Dear brothers and sisters Chollo people, Thank you all for the tremendous support and gratitude that you people have shown through wonderful comments to me and my executive, seniors’ advices, city representatives, and Chollo community at large in Canada. It is my pleasure to return my thanks to you all after I have received many thankful words, support, and advices for what had happened for Chollo people in Canada.

Just to let each of every one of you know that I have heard your voices, advices and support to take courage and be at the top of issues that concern Chollo community in Canada, which means peace and tranquility must prevail among Chollo people. I know it is not easy to be a leader and to lead people who are intellectually minded and learned. As I always say I am not Mr. Perfect, but I try hard to be perfect most of time. I have been there before.

One of my best friends asks me to be a good listener and analysed issues before taking action, these are the qualities that make you a good leader. Wonderful advice ever I have got from concern individuals among Chollo community, however I want to assure you that I am a good listener and I will remained to be a good listener and implementer. For sure I am not Mr. Talker, but I would say I am Mr. Doer. I do more than I talk this is what I am good at. For sure I and my team will try our level best to work hard to make sure that Chollo people, men, women and youth are united in Canada and also outside Canada.

It is time to leave behind personal issues and come back to our senses that our unity is very important and is needed now before tomorrow, I know I am not the first person who has talk about unity of Chollo people, but many people within Chollo community had tried it before that. We need to learn from our mistake, and it is good to make mistake because if you don’t make mistakes in your life that means you have no anything new in your daily life, and that could be a problem.

Dear brothers and sisters, I and my team are very happy to see that we have received a lot of support and encouragement from all over the world for having Chollo community formed in Canada. I hope all of you will keep in touch with us so that you can be the eye witness and judge for our unity. I also want to extend my appreciation to all Chollo people around the world for being thirsty and yearning for the unity of Chollo people. Your advice is taken and will be put in consideration as long as I am the leader of Chollo Community in Canada. We will put this in practice and action before next day to come. This is one more thing I have to bring to your attention that I am also the Chairman of Referendum Committee in my State here in Canada, therefore, I have a lot in my plat to do, because our beloved nation in Southern Sudan need our serves too, but no doubt I will try my best to handle both responsibilities and make sure that both will be take care of by all means. It is an obligation to contribute toward my country and my people in Southern Sudan. Thanks , God bless you all. Peter Aban Amon President of Chollo Community in Canada.

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  • Guest - Linda Akol

    Dear Mr Peter Amon.

    You are most highly welcome.
    Just keep the spirit of good work,and may who started the good work in you will guied every step you make in the name of cholo people, for God never gives you a dream without giving you the ability to make it come true.

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