By / Lwanyo Padiet
It comes to my attention that a lot of our people back home have completed their studies in Arabic language, and they have knowledge and skills that my help develop our nation Collo or LOU.Also Collo Language has been taught since 1990s and many people come to write, read. Of course we do speak and listen.

I am very thankful to Pachodo web master Mr. Lam Arop for his role, efforts, and time he spent till Pachodo has been seen. In my thinking I think it will be much better if Collo come up with other two new web sites.1. Web in Collo Language.2. Web in Arabic.So all community sectors can participate in our community development or direction we suppose to pursue. I leave the responsibilities of each web open so people with knowledge and skills can step-in to assume and demonstrate their leadership. May God bless Collo and let our knowledge be beneficial to our community.
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  • Guest - John Lwong

    Dear Padiet
    What a great and a rich mind you have!
    In dho-ColIo or in Collo communities when you do a good thing or say a kind word, they also say "comi o moli thool" (the snake will pass on you) the snake is a bad thing anyway but the message here is that it will pass on you without causing any harm, that is the word that came on my mine when I read your article and speciately this "I leave the responsibilities ..................people with knowledge and skills can step-in to assume and demonstrate their leadership. May God bless Collo and let our knowledge be beneficial to our community." Our people are not making use of their knowledge while they are still alive yet the Collo say that "you don't talke or do anything when you are dead, it's only the living people that can"I really conquer with your suggestion simply because that is the only with we can bring everybody on board. I did had a hard experience sometime back in 1995-6 when I was working as a clinical officer in Pakang, when at the same time I got involved in Church teaching, I noted that many people who are so bride in many developmental ideas do not know English nor Arabic but they know only Dho-Collo and they are very good in communicating God messages to their congregations and many people got save in their hand, likewise if we empower them to do the developmental activities, I tell you they will be a very effective and capable change agent in our communities.
    I'll be ready to contribute with the little I have.
    Thank and God bless you

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  • Thank Mr.Lwong for your kind words. I think We Collo are able, but we overlook our welfare sometimes while we do better for outsiders, Why I don't know ! and again think you for your volunteering to help Collo progress.And God bless us all.

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  • Guest - francis Akic

    Dear Mr Padeitlong

    I would like to summary your artcile on languagese in the since ago before the war started in our lovely homeland specail Collo land when the mission came to Collo land the Collo language is one of important lang uage taught in schools in the South Sudan.

    Yes I am agree with you many people go back with the new idae specail intergration with north Sudan some of them they are finished their studies in arabic language different sillk. Know the peace came in the South I think so the South Sudan will go back to the main language as English language and loacl languageese.

    Our language is one of development as you said in 1990s many people when to learn the collo language I am one of them few the gaveup the development need good sillks. So do we thinks our language is apart of develop in human resouers? becasue most of people are neglect it in way of writting and reading we should contest to develop our language.

    Thank for your conerning and contribut your time to write about important point to grap some attention to wakeup to enjoin us in footstep.

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  • Guest - Tipo Mel

    thank you greatly Mr/ Wad Awang for your proposal. although English language, alone of all the world languages, has come to be accepted as the tool and the symbol of modern technologically advanced society and it is used as an additional language by at lease as many nonnative speakers throughout the world, we need to used our language and developed it as well as Arabic, for the fact that linguistic diversity is a fact of life. Multilingualism has been part of the fabric of human society throughout history. Therefore, it would be better if our members who have good knowledge in computer cooperate with the Pachodo web master to install such program in the website.anyhow, I have no much knowledge in computer, but I appreciated the idea.

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