingdom’s newest version of Cigg Pödh Cøllø which have been updated in new “Gwedd Dhøg Cøllø men Nyänø” with the mission in its prospective order and command.  We would like to urge you, the readers, martyrs, patriots of Chollo Kingdom and those who have been co-existing together with Chollo, Chollo communities and Chollo Kingdom’s residents – including Chollo Kingdom’s today’s Chollo Administrative and the Government of South Sudan on behave of Chollo Kingdom’s residents and Chollo who have been suffering under the non-Chollo Kingdom’s administrative or non-Chollo Kingdom governments’ leadership.
Here, ours is neither to control nor to attempt to do something that could fuel up the useful fire into a flame which could spread beyond our control.  Our suggestion is to advice any individual including administrative and the government officials of the current government of South Sudan that with no negative intentions what so ever, we would like to have your full attention and advocate a little of the free time you may have and continue studying Cigg Pödh Cøllø while we wait for you and your impact on our people, the Chollo who have now become the most victimized civilians whose properties have been looted, burned, controlled or taken through the used of army forces, and their people violated and killed throughout the entire Chollo Kingdom.  Understanding or interpretation of our genre here is neither far away from what both the current government of South Sudan, nor is it close enough to that of the current rebel which have been operating against the wills of South Sudanese and Chollo Kingdom’s residents in particular.
To us, mistakes have been made and most of those mistakes have come to light because we have been managing and putting light on those mistakes.  Beyond what we know and we need to learn, courage is what is what is left with us and we will take that chance to wait, and monitor the impact which have been causing unlawful conditions in Chollo Kingdom.  And, we have agreed to put the Chollo Kingdom’s Administrative in position to protect Pödh Cøllø (Chollo Kingdom), Chollo Kingdom’s residents and Chollo Kingdom’s leadership.  In the meantime, we would like to make all readers or viewers of the advertised document under Cigg Pödh Cøllø that with no condition or ban, we need your full attentions that Cigg Pödh Cøllø will put neither people nor nature, the environment in dangerous situation as it has been in the 1900s’ and before 1900s for Chollo Kingdom and Chollo Kingdom’s residents.  Cigg Pödh Cøllø have been there and we would like to put them into practice in Chollo Kingdom to guard and secure Chollo Kingdom’s residents, their properties, land and resources, nature in Chollo Kingdom, civilians, including tourists or visitors, and in order to avoid confusion between “who is who” and who is the Chollo Kingdom’s Administrative in Chollo Kingdom.  We would like to make this effective as soon as possible and we (who are understand the control of Chollo Kingdom and have abided by Cigg Pödh Cøllø), we would like your full collaboration to inform your fellow relatives who have been residing in Chollo Kingdom that from latest moments (since the creation of Chollo Kingdom and the rised of all rebellion against Chollo Kingdom), we have been so patiently quiet on how we cope with non-Chollo Kingdom administrative on Chollo Kingdom’s residents in today’s Republic of South Sudan, but we have not worn out yet and we have not run out of patient still.  In fact, we would like cooperation and understand between Chollo Kingdom’s Administrative and others (businesses’ and governments’) who have dared to live, work, visit or do businesses in Chollo Kingdom by the usages of armed army without any granted or proper order from Chollo Kingdom’s Administrative in Pachoda Crowned and Ordered Paramount Prime Executive Leaders of Chollo Kingdom. The Rädhø and his Leadership. As for the other non-Chollo Kingdom’s administrative officials, we would appreciated your understandings and mutual support by encouraging you to hide your constitutions and agree to live by the rule of laws and orders according to Cigg Pödh Cøllø in Chollo Kingdom while are living in Pödh Cøllø – because we are up for challenges and we do not want to lose another civilian – not a single civilian of Chollo Kingdom because of opposition between non-Chollo Kingdom and non-Chollo Kingdom government officials in Chollo Kingdom on Chollo land because of confusions ever again.  If anyone does not read, speak, listen or write Dhøg Cøllø, let him/her learn to read, write, speak and listen Dhøg Cøllø while he/she did not run out of time in Chollo Kingdom.
As a matter of conflicts, including army conflicts which have been encountering Chollo Kingdom’s residents and Chollo Kingdom’s Adminsitrative in Chollo Kingdom, we are thrilled to through you our argument that Chollo Kingdom was the first nation to rise before South Sudan’s creation or South Sudan’s independent.  You are the ones who have been making your wars and negativities against us and up to Chollo Kingdom and Chollo Kingdom’s residents in Africa.  If there is any conventional army company which could rise to preserve the interests of Chollo Kingdom, that army and their arms (weapons) have never been belong to any of South Sudanese companies nor are they belong to Dr. Riek Machar and Dr. Lam Akol.  That army would be/is working to sacrifice the time and energy to protect Chollo Kingdom’s residents and Chollo Kingdom’s interests and properties according to Cigg Pödh Cøllø, and the weapons that army company has are neither bought to them by the government of South Sudan nor Riek Machar’s rebel; they are not Lam Akol’s patriots either.  Disarming them and attempting to take what the anti-Chollo Kingdom did not bought for them, is another violation to Chollo Kingdom and Chollo Kingdom’s residents’ property right according to Cigg Pödh Cøllø.  In fact, no other army should operate in Chollo Kimgdom; only army those whose purposes are to serve Chollo Kingdom’s Administrative and to Protect Chollo Kingdom according to Cigg Pödh Cøllø are permitted to operate in Chollo Kingdom according to Cigg Pödh Cøllø.  So, in due diligent, we do not think or judge that attacking or having an army (private or tribal army) against Chollo Kingdom and Chollo Kingdom’s residents would yield teamwork between us nor would it end up for Chollo Kingdom’s Administrative surrendering Chollo Kingdom’s leadership to any government or army which has been operating against Chollo Kingdom’s residents and Chollo Kingdom in general.  It would just be a creation of any vacuum or rooms to sanction and boycott those who have been operating against Chollo Kingdom.
