Omodeiya Lello consist of the following villages: Awajwok, Kwogo, Lello, Obwah, Doud and Adhokong.

The following is the result of Referendum.


Registered Voters :1575

Those who cast their votes 1571

Absent 4

Those of votes for independent 1563

Those of votes for Unity 8

Percentage (Independent)  99.49%


Dr Martino O Ajangnay

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  • Correction

    Registered Voters are 1575

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  • Guest - Carlo J Chol

    Thank you Dr. Martino for the nice for good information from Lelo Chieftancy. I was confused at the beginning about the number but then I found your comment correcting the figure. Independence is definite and we will we will be home soon.

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  • These are mistakes. Those who registered 575. Those who votered 1571. Please could you revise your figures

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  • Thank you brother Urbano Tito. I have already made a correction for this mistake. The correct number of registered voters is 1575 as stated in my previous comment.

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  • Guest - Obwonyo Ajang

    Thank you very much Dr Martino for this wonderful information we have been longing for. This is a powerful message to the cliff hangers that they must let go their hands, "the cliff is eroding away" They must look for an other survival means. Congratulations to people of Lillo, Collo kingdom, and the entire people of South Sudan. I can't wait to see the "Flag of freedom" fluttering in our beautiful and free sky.
    Obwonyo Ajang.

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