Chollo communities in US, Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia:

Dear brothers and sisters,

Collo people in particular and southern Sudanese in general bleed and tear for decades. Individuals or group in Canada as in many other countries around the world  have been doing their utmost best to confront the challenges and to overcome them, but the dimension of our problem is complicated and behind power of individuals or group. We in Canada have brainstormed and realized in several conferences that uniform or collective commitment is an effective contribution to find a solution to our problems. On this regard, I’m pleased to inform Collo communities in US, Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia on behalf of Collo people in Canada that during our fourth conference held on 14 November 2010, we have unanimously agreed and formed a new national or centralized body for the welfare of Collo people in Canada and to join those who fight hard to safeguard our right to be.

I am here also to announce that Canada\'s new centralized Collo office appeals to join Collo communities in USA, Australia, Europe, Egypt, Sudan and elsewhere in the world through coordinaton, collaboration and working as team to face challenges that are facing us around the world including Sudan.

The following is administrative hierarchy of Collo national body:

1-      Mr. Peter Aban Amon   Chairman

2-      Mr. William Okuch Dak  Deputy Chairman

3-      Mr. Peter Ojwal           Secretary General

4-      Mr. Tupac Mayik Yor    Secretary for Finance

5-      Mrs. Bushay Otong      Secretary for Women Affairs

6-      Mrs. Trezina Athay       Deputy for women Affairs

7-      Mr. Augustino Owachi   Secretary for Information and technology

8-      Mr. Changjwok Adwok  Secretary for youth and culture

9-      (10)  city representatives are members in the executive office

10-   (5) Elders from Chollo Community across Canada for as advisory team

Thanks you

God bless you all


Peter Aban Amon ( known as Ager Amon)

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  • Dear New formed office (Collo Community Canada)

    On behalf of Board of directories and executive body: Pashodo Community Mutual Assistance Association- USA. We would like to share with you the joyful of formation of your executive office. It’s our pleasure to see all Collo coming together in our neighboring sister country- Canada; Yes it’s the time now for all of us to make ourselves useful to the Kingdom by coming together in one goal (Our Unity is number one). By reviewing the names of the executive body of the office we are confident that the leader ship of Mr. Peter Amon will do the best. Please raise assure that (PCMAA- USA) will work very closely with your community – Knowing that PCMAA next goal is to build maternity room in Kodok City hospital. Please let us join hands to protect the LAND.

    We would like to take the opportunity to introduce Pashodo website USA address to those who does not know yet, get community events news here: Lastly we wish you all the best and millions congratulations to Mr. Amon and his team. May the saint of Sudan: blessed Mother Josephine Bakhita continues praying for us. Peace

    Rev. Francis Nyawello Chan, Secretary: Board of directories
    PCMAA- U.S.A (State of Iowa)

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  • Guest - david.j.karial

    Dear brothers and sisters,
    on behalf of collo community in Egypt I would like to congratulate collo community in Canada for new office formation ,How is good when the brothers and sisters come together as a one body and this is the main target today for all collo community a cross the world, make it up and may our Savior be with you all .
    David.j.karial chairman

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  • Guest - Ronyo

    It is Excellent,you made it, go head, keep on united and make change. The Sun will shine again.

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  • Guest - Dr. Daniel Thabo

    Peter Aban Amon,
    I ccngratulate you for your new assignment as the leader of Collo Community in Canada.
    Wad Amon it's not simple task entrusted to you.At times those who elected you will be against you,but take it easy if it happens so.Please Peter be a good listener and analyze first before taking action. I back your leadership as a wonderful choice they have placed in you.
    Thanks with kind regards.
    Dr. Daniel Thabo

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  • Guest - De War

    1- Mr. Peter Aban Amon Chairman

    2- Mr. William Okuch Dak Deputy Chairman

    3- Mr. Peter Ojwal Secretary General

    4- Mr. Tupac Mayik Yor Secretary for Finance

    5- Mrs. Bushay Otong Secretary for Women Affairs

    6- Mrs. Trezina Athay Deputy for women Affairs

    7- Mr. Augustino Owachi Secretary for Information and technology

    8- Mr. Changjwok Adwok Secretary for youth and culture

    Bravo! Bravo Shilluk community leader(s) for your hardship and for making sense and stabilizing our Collo comunity across Americas! We will always be hoping to seeing your wills while your actions for the best of our beloved community, the Shilluk/Collo Community across Canada and USA including other nations as mentioned above.

