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  • Guest - William Okuch Dak

    Richness of Chollo’s culture reminds us of our today existence.

    Attempts to build a multicultural society in Germany have "utterly failed", Chancellor Angela Merkel says.

    Defending hand: Pachodo, my ancestral land, a land of dialogue, a caring home for widow, weak, orphan and disable, when Mahdi and Mohammed Ali Pasha used human as commodities, your hand defended the abused humans (slaves). Pachodo, you had refused to allow slave convoys from Wau to pass across your royal territory to Madeni where slaves from Blue Nile and Wau are combined and exported to Slave trade centre in Egypt. Your just power forced the enemy to consider caravan route from Wau directly to Egypt.
    Preserving Power: Pachodo, you are a preserving power of nation identity, your costume stood as sword against foreign eroding culture.
    Continuing struggle: Pachodo, your tasks are difficult, complex and unlimited. You are done with your previous enemies, but the big ones are on in independent South Sudan. You are again tested when power in South Sudan resulted into arrogance and corrupt, you are required to bring limitation and correction. It is a profession of a guy with big heart, courage, wisdom and mind. You did it before and you will do it again. Carry on your struggle until permanent victory. Long live Pachodo. Long live Chollo king. Long live Chollo people and culture…

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