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  • Guest - W.O.Kuachikuan

    No enemity can surpass goss's towards the enocent Collo population.But Almighty,GOD is greater than they are.they will sooner test a most bitter cup than the one they now deliver,in dark hearts, to collo civilians.

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  • Guest - Dr James Okuk

    For those who are supporting the bad things the SPLA and SPLM are doing to the Collo people in the pretext of disarmament let them deny that the following photos are not true, but let them point out where is Dr. Lam Akol and the militias in those pictures.

    If the SPLM and SPLA are after Dr. Lam why are they afraid to go and arrest him in his residence in Khartoum rather than killing and dispalcing innocent people? Curse be upon any Collo politician or SPLM supporter involved in directing and encouraging the SPLA to do those evil deeds in the Collo Kingdom! Those betrayers should never be allowed to go away with this freely.

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  • Guest - John Oyec Lwong

    There you are, these are what is happening in the Chollo land. Thanks a lot Lam for publishing these on the internet! Now let all the concern Chollo Community members see for themselves, it is widely said that one picture is worth a thousand words.
    Now my question to you is... Where are the women? I can see only the children below 10yrs and the elderly one, the secret is, your wives or women are in the SPLA barrack, they have been taken hostage for the SPLA soldier to use as their wives, that is what these people told me when I ask them the above question I just ask you now. So my dear brother you can write and write on the internet but remember your writing will only create awareness and it will save no life, action will. They say action speak loader then word, so take your action NOW to SAVE these lives of these innocent ones

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  • Guest - faulino omoj omay

    Dr James okuk and others they are still practicing denial and lying and misleading the people. Photos of our people publication on the web site are innocent citizens who have fled their homes because of unfair to your policy(splm-dc) you took Collo citizen as goods to gain political and trading in its issues and you take his land and house to be the ground for the battle, but the fraud and lies and misinformation and confusion is very close to the end.

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