With much sadness, I would like to inform Pachodo Website Community of the devastating and tragic death of  our beloved brother Oluak Kwajakwan, which occurred on October 7, 2008 in Khartoum, Sudan.


Death in human experience has never been easy, whether it comes in youth or in old age, whether it comes suddenly or after a long illness, it always leaves in its wake sorrow, tears, loneliness and longing.

Late Oluak is a blood brother of Paulo Jwokdock Kwajakwan, who currently lives in Australia. Late Oluak survived by a wife and 6 children. This is a difficult time for the family. They need our support and prayers. I would encourage each and everyone to send their condolences via email or telephone to Mr. Paul.  I am shocked about the untimely of Mr. Oluak. May Almighty God rest the soul of our beloved brother in eternal peace. Our sympathy and prayers go to the family of the deceased.  Thanks


Jwothab Wanh Othow 

Here are the contacts: (613) 97049188 or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • Guest - Sabino Diok

    I would like to send my condolences to Paul Jwokdoch and the rest of the late's family. I pray to Almighty God to comport and strengthen the Family espeically in this time of grieve for the lost of their beloved son.

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  • Guest - Francis Nyawello & Regina Nya

    Dear Brother Paulo and Family. We have just haerd today about the death our beloved br. Olouk in Sudan. We as a human being know very well how the death is very painfull when it heppened to us but as God belivers. We know that the death is the key to peaceful life. I do konw you Pual as a man of faith, Please have courage and keep praying for God mercy on our brother soul. Our prayers and sympathy goes to Kwajakwan family in whole. May good Lord give lasting peace.

    Francis Chan.

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  • Guest - Falak

    Dear Bro Paul jwokdwoch ijusthard through Pachodo net about bad news death of our brother Oluak in Khartoum my deep condolesences to you & atlarge family of Kwajakwan.almighty god rest his soul in eternal peace and his family the ability to the big loss-Amem.

    Albino Falak -Malak

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  • Guest - Akic Adwok Lwaldeng

    Brother Paul,
    Please accept my most sincere condolences; I am truly sorry for your loss and for the rest of Oluak Kwajakwan family. I know that we all must die, but still it is hard to let go of those we love. Remember this if you have faith Peace will come to you. I'm sure that Oluak Kwajakwan is at peace now, and hopefully you will be at peace knowing that. Love, Prayers
    God bless, Amen
    Akic Adwok Lwaldeng

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  • It's really a big lost to all of us, may the Almighty God rest his live in peace and give his family the protection they need to survive through the life.

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  • Guest - monyroor

    hi collo

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