SPLADear brethren,
Greetings to you all in precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ- Amen, on behalf of the family of late uncle James Ogilo, I would like to express my gratitude for your stand with us in this difficult moment in our lives, we thank you for your sympathy, compassion love you have shown to us. You have real encouraged the family that they are not alone in this grief. May God reward you all for this kind of brother's spirit?

Please allow me to tell you about incident that took place today in Adhything,. The people who went to bury the body of our uncle James, were chased away under threat of gum by soldiers living in the place, some were beaten up, and one man his hand was broken, and among the people who were beaten up was legal advisor, Mr. Dawod Othow. The group was forced to leave Lel without digging the grave of late Uncle James Ogilo. Despite they have official letter from deputy Governor of Upper Nile, they were terrorized by South Sudan Army, what kind of nation that marginalized its citizens? It seems the black Arabs is coming back into South.
Those people who beaten up the people argued that this place belong to Jonglei State. Therefore, it is not acceptable for people of Upper Nile to bury their dead bodies in that place. Those people when back to Malakal. This attitude may implied that the Jonglei State are interested in the land and not interest in inhabitants of the land

Just some hour ago we were informed that the person who instructed the soldiers to carry out unlawful act was arrested and the family was asked to go back for digging tomorrow. Because you are faithful to us we will keep you inform in any development.


Rev Daniel Amum Odwel

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  • Guest - Farom Jeremiah

    Accept may condolences rev. May God comforts you & the entire family. We regret that incident & not respecting the body of a South Sudanese veteran & not respecting mourners & their feelings. Thanks for updating us

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  • Guest - Aban Arop

    [size=large]"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints" Psalms 116:15
    May God the Almighty comfort you and the whole family.

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