Dear Chollo Women in Canada,

The Secretariat for Women affairs of Chollo community in Canada We would like to extend our great gratitude to thank each and every individuals who participated in the meeting which took place on Dec 06, 2010.

Your support and effort is highly appreciated, it is a privilege for us the women affairs secretariat of Chollo community in Canada to have opportunity to work with each one of you in this critical time to make this community stronger and viable one. The most important thing is to make our people united and strong society. We believe that the ability to change and succeed is within every one of us. We women are aspiration of our families and our society. Therefore, let us focus and be dedicated for it is our duties and responsibilities to stand up for our Chollo nations. Thanks once again ,we in the secretariat would like to advice each one of us that let us listen and respect others opinions with effective communications that is where we can learn from each other’s and be successful in our community.

The secretariat is, advising that no anyone is allowed to bring any personal issues to the meeting. This office will not accept or tolerate any individuals with disrespectful attitude. Thanks once more for your corporations. May our God give each one of us courage and strengths to stand up for our nations Chollo where ever they may be found across Canada or back home ,may he bless us all.


Women secretariat for Chollo in Canada

Bushai Otong Trazina Athay Linda Akol Nychangjwak Bol

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  • Guest - De War

    Nice try! How dare you question your families that they should not bring any people issues into the meeting? You should have learnt that if personal issues are not solved, the organization still has a broken wings! Or should we call it the organization has a broken links with many subjects (individuals). Those personal issuses, once they build up are the ones that end up detaching the community from the organization! Think again! You are not a leader! Shouldn't you be aiming to sult the issues that are facing the individuals? Everyone knows that once those issues sums up, they are called community family issues. Then when those family issues built up, they are called community issues, then ... organization issues. How dare you dictate your family? How dare you try? How dare you?

    There is a quote which shilluk some says: "Gwog kelog kwic midh laaw, nyi ca tyeng a yi gen bar ki ngewi kipo oyite ki gin camme ki bang mirri!"

    Be careful once you read you have finished reading this message! It could be your last warning in order to avoid the last mistakes or to be a hint to let you know that you may have to prepare to resign! Get ready to resign!

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