kimo_family.jpgThe family of Kimo Ajing Aba & Elizabeth Tot Gai (Nyangango) would like to forward this announcement to all friends, relatives, and family members that their fourth child was born in Khartoum, Sudan on Monday the 21st of April, 2008. The baby boy is given the name Tegjwok, as a reminder of God’s abilities and capabilities in doing wonders and the unthinkable.

With Tegjwok our best wishes to all continue.

Kimo Ajing Aba

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  • Congratulations, may the Lord continue to bless your family with children and always walk in his ways, as you have rightly named your son.

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  • Guest - Kwathi Arop Yor

    Congratulations for the new arrival may God bless you and your family.

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  • Guest - written by Raphael Nyakwojo ,

    congratulations parents and baby mom for the good gift to Ajing family & shilluk community with love.god bless you.

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  • Congrats Kimo & Eliz for the new born! Ya enjoy your new born boy. Keep pokin' brother we need some more.
    God Bless!

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  • Guest - Dr. Onwar Adiang

    Dear Kimo and Eliza, may Tegjowk be a messenger of peace and compassionate from the almighty God, who would fill your life with joy and happiness and he would be a true added value to our Collo community and south Sudan at large. Welcome Kimo, Eliza and the rest of family to Sudan and a big WECOME to Tegjowk tooooooooooooooooo...
    God be with you...

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  • Guest - Belshou

    congratulations Kimo and Eliza, for your new born,

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  • Guest - sarah Tor Gai

    Dear John & Eliza congratulations for you new born. I miss you all so much & Love you for ever, your baby sister ... Sarah Dak

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  • Guest - Chol Kudit Afaj

    Congratulation brother John & the family, may God bless you more & more. Our God is amaizing & wonderful God, he gives with riches, let his name be glorified.
    Rebecca & I with our kids (Saravina & Nyajur) are expecting a new member in our family member by the end of May. Put this moments in your prayers.

    May God bless you & be with youb all.
    Chol Kudit & family Melbourne Australia.

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  • Guest - Othom Ariel Temrial

    I congratulate you John Silvio on the birth of the new baby I wish you all prosperity and good health ki ri TEKIJWOK.

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  • Guest - Michael Dak

    congratulation Mr. John and Elizabeth on your new born. I am sorry that I am not in contacts with you guys. haven't heard of your going back to Sudan. but well this is my e-mail in case you may want to keep contacts. [email protected]

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