Chollo young generations must take the lead since they are the ones that are being affected and oppressed by the unconstructiveness of economy, justice, politic, social and armed army or military issues. More comprehensibly, the ethnic cleansing activities which have engulfed and made the Chollo peoples’ land, resources zones or fields, towns and villages on the eastern banks of the Nile to be the turfs for natural resources’ looters and their major ethnic gangs of south Sudan*and more, plus dishonest oil firms is what need to be justified. The message is clear and loud, it means to send a strong and understandable message to the contestants or competitors outside Chollo Kingdom’s leadership roles without putting a ban between life and the humanity that is in search of life and peaceful living or lifestyle as well.

In a short time, blames will continue circulating, and rumors of wars and conflicts will range in the long run, but peace will be the end of everything that has led man and woman in voluntary army khakis or uniforms to fight and died for their land and freedoms, and yet freedoms and respects, and self-portraits have almost been lost for the ones that were once old men and old ladies that have been blaming their tool for not doing the job their future Chollo young generations to grow strong and wise. It was a look for predicaments without properly engineering and preparing for the Chollo young generations’ future and this needs to be avoided in the future. It could be a call for other grown up folks (the old ages) to step aside and give leaderships in fields such as in army, police and security services to Chollo young generation in Chollo Kingdom and areas, and any old age (a group of Anya nya, 1 or Anya nya 2 and the SPLA/M old ages) should take lead in other civil decision makings in societies, and the one that could be interested in becoming a leader ( in places such as in a political party chair or business president or law firm leadership or judge, and etcetera) should give up any military duties, responsibilities, army decision makings and leadership roles in all armed army sectors by all means.

That is the way forward since Chollo young generations are more aware and worry more about what have been taking places in Chollo Kingdom and the cross contaminated political features, wrong foreign policies and futures they have been faced with. In fact, Chollo young generations are more energetic and fast in getting job done when challenges that they are faced with seem to be inflexible in term of economy, politic, army, police policies and government agent/agency confrontations in the so called “south Sudan*” or more, and alliances within. It is not said that it will be an easy tasks, but together with the wise Chollo old ages and people like Oywok Ogad, Johnson Olony and those army commanders and generals, and the professionals that have been encouraging the Chollo Kingdom authorities to continue resisting any government that does not work for the interests of Chollo Kingdom until the last Chollo standing in the name of Chollo people, Chollo people’s land and the firm independent government and Chollo Kingdom’s civilians and the societies or communities within and areas, such task is accomplishable. Therefore, it has shown hope and good sign that every Chollo child that is born knows that he/she has Rädhø and a Kingdom. It is a bound and legacy that every single Chollo and alliances have to portray until the day when every last trace of the south Sudanese* military elements and others have recessed and ceased their operations in Chollo Kingdom and areas. To accomplish this freedoms, it should be understood that the roads ahead are rough and it need manpower and constant resistances in order to make the road toward freedoms accessible, clear and safe for all residents and civilians in Chollo Kingdom. The call is simple: all military elements that do not support the struggles and freedoms of Chollo people, those competitors should be convinced that their stay is temporary, they should not waste time or resources to build in a place that is not belong to them – any property that is built on Chollo people’s land by any illegal company or south Sudan* rival that has been operating against Chollo Kingdom and Chollo people, that property will be tore down and demolished in military way.

A message to both south Sudan* plus other illegal firms or organizations that are operating and have part taken in invading Chollo people’s land and Chollo Kingdom. Malakal town in particular, and not limited to Ulang, Abwong, Adong, Ayot, Bentiu, Waat, Akobo, Renk, Rabak/Kosti, Paloich, Kanana, Khartoum, Lake No (the lake) and areas, Atar, Nyitho, Melut, Maiwut, Fanjak, Wunaluong, Baliet, and so on plus the other ideal Chollo people’s part of land that was not invaded by the greedy southern rivals and other foes of Chollo Kingdom – are the forewarned place of interests in the list. To make this more interesting, Juba, the capital city of south Sudan* is bandaged with the mentioned list (above) as well because the leading government of Juba (south Sudan*) has failed Malakal with its wounds.

As stated, those towns and/or villages are built on Chollo Kingdom’s ideal land, and since there will be no easy mission, life is the task that needs trial for the people of Chollo Kingdom to achieve the freedoms they have been struggling for. Until then, all military hardware/equipment, guns, vehicles, or machines, and so on which the struggling forces of Chollo Kingdom have will not be put in storages or put to rest until south Sudanese* foes and other illegal companies in the invaded parts of Chollo Kingdom are convinced that they are the problems in Chollo Kingdom – and the solutions is to ban their operations and activities in Chollo Kingdom. Nor will there be a removal of guns/weapons in Chollo Kingdom. Only Chollo young generations can do better to stop all illegal operations and activities in Chollo Kingdom and areas within the inclusion of proper land demarcations, political and social engineering, and cultural/traditional policy makings and military – with the social welfares and services, and policing rules and procedures plus arms conducts that could be lived up on by the societies in the Chollo Kingdom for the long run, and for Chollo people and the political freedoms within.

