Late Edward Awinينعي اسرة بوض ادوليك اكول اوين فقيدها (السيد ادوارد)بعد صراع شديد مع مرضا يعد رجوعه من القاهرة.صباح اليوم بمنذله بكلاكا الشرق :2499127060320+و249122891025+ سائلين الله ان ينعمه في جناته.

ناويلو اموم اجاك 20141365892+

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  • Guest - Jwothab Othow

    We are deeply saddened by the news of the death of our elder late Edward. My condolence to the family of late Edward Awin and may God comforts them in this difficult time. May Almighty God rest his soul in peace


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  • Guest - Dr. Banydhuro Samson Oyay - Me

    How sad it is to receive such a heart trenching news. Late Edward would fair high in the list of our elders who hail Chollo welfare, charity and harmony. My sincerest sympathy and condolence to his beloved family in Sudan and Diaspora.
    May the father almighty rest his soul in peace and grant his family the comfort that comes from above.

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  • Dear entirly family of late uncle Edward,

    Please accept my deeply sorrow for your great earthly lost of your beloved father Edward. My prayers for family in whole asking good Lord to give you more courage to accept Godwill. We the believers will one day see him , when our time comes. May God accept and grand him mercy and rest his soul with his saints in heaven. Amen

    Francis Nyawello, USA

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  • Guest - Francis Yowin

    Real I got shock when I read news internet about the Death of our lovely Elder Edward Nyawello was passed way for me it was unbelievable, but I got convince when I show the his picture attached with the announcement draft in the internet. Real it was deeply sorry in my heart. Late Edward his very rare person in his natural HE was General Director of cooperation in Juba during the high council executive for the South after the ADDIS ABAB agreement 1972 .
    He served the people of Southern with one hearts as the son of Southern Sudan the know he left to father was his brighten hand as rightness person let us remember him our prayer.
    I will send my condolence to the family of late Ajak and especial for the family of late Edward NyawelloAs following:

    1.Dr Jwokthab Amum , Sara Edward in Australia
    2.And the wife of late Edward in Sudan
    3.Aywuk Edward, Kani, Adolek and Waadi in Sudan also
    4.Dak Edward in United State of America
    5.All family and friends all over the World
    I want to encourage you don’t let your hearts in trouble( John 14:1,2) we will see Edward when we believe in God all human beings goes in the same way not thing we do God gives and takes let the name of Lord be praise.

    Edward was completed his mission on the earth God called him to be in the good place where we will be tomorrow when we go also.
    May God for forgive him and receive his soul in peace.

    Francis Yowin

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