Some shocking details have emerged from preliminary investigation into the killing of Paramount Chief Agieth Dak (Okambo) who was murdered on the night of Saturday, 23 August 2014 in Kaka area.

Close sources to the events told the Collo Resistant Front (CRF-SPLA/M-IO) that the scenario started when Mr. Rajab Deng Ajak, the incumbent commissioner of Manyo area ordered El-Shiekh, Ismail Adowk, a senior officer belonging to the command of militia general Ayowk Ogad to go to 'Kashafa' camp in Melut on a mission to mobilize and encourage Collo displaced to go back home and resume life as normal.

According to the sources, a meeting was organized in Melut by El-Shiekh Ismail Adowk in the presence of Chief Okambo who promptly challenged the merit and suitability of the decision taken, as there was still insecurity in the area. Sources added saying, Okambo pleaded for some space of time to allow for relief organizations willing to give out food items before relocation process back home. El-Shiekh Ismail Adowk, however, became furious and this feeling might have been fueled by the remarks made earlier by Okambo 'when referring to him and commissioner Rajab of not heeding to the plights of innocent civilian and that, they were not concern about the suffering of Manyo people. Okambo exclaimed saying this decision might have been taken because their children have been hidden in Khartoum far from hazards of war.' Sources concluded.

Shiekh, Ismail Adowk was immediately outraged and could not conceal his anger; he rushed swiftly to accuse Chief Okambo of siding with rebels adding that his ideas are going contrary to the government's policy aimed at counteracting opposition activities in the area. Sources concluded.

However, Gen. Ismail Adowk was said to have ordered for immediate arrest; thus, Chief Okambo was seized, bundled up, and smuggled to Kaka ostensibly on orders of Gen. Kalthum, a senior commander in the area and consent of Gen. Okich and Gen. Ayowk Ogad, the overall command who showed no clemency or mercy, they were bent to score past political hatred.

Okambo was thus taken to languish in one of the horrible cells in Kaka 'no man's land' for further interrogation and humiliation at the hands of his political opponents on Thursday, 21 August 2014. In Kaka, a senior officer belonging to the same camp of Gen. Ayowk Ogad, a certain William Thabo known for ruthlessness in dealing with murder cases took charge of the elimination final plan. On his orders, Okambo was repeatedly beaten and tortured on end, until he succumbed to death on the night of Saturday, 23 August 2014.

Postmortem results showed the body had some scars of fresh wounds perhaps from systematic use of a sharp object, it had disfigured face probably from sustainable blows and savage beatings. Another deep wound was shown in the abdomen, an open wound spotted on the head. All have been pronounced as causes of death by Para-medics responsible in the area. God rest his soul in eternal peace. Amen.

Earlier, the same militia group has reportedly been committing random execution in the area. Sources said, a local government's executive officer Mr. Suleiman Sadiek was murdered in cool blood for reasons best known to them. Subsequently, un-identified elderly women was shot dead too in an obscured circumstances. The militia group was also accused of many rampage and other human rights violations in the area.

The CRF under the over all command of SPLA/M in Opposition reserves rights to take prompt action against all the above-mentioned accused characters involved in the assignation program of Chief Okambo. CRF follows other offenses in Collo land and pursue culprits anywhere and at any time. God have mercy on us.

CRF-SPLA/M -IO, Wade Kona – Manyo Administrative Area

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