With a broken heart I would like to inform you all about the death of my beloved uncle Colonel Amum Othaw Aney Kor Nyadhok, who passed away last week in Khartoum, Sudan. His body has been taken to Kodok City and he was buried in Gulo village, 40 miles north of Kodok City. He survived by his wife, four children, and his two brothers, Peter and Dak. Uncle Amum has proved himself as a very giving person and a man of strengths who spent 24 years in struggle for his people of Southern Sudan. We will miss him a lot. Please know that we are asking your kindness for prayers for the whole family at this critical time. May the good Lord accept him in his kingdom and raise him the last day with his saints. We ask the Almighty Lord to rest his soul in eternal peace.

Thank You,

Francis Nyawello Chan

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  • Guest - Jwothab Othow

    We are shocked and deeply grieved to hear the sudden death of our beloved brother in Christ, Amum Othaw. May Almighty God consoles his family. I want to extent my condolences to the immediate family of late Amum and the members of his family. I pray that our heavenly father comfort you and heal your broken heart for your loss. May God rest his soul in eternal peace

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  • My heartfelt condolences and prayers go to our brother Francis Nyawello, the entire members of the decease family, relatives and friends. May the mightier God, rest his soul in peace and pour His blessings to the bereaved family.


    Aban Pagan othow
    Washington DC

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  • Guest - sabino diok

    My condolences to the family of late Amum, and to the rest of Amum's relatives and friends. May God our Lord be with you Francis and your family in this hard time of lost of your uncle.

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  • My deepest sympathies go to his family, friends and the entire community of Cøllø. Colonel Amum Othaw Aney Kor Nyadhok was a great man who will be missed. May his soul rest in peace.

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  • Guest - Othur Ayik

    My sorrowful to the family of late Amum Othaw Aney and Friends in Military. It is a hard time to recall our lovely hero Amum Othaw as a man I had been with him in military trainning in Ethiopia, in 1987. Again we met 1991 around Juba. and last time was 1993.
    Amum Join the movement in 1986, and trained in S.P.L.A. military training camp in Ethiopia. He was a man of moral, Amum servived from serious injured at Juba outpost in 1991. He was a braves worrior man who never give up his life for the people of Southern Sudan, for 22 years of his struggled to bring the peace and justic to the people whom he did love too much. The late Colonel fought with his all heart for the fair and goodwill for citizens of whole Sudan to promotes peace, justic, and morality to those who have been suffering since 1956 up to date. Amum was a man of principles righ of people who are oppress.

    Lord our heavenly father may you take hero Amum his soul in to heaven and rest him again in pace with those whom you love, may you father protects his family from this sorrow, may lord give his children the wisdom and peace so that they will inheritance their father Amum capacity of love and care.
    Othur Ayik Awanyang and his family

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  • May the Lord receive his Soul and rest him in peace with his saints. Our prayers and condolence to his family. May faith and hope in Christ sustains them in such tragic moment.

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  • Guest - wadbeiu

    Oh no! shouldn't be the one I know,( Amum wanyareth) and if so, collo kingdom had lost the great man whom they will never find again. My heartfelt condolences and prayers goes to his to dear wife martha Kong and family at large.
    please, if any one knows the phone number for the family, can you forward here please, Thanks you.
    As it was described by the Othur Ayiik, Amum Othou was lovely and caring man.
    I personally, had been touch by his love and care. Back in 1986, at Bilpam military training camp (BMTC) and HQ of the SPLA/SPLM, I was luckies young man of 13 years old who had been cared and loved by late Amum Othou in 5th coy of Shamesh battalion. Amum Othou could not eat any Doleb(cocunt fruits with out me). He knows if he will not do so I will die from hunger. He was our sergent by then. Amum was so braved that even the recruiter could not be able to speak to the battalion leader by that time, but he complained to late Captain Manyang, the leader of Shamesh Battalion that Jesh la amer(Red Army) are under fed by the the big brother in army. Late Amum Othou was our translator of the SPLA/SPLM's Manifesto in thok collo during political period of training. He was teacher to some of us to translated the words "bourgeois, elite, oppressor and oppressed" in khartoum in dhok collo.
    Late Amum Othou, was chosen to remain in Bilpam Military Camp as trainer(talimjee). He trained Zazal two battalions. In 1989, late Amum was promoted to first LT and was transfered to OJS under command of CDR Oyaqi Den g Ajak at Juba bases. However, it wasnt the end of our togatherness with late Amum. He had inspired me in many ways. in 1993, late Amum felt so proud, when he found me at Moli Tukuru as Red Army 's medical personnel.He said, "Ojwal I kow you will do it. keep up with that spirit" !
    In 1994 when SPLA/SPLM gave me scholarship to Kenya, late Amum and General Peter Parenyang could not passed Lodwar town without stopping to say hi to us. Amum was like big brother to me.
    In Nairobi, he called me to go to Kakuma and meet his belonging wife Martha Kong from Nuer Nasir and childern. It was my honour to be molded by this wonderful man of compassion. Late Amum was ones of those belonging Collo men who had been encouraging me to go oversea and finish my studies. Thanks you guys, I love you so much. I did what you wanted me to.
    Lord Jesus, may you rest the soul of dear brother in peace and pour the blessings to the bereaved family.

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  • Guest - written by Raphael Nyakwojo,Ap

    My conddences to Amum Othaw fimaly and brother Francis Nyawello his members and thoes who know uncle Amum he was been hero in S.P.L.A for 22 years of his struggled to bring the peace and justic. Lord Jesus,may you rest the soul in eternal peace and pour the blessings.

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  • Guest - Paulino Mayik

    Dear Francis,
    It is very sad to hear about the death of your uncle Amum. May his soul rest in peace. Let's pray and devote our prayers to the deasesd family and relatives by asking our Almighty God for spiritual encouragement and consolation.
    God bless all.

    Paulino Mayik Olyep,
    [email protected]

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  • Guest - Mike Tip

    Oh God! I can't believe it, Amum Wanyireth death! Baba patiny. First of all, I'm sending my prayers and condolences to family of Late Amum Othow. I know William Amum not only physically but also by his good heart, a man of double standards. His death is extremely shocking to people who knew him and touch by his good deeds as in Mr. Ojual acknowledgement. I met babe Patiny in 1997-2000. Although I know him for short time, I have learned lots from his principles. When he came to kakuma refugee camp in Kenya to assess the situation of Chollo Community. The situation we lived in was terrible one and without intellectual like late Amum Wanyireth to give advice of hope and encouragement one could have give up easily. It is very disturbing to see people who make us proud are disappearing very rapidly. I begin to look at the future of Chollo at large with surprise. Please, Mr. Ojual when you get Martha Kong telephone let me know, while I'm searching too.
    May God bless the family of Wanyireth and may he rest in peace forever.

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