By James Okuk

Death is the greatest human enemy since the time of creation. Death robs from the human families, clans, tribes and nations the best valuable thing in their lives. It leaves them with sorrow and grief beyond any mortal repair.

At this particular moment, I would like to send my condolence to the family of John Adhok, his clan in Panyidwäy (Pa Jur, Pa Atembunj), to the whole Collo tribe, and to the nations of Southern Sudan for the great lost of the all times greatest Poet, singer and musician.

After struggling with life since the death of his beloved wife during the fight between the SPLA forces and Militias/SAF in Malaka in December 2006, John Adhok was not the same again. From then he was hospitalized in Malakal Teaching Hospital and in Khartoum subsequently. He wanted to go to Jordon in the Middle East for a comprehensive medical treatment but lack of encouragement and frustrations from life situation blocked his way. This made him, perhaps to pessimism in life opportunities.

After spending some times in the sick-bed in Malakal Teaching Hospital, our beloved poetic patriot of Collo and of Southern Sudan passed away regrettably and returned to rest in peace with his Lord on Thursday, 23rd October 2008. He was buried in Dangershofo (South Malakal) near his beloved mother according to his wish. He leaves behind some Orphans without a mother nor a father. May God touch the hearts of the people of good will to come to help of these orphans so that they do not suffer in the life process in the absence of their beloved parent in this world.

Dear beloved John Adhok, you have been my preferred Collo Collo Poets and singer and I love your patriotic and educative songs about the danger of AIDS, skin-bleaching creams, Separation of the South Sudan from the North, and curse to the trouble-makers and corruptists in the society, etc. I know that no human being is immortal in this world because all of us will pass away to the world of mortality one day, one time, one place.

Dear beloved John, we will not see you physically anymore because you are gone from us but we will not forget you in your songs from the cassettes that you recorded. Your legacy will remain for ages as long as they listen to what you sang to them for their goodness. Rest in eternal Peace till we meet again, Amen!!

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  • Guest - Nyaopun Aban Aban

    Death respects no one. Death is impersonal, cold, and just so … final. We were saddened to learned about the death. A great man, We are completly shocked at the suddeness of the demise of our brother.
    May God give him eternal rest and may his soul rest in peace!
    But, why God takes the life of good servant, and livig leaving the wrongdoers?

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  • Guest - Sabino Tom

    when late Henry Chol (wa nyaluwad)died, our art & cultural doctor (John Adhok)said,(Akeyal ki kely jodi kwong Akath)meaning that one among the cultural heros has gone.
    If that is what he said about WA NYALUWAD,then he was the father/doctor of collo art and culture. May our mighty God rest his soul in enternal peace.

    I sugest to Collo art & cultural association that his death day be recognized as collo art & cultural day yearly. As an honor to fallen art/cultural heros for the cultural art, heritage & legacy they left. may we remember them and their families in our prayers .

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  • Guest - Jalpan O Nyawllo Kir

    Who shall speak for collo people?

    I was always amazed and admired my uncle John Athok’s (Orap (Spider) his nick name) maturity. He was truly a wise legend beyond his years and everyone felt comfortable listing to him singing not only for collo but for all southern when he was a Fashoda`s jazz first singer. John always remained calm and I never saw him lose his cool.
    Our grief and sadness is for his family and ourselves in many ways. We know that our lives will not be as complete now that we come to terms with the fact that John can no longer be a part of us.

    We will truly miss his presence and that is terribly painful.
    We will miss his sense of humor -poignant songs and poetry that often came from no where, but always captured the situation perfectly .
    We will miss his pride -Pride in his incredible legacy for Collo heritage--Pride in words.

    He would absolutely glow when talking about the collo in his poetry and culture .
    we will describe his qualities forever; to reflect on his loss we think of hopes unfulfilled and goals unaccomplished, but that would be a mistake. We must focus on what John accomplished during his time with us.

    Now he rests in honored glory. He shares the rest of eternity with our Savior, in whom his faith was well placed. He is at complete and total peace.
    The burden remains for us to go forward to document poetry culture for all collo poets like Jago Akok& Henry Chol… etc… .That is worthy of their sacrifice.

    His poetry and songs will continue speaking to us that is his gift.
    God bless, and may his grace and mercy envelop him for all days

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  • Guest - Aban Kalakon

    Great man is gone,my condolence to his orphans,family and entire Collo.John! you will remain in the memory of this generation through your great songs of teaching,and this memory will continue to generation and generations to come. may God almiighty rest your soul in peace. Amen.

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  • Guest - Sabino Diok

    I want to extend my sincere condolences to the entire family of the late John Adhok and all friends wherever they are.It's really a great loss for our community and the Sudan as whole. John Adhok you have been a visionary person, you predicated many things that could happen to our community in the future; and now we are facing some of these challenges. You tried very hard through your songs to alert, to correct, and to courage people. Actually, you did your part and we are very grateful for that. Your legacy and the heritage you left will tell the generation to come what kind of a person you were. We will miss you so much, but we also know that death is part of the human beings life. May the God Almighty rest your soul in peace, and be with the left orphans.

    Sabino Diok

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  • It's really a great lost to Sudan,South Sudan, and Collo in particular.John has been known for his novlist style in his songs.
    He was a true leader and social reformer.
    He has inspired alot of these generation by his optimistic for the better future which people should have fought for quote "piny beed ka boul" and I don't know if our leaders did understand what he speaks about.
    May God bless his family and protect them from the evil one.

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  • Guest - Kimo Ajing Aba (John-Kimo S. A

    I have had an opprtunity of attending the cermony of bidding fare-well to our singer and artist, Late: John Odhok Awejok. It was held at his house in El-Haj-Yousif (Shiggla), a suberb of Khartoum North. The number of the crowds was so amazing and showed how dear and be loved the man was.
    One of his greatest songs I personally admired is "the Indpendence"; in which he said the strengh of our nation (Sudan)is in God, and that how far we are bckward, we can not accept colonization".
    He was out spoken about the corruption, nepotisim, brotherization, sisterization and social malpractices such as "gossiping", "lack of unity", and the work against our unity.
    We shall always remember him through his sharpened words and art legacy. May his soul rest in peace and condoloences to the family and our entire muscians and artists.

    Kimo Ajing Aba

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  • Guest - Gwang Oyay Amum

    I would like to extend my sympathy, condolences and prayer to the left behind children of our beloved John Adhok. Your beloved dad has had been a positive educator, not just for you, but for all of us. Therefore, his lost will be a burden to all entire Collo’s Community. As it said “ Death and life are in the power of the tongue.”(proverbs 18:12) To me John’s tongue was a positive power in our life. He had the power to change our life simply by the words he spoke. He will be remembered by his words through his songs, which we have today in every collo’s family wherever they are, may the almighty God rest his soul in peace.

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  • Guest - Changjowk Nyiyom Awin

    My condolences and sympathy to the family/children of our late uncle JOHN ADHOK and may our Lord Jesus Christ give them all his wisdom and rest his soul in peace for ever.

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  • Guest - Zizi

    The Lord give and the Lord take may his holy name be glorified.
    Yes indeed we have lost our dear one.

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