On behalf of Collo Community in Arizona, USA. I'd like to congratulate our brother Samuel O. John for his marriage to Ms. Susan Jeremiah Odok, the occasion took place in Khartoum on Nov 9, 2007.? We shared with him those special moments in a small gathering held in Phoenix. On the other hand, We in Arizona would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to Pachodo Associaition in Sudan for its valuable participation. " We will always remember your willingness to help us during our time of need. It takes a very special person to leave his/her important work on short notice and come to the aid of his/her people. Your example is a wonderful lesson to us all. Please accept our sincere thanks........................................? Collo Community in Arizona, USA.
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  • Guest - Carlo J Chol

    That is a great example our brother Samuel O. John in phoenix has given to our brothers and sisters in diaspora. Although love has no boundaries, we encourage you to marry from our tribe, to sustain our Collo heritage.

    Keep together and encourage one another with words of wisdom and love.

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  • Guest - Kimo Ajing Aba

    Congratulations to Bro. Smauel Ochemi and his new bride. You have shoulder upon yourself to take a family responsibility; which is away of setting out an example for the younger generations. Your move is, indeed, another strong call for those who still hesitant to experience this fundamental and social commitment of life.

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  • Dear brother/ Ochemi,
    Congratulation on your marriage! I can't tell you how thrilled I was to hear of your marriage. My brother you have chosen the right partner as the Bible says " Houses and wealth are inherited from parents, but a prudent wife is from the lord" Proverb19:14. May God help both of you to grow in spiritual, emotional and intellectual intimacy and join you together by taking responsibility for each other's welfare and by loving your partner above all others.

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  • Guest - Jiben S. kokding

    Congratulations to Bro Samuel and his Susan,
    May God keep that new born family.
    It is good when we hear that some one has got marriage specailly when you heard that they are a distance from each other interm of physical distance, but Carlo put it well that LOVE has no boundaries.
    May it be an encouragement to all of us who are following or thinking to step in to work hard to achcieve that great moments.

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