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Keni Adwok Nyaba
Keni Adwok Nyaba [1978 – 2016] R.I.P
Ms. Keni Adwok Nyaba was born in Juba on April 22nd1978. She was the first born of Abuk Papiti Ayik and Peter Adwok Nyaba.
Keni went to school in
·        Shadarak Kamlel Primary School in Nairobi, Kenya,
·        Bombo Secondary School in Bombo, Uganda.
·        Attended United States International University (USIU), Nairobi Campus. She graduated with Bachelor of Arts (BA) in International Relations (2004).
·        Undertook postgraduate studies (2013) in the Boston University, Metropolitan College, Brussels, Belgium in which she was awarded MSc in Leadership and Project Management;
·        Upon graduation  fron the USIU, Keni worked as an Intern with PACT (Sudan) 2004 – 2005, before being sent together with the bulk of SPLM leaders and cadres for training and orientation in South Africa, following the signing of the CPA (2005).
·        She worked as a Programme Associate with UNDP between January and August 2006.
·        She then joined the Ministry of Regional Cooperation in the Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) in January 2007, where she worked briefly in the Ministry’s H/Qs before being posted to the Mission of the Government of Southern Sudan to the European Union in Brussels, Belgium.
·        In July 2011, on the independence, the Mission was upgraded to the Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan to the Kingdom of Belgium in 2011. Keni became the First Secretary in the Embassy and remained in that position until August 2014, when she was summarily dismissed together with some of her colleagues.
Keni suffered a stroke and went into coma on January 19, 2016. She was diagnozed with inflammation and infection on the right side of her brain, a condition that was not known before. Consequent to this stroke, she suffered partial paralysis and loss of speech and remained in that condition for seven weeks. On the eight week, she came out of the coma, became conscious of her surroundings but unable to speak.
Then suddenly, on the day of bombing in Brussels, Keni regained her speech. I was able to speak to her while her mother held the cell phone. We believed she was on her way to recovery. Perhaps, that was God’s work to bid us farewell because soon after her condition relapsed and deteriorated until she passed away on Friday April 8, 2016. May the Lord rest her soul in eternal peace
Many people who engaged with Keni in her professional work or in social functions, describe her as professional and diligent, intelligent, friendly, dignified and courageously and brutally honest. Keni would not fear to tell, one in the face, what she thought was right.
As parents, Abuk and I will not be able to evaluate our daughter. Her peers would know and can evaluate her objectively. One of her colleague in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mr. Baak Wol, on hearing of her demise had this to say on Facebook.
 “My dearest sister Keni, I was shocked and saddened to learn of your untimely passing this morning in Brussels, Belgium, and I pray to the Almighty God to shower you with forgiveness and rest your soul in eternal peace in the company of Angels of the Lord. You were too young, and you left us too soon, but you will be missed dearly and remembered for your camaraderie, infectious giggles, unrivalled courage, and yet your measured sense of adventure. But most importantly for your mature and responsible attitude towards work and life, and your abundant love and commitment to friends and family. We will remember you as a very clever young girl, a great debater and a rising Diplomat. Please R.I.P.”  
There were hundreds of such messages that give us pride as parents. Keni’s youngest sister Suzan had this to say ‘in loving memory of my sister Keni’,“I can’t call you on the phone any more to tell you my joy and sadness, but I will call you in my heart; I will talk to you everyday and share everything. I will surely miss your warm presence. Till we meet again”
As a family, we will definitely miss Keni. However, we mourn Keni, not in a special way we would have loved to do as in our tradition and custom, but just like hundreds or thousand of her compatriots lost untimely in this situation of war, some of who did not receive decent burial, with tears in our eyes, we say …. good bye….. good bye Keni…. till we meet again!!
Many people visited us in our mourning places in Juba, Nairobi and Khartoum. Many sent letters and messages of condolence on different discussion fora, and many posted messages on the facebook, messenger and viber and on whatsapp and the discussion boards like DPF and CYF. I saw hundreds in the graveyard on Tuesday when we laid her to rest. Many hundreds continued to come to sepnd spend the night or visit to comfort us during the last four days.
On Friday, April 22 we held the last prayers for the soul of Keni. The services was conducted by priests from the Catholic Diocese of Malakal. Keni’s colleagues in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation came to pay tribute and eulogize her. Mothers came to talk of their pains bringing up children who instead would have been expected to bury their parents are now being burried by parents. We were honoured to have leaders of political parties, government ministers, legislators and members of the public. Keni’s funderal pulled a huge crowd of about three thousand across ethnic and regional lines. It reminded Abuk nd I that we were not alone; many people stood with us in this grief.  This solidarity has touched our hearts. It has lessened and minimized our sense of grief and sorrow.
I want to thank all and sunder for this solidarity.  God bless you!!
Peter Adwok Nyaba
Juba, April 24, 2016.
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Abraham Jalyath Laa is a young Collo man, a soldier and an Evangelist of Presbyterian Church of South Sudan Collo Congregation Juba. He was killed mysteriously last night in Juba by unknown gun man in New Site area. Abraham Jalyath Laa comes from Panyithenho Village, Pakang Payam in Panyikango County, Upper Nile State.  