As land and political issues, and army trepidations become the main concerns, which have led the known multiple armed tribal armies of south Sudan* in order to promote invasion wars in and against Chollo Kingdom, Lam Akol (if he still wants to conduct his political party in Chollo Kingdom and areas) must surrender all soldiers of his to the Chollo young generations that are still hopeful, brave and courageous enough to take Chollo Kingdom’s land back to Chollo people – since there is going to be no going back to Juba for another fake peace and bought unity that has collapsed many times. For a time being, Aywok Ogad and Johnson Olony will continue to lead the Chollo young generation against opponents of Chollo Kingdom – as the last Chollo unity peace conferences and spiritual ritual has stipulated in Wau-Shilluk (Obwa County), Malako Province, Chollo Kingdom. Like any contestant amongst political rivals that may still want to be a leader in Chollo Kingdom, (apart from His Majesty, Rädh Kwöngø Daagø Pedyëdø’s supreme throne), contributing peace rewards such as repairing what was left after invaders, building new houses, schools, hospitals/clinics, roads, airports, bridges across Nile and Sobat Rivers (in order to connect Chollo Kingdom, both on east and west bank of the Nile, and on south and north of the Sobat) industrials, farms, police posts/stations and laws enforcement facilities, security firms buildings, rivers’ ports, and so on, to the societies of Chollo Kingdom and Chollo people in Chollo Kingdom. Talking of bridges that need to be built, this is where a lot of outside topics, adversaries and aggressors have been attacking most because neither former foes nor today’s enemies needs Chollo Kingdom to be connected, and this is where somebody has to step up, speak up and hate those that hate Chollo Kingdom without looking back. It could be a new call or order that all Chollo need to form one unit of army with many branches, taskforces, locations and many offices in and around Chollo Kingdom since there is going to be no easy freedoms without military confrontations against the foes of Chollo Kingdom. With it comes new responsibility and it is guaranteed that nobody will be jailed or put on trial in any court (locally, nationally, continentally or internationally) for fighting against the enemies of Chollo Kingdom. It is a duty to free Chollo Kingdom and fear should be remembered after life itself when this is over, and it will be over after all Chollo citizens stand together with one armed army, united political agendas with clear and understandable ideologies and take the lead in a free, reformed and united people of to the Republic of Chollo Kingdom modernly.

While it is not over, new order could states that there will be no two heads and one tail anymore. Rädhø’s absolute order will be the last call, but not the final strike against foes when all other leaders are in need of assistances in taking care of the subdual tasks against the enemies of Chollo Kingdom. Apparently as mentioned above, Johnson Olony would serve in a temporary position in security sector as a Police Chief Staff (in federal police force), the highest police rank and police high command in Chollo Kingdom, and Aywok Ogad would serve in a temporary position in security sector as a Minister of Defense in Chollo Kingdom. This is not an argument! All those, the so many and confusing names such as Agwelek, Juha-Juha, Chollo Land/Army/People Defense Forces, and Lam Akol’s army wing, and so on should be rotated accordingly and united to form “Confederation Army of Chollo Kingdom” (national army) and “Police Force (federal police force)”. What it means is that Aywok Ogad would lead military confrontation against invaders, and Johnson Olony will carry on the duty of enforcing laws and serves as backup after any successful take back or takeover towns, cities, resource fields, land, and so on. Dejø anyi dhuri malø be linyø ka ba bölidhø anyi wïyi pajø; o dejø nyi ci ka wiyø o re ywöme kipø linyø men odøg ki cwööbø wala kipø magi keny a akyeeli. Ka nuudi nyaaggi linyø, ba dejø anyi mïdhi pajø; ka keløg linyø acung, ba bölidhø anyi döngø e mïdha pajø wala pödhø. De pwööd geki nängngi nywølli waadø dwada ywöömø – bene bëëdø othïwi bøli gønø a akyelø ki mërø kiperi Cøllø ki yiji Läg Cøllø.

In regard to Chollo Kingdom’s alliance forces or securities, consequences or possibilities are nobody’s mistakes since Chollo Kingdom is still under invasion of foreign armies such as Juba’s regimes of South Sudan and other armed tribal armies of south Sudan* and more, but communication is the key. There has to be a non-stopping communication between army leader (Aywok) and police leader (Olony) and civilian security (whoever Rädhø of Chollo Kingdom has appointed to lead such a civilian security) that are serving Chollo Kingdom’s interests. Which means that in any minimum security threat, police has to handle it without alarming the entire village or town or city, but inform the army about the situation, and secure other part of a town, city or village in its peaceful state, and in maximum security terrorizations, police has to call for backup from the army office in order for army to assist the police in fighting off or capturing/arresting the attackers, criminals or invaders. After that, it would be up to a Chollo government’s leaders (presumably Prime Minister of Chollo Kingdom, or National Court of Chollo Kingdom’s order) to call for backup from the other alliances. If, in any attempt no success, a Supreme leader (legally Rädhø of Chollo Kingdom) would take charge to order any strike if required immediately or later. That is how business is conducted; which means in war, no blames, and when war is over, arms are temporarily stored while being guarded until another like-business is brought on board, and sometimes, care needs to be practiced in order for words and commands that have been preached to ring a bell in an armed soldier’s minds in an active war zones – when war fields still smell fresh with blood and smoke of guns make no different between fresh air. So, Chollo young generation need not less than uniting themselves in order to accomplish what Chollo citizens think and know is right, and the ones that may be interested in taking an occupation in army or police services for the interests of Chollo Kingdom and Chollo people, choices are not limited, and for any leader, amongst the old ages, chance is not a running after a rabbit when Chollo young generations can run fast pass-by a lion and catch the rabbit alive or dead if needed.

For the sake of argument, yes tortious is wiser than rabbit, but when rabbit run away like Chollo people’s land that is slipping away into the hand of invaders, no one, but Chollo young generations are curious enough to get the Chollo people’s land (that was invaded) back to Chollo people because the most oppressed people now in that part of Africa are Chollo young generations. They are the generations with better understandings regarding the conditions that they are in apart from the enemies’ lies, biases and what the outside worlds might or may not know.

The Author is Stephen Owet, a Concerned Cøllø Gentleman in Canada

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