Death Announcementخيم الاسى و تفجعت القوب وعم الضباب و الظلام كل الدروب تالله لفقداً عظيم لكى يا جنوب.........              
تنعى رابطة فشودة مكتب الطلاب بجمهورية مصرالعربية اسرة(اعضاء)  رابطة فشودة الا جتماعية الثقاقية بكافة ارجاء  المعمورة لفقدها احدى ذريتهاالصالحة فقيدها السيد/ اكوج اجاك دينق رئيس رابطة فشودة بجمهورية مصر العربية الذى رحل الى جوار مؤلايه في السادس من ابريل لعام  2010م

ونسآل اللة أن يلهم آله وذويه الصبر و حسن العزاء .
و قد تم تشئيع الجثمان فى السودان , وللعزاء الاتصال بالارقام التالية
ت/السكرتير العام للرابطة فى مصر 0168157203
ت/آل المرحوم بالسودان 0912980955( شانجوك الجاك دينق )

نجم الدين الالا
السكرتير العام لشؤون الطلاب  بجمهورية مصرالعربية

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  • On behalf of Pae-Ben & Pachodo welfare association in the UK I would like to extend our deepest sympathy and condolences for the untimely death of our brother Okuc Ajack. Late Okuc was a person of great integrity and will be dearly missed by all of us.
    May Almighty rest his soul in eternal peace and may He give his family courage and strength in these difficult times..Amen

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  • My sincere sympathy & condolences to the entire Collo Community, Pachodo in Egypt, Late Okuc friends & relatives. He was one of our young generation's leaders. He worked hard for the advancement of Pachodo community in Egypt. He'll be really missed. May Almighty God rest his soul in peace... Amen:(:(

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  • Guest - Dr. Banydhuro Samson Oyay - Au

    With greatest sense of regret, my sincerest condolence to the family of Ajak Deng for the surprise and shocking loss of their beloved son Okuc. Chollo Community at large will miss this great and unique son of theirs.
    To those who may not know him, the deceased has been a veteran servant of chollo community in Egypt and beyond. He served the community diligently and tirelessly. He is a living example of leading with humility, self denial and strong commitment to people’s cause. H e lived a legacy that will continue to shine for generations to come.
    May the father almighty god rest his sole in peace and comfort is family.

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  • Guest - Changjowk Nyiyom Awin

    Almighty GOD rest his soul in PEACE for Ever and may our LORD JESUS CHRIST keep his family in peace

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  • Guest - Emmanuel Moses Aban

    يرحمه الله ويرقد روحه بسلام لقد كان نعم الاخ والصديق إنه فقد عظيم لشعب شلو في أنحاء المعمورة كنا ننتظر منه الكثبر ولكن نداء الرب كان أسرع المرحوم ليحفظ الرب أسرته ويرعاه

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  • Guest - Jwothab Othow

    We are saddened to hear the untimely death of our brother Okuc Ajack.
    My deeply sympathy and condolences to late Okuc Ajack’s family.
    May God rest his soul in peace. I pray that God comforts late Okuc’s family in this difficult time.

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  • Guest - samuel adwok

    نسأل الله ان يتقبل روحه الطاهر و ان يغفر له ذنوبه ، الرب اعط و الرب اخذ فليكن اسم الرب مباركاً _أمين

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  • Guest - Othur Ayik

    God almighty father, who take and give, may you comfort the family of late Okuc Ajak at this particular grief and stressful time for their missing belovely son. Give his family hope and be with them all the time so that they can live in your power and ability to move on for they future.

    Othur Ayik Awanyang and Tereza Nyilek.

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