Cain and AbelThat’s what Dr. Nyaba is trying to tell Chollo all the time.


Dear brother Dr. Nyaba,

I am just an ordinary Ochollo who love chollo dearly,

because chollo are very harmonious and peace lovers humans by nature and that’s why they are unique, no one can take that away from them even if they die. Do you share me this?

My dear, no one doubts you being an elder whether in the Chollo Community or amongst southerners, you are also a member of National Government (NG or NCP) or GoSS being you a minister of Higher Education and Technology or whatever the position that suits you. But in Chollo Culture, Elder comes by fitness I think. As you are proud of being a chollo, I am not sure if you really are.

Correct me if I am wrong, I think you are a scientist of Geology (study of rocks and minerals). And a very talented writer as well, these are all good things and will be really needed at the dawn of a newly born Country of South Sudan but remember these gifts should be a blessing if you use them right; I am not sure whether your honour realised that.

For the Chollo undoubtedly if the Voting for separation was only left for chollo, the result would be 99% or the same as decided by all Southerners globally. Chollo knows Bowonyo better than any southerner by history.

Now tell me Dr., are you the spokesman of GoSS or an Information Minister for GoSS?

The reason I am asking this question is because I can see you stand up for every wrong or right on the discussion e-Forums wrestling with young men and very inquisitive to know who they are, you never keep silent even if things do not relate to you, or maybe you think you are the best writer and you want to show and tell everyone that.

Listen to this piece of our native story Dr." two village mates quarrelled until they fight; one man was knocked down on head with stick.

While struggling to stand on his feet another blow was on his head again, there an elderly man loudly voiced out at the other guy saying enough,! Leave your brother and immediately he was heard because he was respected. The elderly man did not know who provoked who to cause the fight? But his role as an elder is to stop the fight and want to make sure that no more harm or damage done to the defeated or weaker man.

He also wanted to tell victorious man that enough is enough for the sake of tomorrow peaceful relationship between two village mates.

But surprisingly the defeated man's cousin came hurriedly and unknowingly tried to blame his cousin who was still wet with blood on his face, his cousin thought the wounded cousin might have caused the fight but he was not. In his retaliation to his cousin's false blame, he who he thought should have asked first to know what had happened ,he angrily knocked him with one stick -- where would everyone stand from here and say what?" end of our village story.

Dr. Nyaba have you ever lived in a chollo village in your childhood and hutched cattle?

Dr. Nyaba, you might have seen the photos of dead bodies, videos of all atrocities that have happened to the people you are proud of and you think you love them and you are very proud to call yourself an elder of chollo, as an elder, have you ever initiated or mediated between your side and their opponents, have you one day talked to Salva Kiir, Riek or Simon Kun to do the right thing a part from issuing orders for killing? I don't need a very eloquent English to answer these simple questions.

For the sake of giving a very clear and simple message to every low English reader please give your explanation genuinely.

Dr.Nyaba , what do these words in the following statement mean to you in relation to the government you dream for the Republic of South Sudan on the 9th of July,2011 I quote:

letter of Dr. Francis Deng to the President Salva Kiir Mayrdit.

"The challenge now is for an independent Southern Sudan to realize the ideals of good governances. Constructive management of diversity on the basis of full equality for all ethnic groups, promotion of inclusive constitutional democracy, respect for all human rights, and fundamental freedoms, pursuit of fair distribution of resources, public service, employment opportunities, accountable financial management, and consultation of peace through equitable social economic development.

Why did this young man by name Gatluak Chuol

Called you and Say this to you "Let the big-mouthed Minister carry his own cross!"I wounder why you did not reply to him and you unhesitant to always reply to Olany, Lwanyo and other chollo men? I have not seen them voicing out a clear direct word to your person like Gatluak Chuol did.

I am sure if you meet Gatluak with Olany together, you will pat Gatluak on his back and bash the wounded poor Olany and Lwanyo to death and walk away with Gatluak.

Maybe because Gatluak knows Simon Kun and Riek who may also extend it to Mayardit.

When you get this, I know you will not sleep until you reply and you also will try to find out who am I like you wanted to know Olany.

But when you reply, please do not forget to answer this relevantly to what is going on now in Chollo Land and MalakalTwon

Which one describes you best here Dr Nyaba?

  • Elder
  • Hectic
  • Hector or
  • Hell- keeper

If you can not answer this or not sure please ask Kwanereth James Agor who may help you out, he tried very hard to reach out last year to speak to Riek and Salva Kiir flew from USA to Juba, he may also advised you what conclusion did they reach in regards to Chollo several petitions and you can also try to tell us or otherwise you may choose the Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy.

And the brutality goes on.

God bless you and enlighten you to see clear.


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  • Guest - Othow Bol

    Iam wondering why people still talking to the guy called Dr Nyaba while we have death innocent people already and his Dinka GOSS is continouse taking Collo people at night time to be arresited. Exectly what happened during 1980s to 1990s is now happend again. Everything has its time. I think Dr Nyaba and his group miscalculated their eguations. He and his group will never finsh Collo community,but Iam sure he will never visit some places in Collo community. My message Dr Nyaba and priminster to go ahead with their job.

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  • Dear Paul,

    I would like to remind you with this pray of Saint FRANCIS of Assisi if you follow the same devotions, doctrine I do!! “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is batred, let me sow love. Where is injury, pardon, Where is doubt, faith, Where there is despair hope, where there is darkness, light and where there is sadness, joy.
    O divine master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled, as to console;
    To be understood, as to understand;
    To be loved, as to love;
    For it is in giving that we receive.
    It is in pardoning that; we are pardoned;
    And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life”
    *I want you to take some time to do some reflections, meditation on this wonderful pray from the man of faith (St. FRANCIS)
    *Some of us need to quit immediately culture of quarrelling, insulating each other and in particular our elders.

    *Blaming and fighting among us will not help. Only love, respect will bring Cain& Abel together.
    *Don’t provoke your brother or your elder speak always the truths if you can!!

    *Dr. Nyaba is well known as frankly speaking out person in our entire nation- South Sudan. Very sincere man, if so should we as Chollo family be thankful to God who gave us this man?
    Dear Paul,
    Please don’t misunderstand me. All of us need each other to overcome injustice our people are facing today. War is not the answer. Working together with sincere hearts will bring peace and harmony in the Kingdom. Let each one of us do his part.
    *I pay my sincere condolence to the families friends and all Chollo people for big lost of lives. May Good Lord have mercy on their souls. I remain praying for peace as our pardon saint wants us to be. Peace

    Rev. Francis Nyawello Chan

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  • Guest - Dr James Okuk

    When a Catholic Priests like Rev. Francis Nyawello Chan feel no shame to praise the devils in human skins with allelluias, then I have no hope left that this human world will turn into a satanic hell sooner than later.

    How can Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba who calls his very people "Wicked, Ignorant and Poor" be praised with thank as a frank man, if the priest is really a man of God in a white vestment?

    I am afriad the priest is a wicked man pretending to be preaching peace when his heart is dark like a grinded tobaco container (atolong). God save us and have mercy on the Collo people.

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  • I want you let you know that I am not embrace to tell my sincere opinion if it is on you or Dr. Nyaba, and I will never pretend to be somebody. I thank you for your opinion and insult too. But please know that I do love both of you dearly. Only one thing I will ask you for. Please, please use your education knowledge bring peace unity and harmony to Chollo people and entire South Sudan (For my container atolong only good Lord knows if it is full of tobacco or other thing else). I will remain seeking peace all the time for our poor people. May the blessings of Lenten be upon you. Peace

    Rev. Francis Nyawello Chan

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