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Tuesday, March 27, 2011, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Collo Global Action condemns in strong terms the gross Human Rights Violations committed by South Sudan Military against innocent Collo citizens across Upper Nile state, South Sudan.

We strongly condemn the detention of civilians without any due respect to Law and the norms of international human rights regulations.

CGA calls upon the human rights organization to intervene as we also appeal to the concern authorities in Upper Nile state to immediately release the detainees.

Please see below a list of some names of civilians who have been under Military Intelligence's detention in Upper Nile state, since Sunday, March 13, 2011.

1. Henry Dak Ajiing Bolith

2. Obac Oboty Adungnyiker

3. Odhong Timothy Aban

4. David Othwonh

5. Nyago Aban Malouk

6. Abraham Ngor

The above-mentioned civilians who hail from Shilluk ethnicity were picked up from various locations.  They're detained by South Sudan's Military Intelligence and none is known about their detention conditions. The Military Intelligence has a bad reputation of brutality and torture and we suspect the innocent civilians might be going through some torturing and other human rights abuses.

The motive of detention might be tribal or political. We view this on going abuses against Shilluk people as warnings of genocide or ethnic cleansings as it happened in Rwanda 1994. Please protect the Shilluk people and stop South Sudan from becoming another Rwanda.

We urge the Human rights organizations to pressure the authorities in  Upper Nile state to respect human rights and freedom of its citizens. We advise that governor Simon Kon abstains from   targeting Collo citizens because that will breed more violence and insecurity in the state.

For more information or schedule interview, please don't hesitate to contact Olany Amum Lueth at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CGA is a nonprofit organization that promotes human rights and democracy in South Sudan plus championing the concerns of the citizens of the Shilluk Kingdom.

Copy to:

  • UN High Commissioner on Human Rights, Geneva

  • Amnesty International, New York

  • Human Rights Watch, New York

  • Southern Sudan Human Rights Commission, Juba

  • Upper Nile state, Adviser for Gender and Human Rights, Malakal

  • Churches and Friends of Sudan, USA


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