Johnson Olony
Johnson Olony

In a brief, viewers or targeted audiences need to acknowledge the basics that self-engagement in political is as voluntarily participating in rebel army for the sake of good to come to the people in need or the abused societies in general, and no one should be blamed for what has been published in public, but the author of the article. So, there has never been damages done and no single bullet fired yet, but this could be it, and not that all the investment approach prospects ending. The investment opportunities and the peaceful relief development firms that have had chance to help the war affected people amongst Cøllø society in Chollo Kingdom and the Naath people in that areas have been pushed back and delayed by the ongoing Jieng (Dinka) Council war campaign projects in and around Chollo Kingdom – particularly the east of the Nile River, which the Dinka have managed to seize through the usage of the government of the south Sudan army (the SPLA) resources. Not a report, preview of the past and the ongoing turmoil in South Sudan – particularly in Chollo Kingdom and areas. To add to that, the Kingdom has been made fragile by other army elements that have rebelled against Johnson Olony’s leadership and the key position and responsibility which Dr. Riek Machar has appointed Major Gen. Johnson Olony for. Presently, those rebel elements against Agwelek, the official IO army under Olony’s command, whose political leader is Dr. Riek Machar is mostly being weighted army and political wars on different scales from the current evil government in Juba, the Jieng Council and the oppositionists that have fed up and left Dr. Riek Machar. As self-engaged political volunteer, naming few leaders that have been attacking Dr. Riek Machar verbally and militarily would be no threat at this moment. Taban Deng Gai is first in row against Dr. Riek Machar’s return to Juba, but Malakal, Pagak, Tonga, Bentiu, Kodok, Wadakona, Bor, Ayot, Waat, Nasir, Jiekow, Maiwut, Ulang, Akobo, Yei, Numile, Renk, Fanjak, Melut, Adong, Abwong, Baliet, Leer, Jwokmier, Kaldak, Dolieb Hill, Atar, and Great Upper Nile and areas plus are held for Prime Minister Riek Machar’s homecoming. Some of the mentioned areas and others that are not mentioned might have been temporarily under control of the rejected government of Juba which is under the first and the last President of the Republic of South Sudan. In order to continue these pretexts, Salva Kiir is the first and last president of South Sudan. So, there would not be any of its kind that will ever rule over the entire nation with the self-titled “President.”

President as a title for the head of a state or nation does not fit for South Sudan, except when it was forced into people’s self-rulings by the outsiders by the means of arms and army which have now turned itself into both political and army turmoil. President shows no respect to the people that have been a shield to a nation which the Dinka (Jieng) and their elites in crimes have stolen from other communities’ lines in Great Upper Nile and areas. No matter how hard it would be tried, it would not work, or may be in a Dinka only owned nation that there could be still President as a “Title” to lead a nation. Not only just Presidential title, both President and Vice President Titles are coming down in the governing affairs, and for that reason, it would be a win-win solution when Prime Minister is installed, and it would not be Salva Kiir, not Taban Deng and not even any other evil minded political leaders that do things according to the Dinka way – since there is going to be no Dinka that will lead again after Salva Kiir. First and Last Republic President of South Sudan is Salva Kiir, and he is Dinka as known, and is bad by deeds. Through his bad deeds, his people are following his examples without justifications or shame of any kind. Show some respects to the people of the land and the ancestors. That can insight that Dinka (Jieng) are bad societies, unfitting to rule or lead, and are too greedy by nature to be given another chance to rule or lead a nation. No more President for South Sudan and no more Dinka (Jieng) to be appointed or elected or selected to lead a South Sudan after Salva Kiir.

Second, and it could be a repetition, NDM (National Democratic Movement) of Lam Akol, which has an army wing that has come to light as “NDA/F”. Lam founded this political party after looting and pocketing the Agricultural Ministry funds in Juba, in which Lam was house arrested, but later resigned from the SPLM-DC leadership. Well Lam might have called it resignation, but for fairness and sense of public hearings, Lam did what he could as he did when he was a Transportation Minister, and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sudan under Republic of Sudan’s President Omar Al Bashir. Lam Akol is still being hunted by the government of Khartoum based on his bad records on bad management practices on public trust and ministries finances.

Shortly and more touching closing on Lam Akol and his agendas on attacking IO (Agwelek), Lam has wanted to be a leader so badly that he had wanted to wipeout the Chollo Kingdom through the uses of the Anya-nya (II) army (the ex-armed militias of the late Simon Gai Tut of Nasir), but failed because he was made with active forces of Fashoda Federal Police forces and Nyikango’s spiritual warfare and techniques. Therefore, Lam Akol is a failed political activist. He is unfitted for leading people, party or group any kind, except looting civilian cattle, maladministration and corruption duties.

