Pashodo Community Association (U.S.A) will be holding a last meeting in Des Moines - Iowa on Saturday March 29th, @ 9:00a.m. Prior our annual conference July 4th, 2008 in NashvilleTennessee.




  1. PCA 2007/2008 financial income.
  2. Evaluation of Kansas City coordination council workshop resolutions.
  3. Other Community issues.
It’s our pleasure to ask each and every one of the States coordinators to attend this meeting.  Please it’s very important. 
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  • Good job Wad Jago. You have used one of the most effective means of communication. Sometimes, we decide to make phone calls to individuals for an important meeting like this, yet they deny receiving the info. Now, it's well known to each and everyone in U.S.A. However, we look forward to receiving details about venue/location of the meeting.
    God bless..

    Enoch D. Aba
    Arizona State's Executive Committee.

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  • Guest - Francis Nyawello Chan

    Dear Mr. Kual Farag and PCA executive body,
    It has been my pleasure to attend workshop last November 23rd in Kansas City, Missouri. It is a very creative idea from leadership to have this kind of discussion two or three times a year. Before the fourth of July, this helps with communication and evaluation of what we have done and what we need to be done. Please continue with this kind of gathering for the beneift of our people.
    Dear Mr. Farag please know that I support you and your deeds and not words. Also I would like to bring it to your attention it is important to have the meeting venue be known by now so that those who are late could go directly to the meeting. My prayers for each one to arrive safe to Des Moines Saturday, March 29, 2008.

    Francis Nyawello Chan

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  • Guest - C.A

    بناءً على ما كنت كبتُ أمس أرجو من ضعفاء النفوس ألا تستمروا في عرقلة أمن جنوب وإستقراره وإلا سوف تواجهون عمليات خطيرة من أفرادأمن الجنوب و(جيش الشعبي لتحرير السودان لأنكم معروفين واحد واحد وكل خطوات تعاملكم مع أعداء الشعب السوداني

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