Giving examples would be a brightest thing to do on behave of all Chollo Kingdom’s residents who have been affected by all South Sudanese rebellion wars, including the current arm rebellion of Dr. Riek Machar, armed militia of and that Peter Gatdet and Gabrial Tang Ginya, and Jiech Mabor (the White Army which was re-armed and re-grouped up by Simon Kun Puoch and Peter Hoth Mai), the late George Athor’s Armed Army (nothing to hide; it was Dinka Padang of those Paweny, Parieng, and all other Dinka-Padang armed army who was led by George Athor), and the latest Gai Tut’s Nyigad (now Nasir faction of Jiech Mabor) and the Former Berget (Now Riek Machar’s Rebel faction) and the recent and formers attacks on Chollo Kingdom’s palace, Pachoda and Pachoda residents who have been seriously violated by the former George Athor’s armed army and Dr. Riek Machar’s rebel.  Dr. Lam Akol himself has torched Pachoda once and him and his former army have violated Chollo Kingdom’s resident due his business collaterals with former leader of the SPLA/M Dr. John Garang de Mabior in ‘80s’.  From here, we would delightfully shorten our argument about Dr. Lam Akol and his rebellion on Chollo Kingdom’s palace then, because what Dr. Lam Akol did to Chollo Kingdom’s resident resembles what late Karbino Kuanyin Bol did to his Dinka in Bahr Al Gazel, what late William Nyuon did to Nuer and what Riek Machar has been doing to Nuer in Bentiu and other Nuer residential areas in ‘08s’ and today.  And if anyone could trace those leaders (mentioned above)’ agendas or setup goals, she/he could discover that those leaders including Dr. Lam Akol himself are operating against the existence of Chollo Kingdom.
Here, one would ask why Dr. Lam Akol stills preaching in supports to the late Gai Tut, the former leader of Nyigad (Nyigad which have torched Chollo Kingdom, kidnapped Chollo girls and Chollo women, killed Chollo residents and raided Chollo Kingdom’s cattle) - whom Chollo Kingdom’s Administrative knows and have studied, and the likes.  Well, here is how things come to known; if anyone of today’s SPLA/M members in South Sudan reasonably, politically and lawfully restrain, press and put some pressures on Dr. Lam Akol, Dr. Riek Machar and their teams who have been operating against the existence of Chollo Kingdom’s Administrative, one would simply acknowledged that Dr. Lam Akol is the greatest contributor who have bribed and invited terrorism on Chollo Kingdom’s residents in an attempt to destroy Chollo Kingdom’s Administration and Chollo Kingdom’s leadership.  Even though Chollo Kingdom is viewed by others as part of South Sudanese Administrations, it is not how Chollo Kingdom’s residents want Chollo Kingdom to exist, and for other reasons like those (mentioned above), we will spend no energy to lose neither Chollo Kingdom nor Chollo Kingdom’s Administrative - first for the sake of security which is to protect Chollo Kingdom and Chollo Kingdom’s residents’ interests and second to aid in imposing rebellion against those who have been attacking Chollo Kingdom – and nor will we lose Chollo Kingdom just to be in union still with those who have who have been intentionally using army to destroy Chollo Kingdom.
According to history and today’s negativities which have been facing Chollo Kingdom when it comes to administering and patrolling Chollo Kingdom according to Cigg Pödh Cøllø, resistances (such as in forms of armies, economies and politics) have been increasing themselves against Chollo Kingdom and much pressures have been putted on Chollo Rädhø for years and present, but we don’t look at it like that for years to come politically, militarily and economically.  We have challenges and courage to change Chollo Kingdom’s image, institutions, laws and orders, and government affairs in Chollo Kingdom to make them look much like in 1900s’ in the modern ways in term of army and policing, and how laws and orders which affect Chollo Kingdom’s residents are being interpretated and implemented.
Yes!  Chollo Kingdom is small geographically, and no Chollo Kingdom is not the smallest nation in Africa in term of land slide and area, nor is Chollo Kingdom the smallest nation across the globe.  No!  Chollo Kingdom’s population is not the less populated in Africa, nor is Chollo Kingdom the less crowded place in the whole wide world.  Our aim is to avoid further and near future conflict between Chollo Kingdom’s Administrative and non-Chollo Kingdom’s administrative by advising anyone and government officials in Chollo Kingdom and all residents in Chollo Kingdom to respect Cigg Pödh Cøllø while they are living, working or visiting Chollo Kingdom.  It is not up to anyone to whether abide or not abide by Cigg Pödh Cøllø before the uprising tensions caught him/her thoughtless while he/she is living in Chollo Kingdom.  It is up to the history, laws and orders and the administrative, the Chollo Kingdom’s Administrative. 
To download a copy of  copy of Cigg Pödh Cøllø just click on the image cover above or try to click on this link: or follow the link on the and click the appearance yellow link (RII KO BUDH YÏNØ, RANG Cigg Pödh Cøllø) on the left corner of the to download the entire Cigg Pödh Cøllø (formatted in Portable Document Format, PDF (.pdf).  Thank you and enjoy!
Stephen Owet,
Standing Guard on Behave of Chollo Kingdom, Unchallengeable

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