To shift to Dr. Riek Machar and Lam Akol’s inconsistency, Lam and Dr. Riek have a long disputed and unresolved political differences. While Dr. Riek Machar has always wanted to practice co-existence and respect to Chollo King, Chollo traditions and cultures, and Chollo Kingdom, Lam Akol has always wanted help Dinka (you could see in the book he wrote – he sketched the political map of Chollo Kingdom with imp and betrayer’s thoughts; he has wanted to reward Dinka with land) to eradicate Chollo Kingdom and annul the key roles and responsibilities of the Chollo King. The damaging developmental example why Lam Akol does not fit to lead is that he (Lam) was ordered by the late Dr. John Garang De Mabior (the Former SPLA/M leader and Dinka or Jieng as well) to burn and loot Chollo Royal Palace (in Fashoda), took the Chollo Royal herds of cattle and burnt Fashoda Police units and facilities both in Kodok and in Tonga – 1987-88. Between 2006 and 2009, Lam Akol had conducted, but failed armed militias against Wadakona, Renk, Malakal, Wau-Shilluk and Tonga – in which Division One of Johnson Olony dislodged Lam Akol’s Anya-nya (II) out of the areas. The same evil schemes and activities were carried out by Lam Akol’s armed sector 2015-17, same armed elements of Lam Akol by the name “NDA/F (National Democratic Army/Forces)” under the command of the late Gabriel Tang Ginya was witnessed engaging in fight with Agwelek and IO Army over the control of the Agwelek and IO controlled areas in Great Upper Nile and areas. That was the last battle in which late General Tang Ginya was killed. Hope that General Peter Gatdet Yak is not making the same mistakes – though General is known to have opposed Dr. Riek Machar’s leadership, appointments, and reshuffle in which Major General Johnson Olony has become the head of the the IO Army (Agwelek) – under the themes in which Dr. Riek Machar is the leader of the IO (Agwelek) Movement.

Now and then, Agwelek has stepped up to the army and political prospects and pro IO army lead policies, but to Lam Akol it is more to handle since Salva Kiir and his governmental elements in Juba are to be faced as well. Brilliantly, but not as good as it seem, Lam has teamed up with some other political and army oppositionists. One example: National Salvation Front which has attacked the IO army around Yei and areas is a best example of how government tickets are being manipulated by the government supported opposition militias, which are intentionally bribed to blindfold any citizens or other oppositionists that are interested in collaboration with the IO. To cut into this, Democratic Movement is the best example of the good opposition party that has just joined the IO alongside Agwelek (the main IO itself) under Major General Johnson Olony of the well-known and very powerfully defensive division (Division One). Tale of warfare is not as that bad, but Lam Akol and Kuol Manyang Juuk can tell every general of their how defensive and powerful D1 (Division One) is after the last armed militia convoy (that was supposed to reinforce Dinka-Padang with their land invasion operations) of Mr. Kuol Manyang was scatter on the Nile, and Lam Akol’s last and strongest units were destroyed at Dolieb Hill, Tonga, Canal, Kodok, Wadakona, Kodok, Melut, Lelo, Renk, etc by Agwelek – Special Forces in which Tang Ginya (the recruited late army leader of Lam Akol) was gunned down. This is how people’s power can be put to work for the public trust, and if Lam Akol will not learn to be arm free or military free politician, and wish to continue threatening civilians in Chollo Kingdom and areas, chances are that his next arrest will earn him a one-way ticket into a cemetery just like his deceased generals – which may be interpreted as such that no other armed armies will be conducted in Chollo Kingdom and areas, but Agwelek (IO Army), Fashoda Palace Police and Fashoda Federal Police guards and Agwelek Army Police. Despite what or what not, Lam Akol cannot lead in Chollo Kingdom since people have spoken.

