Greeting you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

On behalf of the Chollo congregation Church council in St James Anglican Church in Dandenong Victoria Australia
Would like to notify you for above mentioned is a memorial service of the soul of late Rev Stephen Odok who passed away last year.
The St James and South Sudanese Churches and communities will come together on mentioned date to celebrate the memorial service of lat Stephen at St James Anglican Church on 05/10/2013 around 3 Pm on Saturday.
Late Stephen was well known among South Sudanese communities here in Melbourne and really he leaved impact among them as he was a senior pastor and played role as the Church leader and elder of the community.
His role was very cleared when Archshop of Sudan Dr. Daniel Deng Bul came to Australia around 2010 Stephen was the top spiritual leader of South Sudanese who welcomed honor Archbishop with many South Sudanese clergies in Melbourne and former secretary General of Sudan Council of Churches Mr. Peter Tipi and many South Sudanese politicians who were visited Australia in that time.
Stephen was a social person and humble and loved his people and encouraged South Sudanese communities to go to school and be attached with education and unity and peace among them.
Also Stephen was well known among the people of St James Anglican Church as honored priest and always the Church gave him the last word and greeting in the ended of prayed he said go out and saved the Lord till now no one has voice like late Stephen in particular area and he was amazing person to them smiling all the time.
Also Stephen was a one of South Sudanese who contributed his time for South Sudan independent in 2011 and also he served Australia communities through (AMES ) Adult Multicultural education service as volunteer tutor teacher he loved by different communities.
AMES remember him during his death as honored person and a good shepherd and honesty and worthy with his duty never least. The time has come we describe the life of Stephen and remember him with a good heart.
Last year was the time of mourned, but now it is time we thanks God and remember him as the Church leader and good sheepherder of Jesus Christ and elder of community.
Please if you was with him or you know him please again enjoin us reflect what you know.
Let the name of the almighty God be honor on that day.

Many thanks
Francis Akic Ajang yowin / assistant leader and secretary of the Church council /Chollo Congregation St James Anglican Church Melbourne Victoria Australia
Mr. Oyem Ayiik Amaylek / Lay leader of the Chollo Congregation at St: James Anglica Church Melbourne Victoria

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  • Guest - Francis yowin

    Dears , Sisters As we notified you last two week ago that St James Anglican Church Collo congregation, South Sudan Churches and communities will celebrate one year of anniversary of late Rev Stephen Odok on 05 /10/2013 last Saturday. We would like to sending our thanks to who participated in very importation occasion and contributed with their times to be with us on that day tilled we finished in God will. Thanks again for your contributed. May God bless you all many thank S/Francis Yowin St James Anglican church Melbourne Victoria

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