MalakalIt was on Monday evening that I received very strange and ugly news from Malakal. The County Commissioner of Pinykango was removed and replaced with another one. The reason for that step is weird and cannot be comprehended by a sound mind.

He had refused to give a piece of land within his county to some Nuer Lau displaced during the civil war and had found refuge in Obel. They (the Nuer) want that area to be named as their Payam.

It is worth mentioning that before his removal he had called for a meeting of all the citizens of his county residing in Malakal to explain to them the developments in his county. He informed them of what was going on and of his meeting with the governor of the state and the King. All the attendees categorically rejected the move by the State Government. Two days later after this meeting he was removed and replaced by Mr. Gabriel Nyawello who is said to have accepted to grant that piece of land to the Nuer Lau and to name it as their Payam.

As I am writing this piece, Hon. Mustafa Mayak Gai was arrested and taken to the security premises for interrogation. Hon. Mustafa who hails from Pinykango County won the elections for State Legislative Assembly in the card of SPLM-DC. Right after the elections, he was arrested and stayed for five months in the army jail somewhere in Khorflus.

At the moment the youth of Pinykango County residing in Malakal are in a serious meeting discussing the issue. They are expected to come out with a resolution of a peaceful demonstration and handing over to the state government a letter of protest.

We will not accept and we will stand always firm for any piece of land in the Collo Kingdom.

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  • Guest - Carlo J Chol

    The resolutions of the youth meeting yesterday:

    1. Re-instate the former Commisioner Mr. Pagan Ochay
    2. Remove the newly appointed commissioner Mr. Gabriel Nyawell.
    3. Transport all the displaced Nuer residing the claimed area.
    4. Demarcate the borders between the counties.
    5. Etc.

    All these must done within 72 hrs.

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  • Guest - mido amum

    في بداية أودعن اشكر الاخ كارلو جيمس شول للخبر الذي نشره في هذا الموقع الالكتروني مما لاشك ان أتفق معك جملة وتفصيلآ فيما يتعلق بقضية الارض ولا يمكن تناذل عنها مهما كلفنا الامر إن الارض تتبع لمملكة شلو ولا يمكن تلعب به .

    إما فيما يتعلق باعفاء المحافظ السابق فهذا شان الداخلي لحركة الشعبية فالحركة له حقية يعين من ويعفي من ولكن المهم في الامر هو كيفية نحافظ علي ثوابت مهما كانت الامر


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  • Guest - Gordon Buay

    What happened to the law which states that land in South Sudan belongs to communities? I will have to find out whether the story is true because if it is, then, it is the violation of the Interim Constitution of South Sudan to settle the Nuer against the will of Chollo chiefs. If the community leaders refused to settle the Nuer in Panyikango County, the Commissioner, even if a Chollo, has no legal justification to settle the Nuer. Being a Chollo Commissioner will not legitimized settling the Nuer if the community chiefs who own the land reject the settlement.

    We should pray that Gov. Simon Kun Puoch would not create more land disputes
    in Upper Nile State. We already have a dispute between Dinka of Jonglei and Chollo. Adding another one would be a cheer madness and stupidity.

    Gordon Buay
    [email protected]

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  • Guest - De War

    Kun Puoch is Nuer and he has no right to claim the land of Chollo/Shilluk for his tribe/Nuer though he is representing the governor of the great Upper Nile, South Sudan. Constitution of South Sudan a Constitution of South Sudan and Kun Puoch is just a Nuer. Nuer Constitution is not South Sudan's Constitution. At the same time, Nuer Constitution is not Shilluk Constitution. ... and that is that!

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  • Guest - John Aband

    Do not think guys that you have govrnment in south Sudan.Forget that at all.What happened in Collo land last year and in the fangak this year is the true idintity of govrnment of south Sudan.Traditional leader are more better than them. Traditional can solve a problem,but I have never heard these govrnment talking about land grabbing and insecurity of civilians. Instead of proventing problems their creating them. What mr Kun puoch is doing now is supported by govrnment of South to creat conflict among the citizens.The is a old philosophy of how to rule for long time.

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  • Guest - David boushai

    i want to congratulation for people of southern sudan to successfully by the result of referendum.i want to advisoer people of (nyikango lands) to be quiet to unite to know what,s going in chollo lands over there,, it,s the planning of enymies, we have to stop that planning to creat the war the conflict to let,s people in chollo lands to killed among themself the citizens. we want to suring to those people who ,re want take the LANDS of chollo, ( NYIKANGO KING) there joking we will stop that planning that,s come from out side the chollo lands,we ,re ready to defence for our (nykango lands ) from south to north and from east to weast.(4 counties),we want those who ,re not belong to nyikango lands, to let,s them GO OUT FOR EVERE, LET,S THEM GO WHERE ,RE THEY COME,,

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  • I would like to say congartulation to the former commissionar for his great a cheivesments he did durring his period, that why they do not want him to continue his succesness, but the great challages is to him who is coming, becuase collo people will not accepet their lands to be given to other, and he who will do that will pay and bear the concequences of his actions, Long live collo nation, long live Nykang kingdom.

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  • Guest - Ashwill

    i would like to thanks our brothers above all for their comments for removal Pinyakango commissioner. we know that the southern Sudan government dones not work for peace and wellbeing for south Sudan communities. their significant achievement is only corruption and power.when the peace was sign in 2005 every one was happy even most women whom was beating their stomach during the civil.war they said that we will not cry again.6 year gone nothing has done.the goverment is not taking care about what going on now you chollo people do not act defference by law the land be long to you i know that the south sudan goverment under kirr have a power to do any thing they can.but using force is weaknesses weapon.let us not be like them thanks

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  • Guest - odol

    I think the comisioner of panykang county if compard with the two former commissioners is the better-known in term of security-related issues,in his period there was peace alitle bit .although i differ with him politicaly,but agree him in the way he was governing the county and that's the typeof politicians we want ,those who look at government post as means of serving people not killing them. so my friend's you have shown the best you also will be rewarded in the future

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