Third, the liberator days have come, as stated in the last Cøllø conferences in Ditang (Wau-Shilluk), Johnson Olony will continue carrying on the army leadership duties, rules and responsibilities, and commands that will be carried out and affect all IO soldiers and Agwelek – Special Forces in a gainful means. Whatever side Johnson Olony is leaning to, all units, sectors, taskforces, and armed army wings of Agwelek and IO soldiers in the areas will follow along toward Johnson Olony’s commands and orders in a military sense possible. Johnson Olony’s unit is inclusive and to that comes no more rooms for letting go what the people have started. Until then, resistant must continue because this is not a struggle anymore as Johnson Olony has quoted, “Cyädh wïji yinga malø! Yan a ba yïnø, o yïn a ba yanø!” Ka ba pyëjja riee kin: riee nyi willi wa adï ngø keløg ba yïn a ba yanø, o yan a ba yïnø? Møgani ba cwaggi Ayïïmø geki Nyikaangø. De cyee! Køny kö Atängø nyodh kin dhaanhø ayïd ki wangø men nëëne ki døøjø. Na mi ka arum pyëji teedø yi Olonyø kin keløg dhø Cøllø menani olïng yi teedø wala adï yod yi teedø en dhø Cøllø menani, kin ngan dwa´ thøø kööb obwøg keløg bëëd ki määdhø ca dhël. Yaa Laamø Akölø (Lam Akol), yaa Adwögø Nyaba (Adwok Nyaba), yaa Pagänø Amumø (Pagan Amum) geki yaa Oyayø Dengø Ajaggø (Oyai Deng Ajack), bu jägg wala laawø men nuu nud kiperi genø. Nywøll angwenani aca Cøllø ki dhääl ki tyelmalø køm ba genø angänywøw, o køm ba genø angänyi gwedø, o køm ba genø angeeny, o køm teedø ocug ki jaag yi genø ki teegø. Ee! Møg awärø alod yi møø dïcyängtïnø pödh Okwä. Keløg a peri liny ki Jängø, linyi Jängø ba alwäng; o keløg a peri liny ki Anya-nya (II) mi Laamø Akölø (Lam Akol), ge odunn ki dejø mi IO. IO geeny na tøri lyejø. Bung ngan dwad o wïj “IO” yode wala kin oyiëb “IO” lidhe. Keløg ba peri linyi Pagänø ki Adwögø wala Oyayø, aa, møgani pa nyi kømm ki wädhdhi leeb; Nyajwøgø nud ki pajø. Nyikaangø pa yiëy ki wëëny yi yaa ojwääli ki yaa acwääli pödhø ki yaa aräb atheebø ki yaa okwall dhöggi pödhø geki yaa acami twäjø. De wä’ pödhø, Jaag Aywøgø Ogädø (Aywok Ogad), re oywöme; owiy odøg pajø, o ri gø kaale ki ywööm, ka wiy dejø kedhi bang Jaag Jønthøn Olonyø (Johnson Olony). Wa acung kinøw!

The courageous words is that Dinka (Jieng) is not too big to fight off when it comes to retaking Cøllø land back to Cøllø. What need not to be uncovered is that Dr. Riek Machar could have stated it better and more clearly in form of intelligence and other political explanations, but proper tool, proper trainings, ongoing army and police exercises and practices is what can keep the resisting and resistant so real and alive. Huge number in term of majority don’t always count when training is weak and loose. In order to avoid such looseness and weaknesses, management in security, guns, and ammunitions need proper and on point target practices without cutting training until it is perfected by the junior or senior officer that is being trained. For example: 30 bullets can give good scores of 25/30, 26/30, 27/30, 28/30, 29/30 and sometimes, 30/30 scores if one is focused and determined to get rid of enemy at front – since the blockade is the enemy at the front, and it is impossible to achieve goal if barricade at one’s front is not cleared out. Focusing in other word should means arm, aim, and fire! How long does one need to clear a single object at one’s path? Five seconds is too much and a waste of time and one’s life as well. Two seconds could do but still a little bit late. A second and half still slow, but with AK47 Kalashnikov (Abukorek), one bullet per one second for one target is competitor enough, and so, pointing fingers at Agwelek or IO must end for the goals to be achieved within less time with less resources available, but with effective and efficient military energy and strategy mean of targeting what has been stopping people to be free from the very start of the Jieng (Dinka) war of invasion and Jieng Council force rulings over free societies and citizens of South Sudan. So, Cøllø be aware too because it is time to let go what has been pulling Cøllø behind. Let go those fake advises which keep telling Cøllø not to face Jieng (Dinka) militarily. Keep focusing on what needs to be achieve in one spirit of Agwelek (IO Army) under Johnson Olony leadership, and through Dr. Riek Machar as the Prime Minister of South Sudan or Chollo Kingdom. Either Prime Minister Riek Machar the Prime Minister of South Sudan or Prime Minister Riek Machar as the Prime Minister of Chollo Kingdom, either way can apply to government and rules that apply on all governing bodies of the government and ministries – particularly, the Governmental sectors. From then, General Aywok Ogad may need to take some rests, sleep more than usual, put on some weights, and enjoy the sweet tea of Kodok, Malakal, Tonga, Bentiu, Nasir, Pagak, Khartoum, Wadakona, Melut, Renk or some kind “Akeel Olaggø” and/or fresh and cold beer will do for his dedication in serving the people in need of protecting voluntarily. Much thanks to Gen. Aywok Ogad for accepting the offer. From now on, Major Gen. Johnson Olony will resume the duty and responsibility of all units related to army of Agwelek (IO army) from Jikany dor to Jikany Chieng and areas, Akobo, Bor, Ayot, Juba & Yei and all army units in Chollo Kingdom. All will be under one political architectural, and that is Dr. Riek Machar who is the leader of the IO Party, whose main armed army is now Agwelek (IO Army) under Major General Johnson Olony. Apart from this preview, Fashoda Police and other Police in the local areas, in and around Chollo Kingdom will continue with their normal duties unaffected lawfully. The areas (some mentioned) are opened to be visited, liberated if not under Agwelek leadership (IO leadership) of Dr. Riek Machar’s political association.

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