    But, why weren’t those leaders (as listed above) brought into light before they have putted their [hidden agenda] in the darkness on duty for bad politic and actions that have hurt and misrepresented other brother(s) and sister(s) of Shilluk across Canada and USA years ago but not limited to now?

    It is not too late to start cleaning your hands and hearts from practicing the same duties as you have done in the past. When someone assumes leadership, responsibility comes along with it always! The good thing is: Whatever is presented in darkness always comes into practice in light and everyone who feels misled by the practice, mischief/delinquencies that comes from leaders and their administrations due to lack of understandings and senseless competitions from/within the community remains as the genuine tool/root of the entire Shilluk community by examples, experiences, knowledge, companionships and the light to the entire Collo worldwide.

    We have believed that there is one thing left behind which is not resulted by the leaders who are crowned above, and that one thing is the only thing that makes all Shilluk/Collo community very stable and unshakable.

    Anyway, we thank for your understanding and for reshuffling (or may be not reshuffling) our organization's leaders. For taking your time while reading the message, we thank you for not replying to this comment furiously. We are hoping that our leaders as mentioned/crowned above would make progress for the entire community without putting any [hidden agenda] as they have happened years ago and less limited to now and the future. If anyone doubted, he/she must take a look behind. What have the leaders done to make the community such a vulnerable for so long and what should they (leaders) have not done to keep the entire community to speak one language in the name of Shilluk and Shilluk community? We speak for the best of the entire Shilluk/Collo Community but not limited to other organizations or communities! The community is to speak for itself and the leaders are to preach what the community has approved. Otherwise, leaders are dictators for assuming power and leaders! Thanks again and again!!!

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  • Guest - William O. Dak

    Thank you very much for your educating comment. We strongly believe that any constructive comment would be considered and use to advance our unity.

    We should bear in mind that bad and good are inseparable values. But human uses them morally to control and to adminster himself. If thing was bad in the past, than bad could be use consistently to avoid repeating itself,
    I want to mention something I do really love about myself in dealing with challenges. Each person has a name and our God knows him/her by that name and each one is endowned with different talent and wisdom which should be use wisely and morally. Therefore, I love saying "what I do and what I do not want to do" rather than saying what other people do.

    Lord Jesus appeared to His disciples in the past at mountain where He had tested Peter as this.
    "Peter, what do people say who Iam". Peter said that, "some people say your Elija, other say you are son of Living God".
    Jesus said, "but you, you people, what do you personally say who Iam"?
    Peter said> "you are son of God".

    Therefore, I believe that we should not be more concern about others than what we believe and to be respectful and constructive, we could correct what we see unfit into program.
    For hided agenda, I hope there is no other agenda rather than unity as our ability to adress issues we all know. Yes, leadersship is sometime evil, but we have to hold any wrong leaders accountable for any damage and give those who perform good service an appreciation. But we could not judge them before we find out errors of their leadership.
    Each one must be a countributor to this collo kingdom.

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  • Guest - Agustino Akorkwag

    thank for witing about the new office so I want to tell you there is no new agenda if you your are from collo please write your name because this office for collo community in Canada and this community belong for the collo united in Canada I believe this job is become a good thing for the collo unity in Canada if you don't want this community you can leave it along stop calling people and writing bad comments

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  • Guest - A.A

    Mr hidden agenda why don't u clean urself first before u clean other? please be civilize to leave the personal issues away when our concern is development of our country.The office was just form in less than a month, what have u seen yet? did u have an intention to be the chairman? but with this attitudes of urs, u don't deserve to be collo leader since u re greedy.Prey and ask God for wisdom and may God have mercy on u.

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  • Guest - Onwar Adiang

    In fact I thought there has been already a body for the Collo Community in Canada, however Later better than Never. This is more than good news. Collo has always been organized, you are not exceptional. In regard to some negative comments (which amount to gossip tips), please treat them as worries from concerned brothers (even if they may not) and work to proof them wrong. That is how life is always, you can not change it, just work hard for the progress of your community and the whole Collo in general. Your fruits will speak for you..

    God bless you


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  • Guest - Agustino Akorkwag

    hi thanks for your comments but we know who you are because every time you write a bad comment you don't use your name.

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