Dear brothers & sister, on behalf of the newly created greater Luo Community, the Luo's Reunification Organization or LRO, we would like to welcome all Luos in Sioux Falls and other states to attend the meeting which will take place in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

LRO is a community that comprises of 15 ethnic groups. These 15 ethnic groups are listed below based on the alphabetical order and are: Acholi,  Joluo of Kenya, Maban Aloor, Jopodhola, PariAnyuak,  Kunam, Shilluk Balanda Boore, Lango, ThuriBrun, Luo of Bahr-El-Ghazal, Zumzum. If you belong to any one of these ethnic groups, you are more than welcome to participate in this meeting that going to take place on March 29, 2008. This organization depends on your support, either through giving advices or participation. After the meeting it will be a fund-raising party to which everybody is welcomed, both Luos and Non-Luos. More importantly, your participation is extremely appreciated.

Thank you very much and may God bless the greater Luo people.


What: Meeting and fundraising party

When: Saturday March 29, 2008

Meeting time: From 11:30 am-5:00pm

Party time: 6:00pm-1:30am

Entry fees: $10/single & $15/ family

Where: Nordic Hall

            218 W. 13 Streets. 

            Sioux falls, South Dakota

Proud to be Luos! 'And Yalla Jo Luo weyeh!' Luo Organizing Committee
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  • Guest - Paulino mayik

    Dear brothers and sisters,( the organising committee)

    I would like to express my appreciation and sincere acknowledgement of what you are trying to do in the name of our great luo clanship which is spread all over south sudan and east and central Africa. It is a privilage and honour to see these clans coming together even if only on social unity rather than political unity. But, of course, social and political matters are undoudtedly interrelated.

    Of course, many people from southern sudan, especially our brothers and sisters who do not want us to come together because of fear that we will become a strong group. It should not be a point of discussion when two or three brothers and sisters unite for a common goal which will not affect the interest of other people.

    I see unity as part of human development and prosperity. We unite so that we work together and by bringing two or three brains to work together I believe that we can bring development and prosperity to our communities.You have dinka Bor, dinka Gogrial, dinka Tony and etc who call themselves dinkas and as one tribe under one umbrella. You have also bari tribe in equatoria of many groups of tribes as one of the biggest tribe in the south. Why not Luo tribe.

    Viva Luo unity.
    Paulino Mayik. My email is [email protected]

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  • Guest - Tipo William

    although I have no more information of the organization's objectives, i think it is a good idea for people with cultural similarity and same root to organize a body that will serve their common interest and bind people together in a mutual and continuing pursuit of a higher purpose no matter how much others may resist that view. for the fact that different people bring different experiences, assumptions, values, beliefs and habits. this diversity is valuable because innovation and learning are the products of differences.
    therefore, we should give ourselves a strong sense of the history of our tribe. What is good about its past as well as an idea of today and responsibility people must take in shaping the future. The primary questions are:
    Whose values, beliefs, attitudes or behaviors would have to change in order for progress to take place?
    What sacrifices would have to be made and by whom?

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  • Guest - Chan Choty

    I would like to thank you for good idea you want to unite our people under one umbrella(Luo Grougs) we young generation we need this unity for our future, we know we have common interst I know there some brothers they do not want unity of Luo tribes but I am telling you time has come to unite ourselves and it is our responsibilty to work for this goal.
    Long Live Unity of Luo.

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  • I think we are in the same page and all these wonderful words of encouragement toward our unity will find a hot place in the hearts of the audience in that meeting. I promise that I will take those comments to that meeting !.
    Together we stand, divided we fall. Our children and our children children should have a better chances in life and equall opportunities rather than trailing due the sub-division we are categorized into. We need to stand up to restore that family together again and heal the worns of that division among us which has existed for centuries til now a day. And it's our right and duty to see that unity is taking efffect in our life without seeking permission or bless from fellow human like us.

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  • Guest - ernest nyawello pakwan

    unity is the key to success , we have suffered the idealogy of divide and rule the ACT of luoism was started a long time back , make it A reality. UNITE UNITE then you get your GOAL / /.

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  • Guest - awino

    are there any luos organization in illinois, indiana or kentucky?

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