I Mrs. Bushay Otong secretary of Women affairs of Chollo community in Canada under leadership of Mr. Peter Aban Amon President of Chollo community in Canada held the first meeting on December 4, 2010 with members of Chollo women, where by the entire members of Chollo women attended the meeting to discuss the issues facing Chollo women in the Diaspora.

The chollo Women Unanimously agreed to stand up for the challenges that are facing Chollo women in the world, and how to confront these challenges.

Chollo Women in Canada had discussed the following issues:

1- The empowerment of Chollo Women in Canada and around the world

2- Improved the live of Chollo in Canada through capacity building, social, Cultural, educational, recreational, advocacy, economic, and political activities.

3- Information sharing and networking with stakeholders to bring the community together with aim of building a strong and vibrant community.

4- Sustain members abilities to be productive citizen

5- To promote the spirits of unity and togetherness amongst the Chollo people by encouraging members to attend social gathering and give moral and social support to each other.

6- To work for unity, integrity and welfare of all Chollo people in Canada and elsewhere in the world.

The chollo women also is concern about the Chollo culture as the most important and viable tool to keep Chollo people as who they are.

The chollo Women in Canada are also calling and appealing to all chollo people in USA, Asia, Europe ,Australia, and in Sudan to received this appeal with humbleness and be put in consideration by anyone who consider himself or herself as part of Chollo community. Please do so as a brother and a sister.

Also the Chollo women in Canada would like to call for Chollo men, youth, university students and peace lovers to support and stand with women for the good course our community.

Again, we the women of Chollo in Canada would like to extend our great thanks to Mr. Peter Aban Amon the President of Chollo community in Canada and his executive, elder’s advisory team, cities representatives who are extensively working very hard to unite and keep the unity of Chollo in Canada more attractive to all Chollo people in Canada in particular and Chollo in general around the world..

We can be reached through the office of Mr. Peter Aban Amon the President of Chollo community in Canada at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 204-779-9874 or 204-997-6127

Thanks you, God bless you all


Mrs. Bushay Otong , Secretary for Women Affairs

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  • Guest - Paul Apok

    Hello Bushay go a head God Bless you all for the good work

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  • Raise up your voice Collo women, this is the time to stand up for your community.
    Good work and keep it safe

    Long live Pachodo women
    and may God bless you

    Eng. Fascola Abdallah

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  • Dear viewers of our beloved Pashodo.org,

    I would like to make some correction here on the article: message from Collo women: Title of article should be reads as follow: Call from Chollo Women in Canada not as appears in the second title: Message from Collo Women Canada. Please disregard this one. My apologies to all readers. Knowing that some mistake took place when I was helping with posting the article. With our best wishes to Mrs. Otong and her team in the office of women affairs. Our hearts and prayers are with you at this moment of our history. Peace and blessing to you.

    NB: Please check out another correction on the Pashodo Community Mutual Assistance Association- PCMAA- USA- Website; Please use this address to be able to browser the site (http://www.thepcmaa.org/)

    With every good wish, I remain
    Sincerely yours in Christ,

    Rev. Francis Nyawello Chan

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