The bullet which killed him has hit him in his stomach while on his Motor Cycle near his residence. Investigation on that sad incidence is still going on with the probability of either the killer was intentionally targeting Abraham Laa or wanted the Motor cycle from him. Anyway his Motor cycle was not taken.

Abraham Jalyath Laa is married and left behind his Wife and three children, the younger child is two Months old. Collo Community in Juba buried his body today 21/08/2015 in New Site Cemetery. I have taken below pictures during the prayers after the burial. He has a big role in Presbyterian Church and very big role in Collo Community in Juba. As a young man most with his positive contributions in the Church and in the Community in Juba, he is greatly missed by all.

image 1

image 2

image 3


And said: "Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked I will depart. The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised” Job 1:21 NIV

With God’s richest blessings.

Yours sincerely,

Nyikwec Pakwan

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Dears / friends in all the globel
We the family of Along Ajang would like to announce the death of our loved Son who passed away on Monday 9/6/2014 At Omdurman Hospital Khartoum. Please find the details about the Late Ecology life.

Francis Elia Along Ajang

1. Full name: Francis Elia Along Ajang
2. Date of passed away: 9th of June 2014
3. The Date of birth: 01/01/1988 (26 years old)
4. Close relatives to late here in Austral and Sudan:

  • Emilia Elia Along Ajang / married by Jamse Obai Dawin in Melbourne Australia
  • Lucia Akic Ajang Married by. John Deng Awu /Melbourne Australia
  • Rita Joseph in Melbourne Australia

5. Late is from : lAnyaak Bwol village (Wijreek) in Upper Nile State
6. Reason of death: complication of the chest infection and heart problem.

Please if you want to pass your condolence to the late family please contact those people who are mentioned in the dot points number 4 above:
Contact details: 0469629559 James Obai Dawin // 0470232048 John Deng Awu Koldite
Prayer us it is a hard time for the family to pass over hardship. Let the name of the Lord be praised, Amen

This death Announcement posted by James Obai Dawin

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crossIt is with deep regret and sorrow that I have to inform the collo community about the death of Miss Tipo Samuel Nyawello Ador who passed away in Khartoum on Wed 11/06/2014.

Late Tipo is the youngest daughter of Rev. Samuel Nyawello of the Presbyterian church. She was born on 26/02/1991 and had had problems with diabetes which resulted in the loss of her sight and reduced kidney functions.

May the Almighty rest her Soul in eternal peace and comfort her family and friends...Amen

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Dear all,

crossWith much sorrow, we announce the death of our younger brother Acwang Chol Lual who died in Malakal on 22-05-2014 at UNAMIS camp. The Lord gave and Lord has taken and the name of the Lord be praised. The body is yesterday 23-05-2014 buried at the family house in Malakal town.

Let his soul rest in peace.

Family Chol Lual
for contacts: 0031521520782, 0031681111209

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