Arop Yor Ayik
                    Arop Yor Ayik

Dear Baba,

Today, 06/06/2019, It has been exactly 20 years since you departed this world. We feel privileged and blessed that you were our father. Words can not explain how much we have missed you, your gentle touch and your fatherly presence in our lives.

Arop Yor Ayik Family

We thank you Baba for the gifts that the Lord had given you and you had passed them to us; your humbleness, wisdom, generosity, moral and ethics. Theses gifts were not limited only to us ,your children, but you gave them too to the whole community.

We learned from you that those are the things that cannot be taught.

Arop Yor Ayik

We will never forget your conviction and the emphasis on the importance of education and your work to spread the word amongst our people of South Sudan. We hope they did not fall on deaf ears as our people struggle to maintain these standards nowadays.

We pray to God that he may bless you and hope that you are rested well in heaven.

We miss you so much Baba. No matter how many decades go by, you will always be in our hearts. We love you Baba forever!

Rest in peace.

Thabo Arop Yor Ayik

On behalf of the family

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