JUBA, 17 March 2010 – The Collo community in Juba have affirmed their unwavering support for the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement (SPLM) and its candidates in the forthcoming elections. During a community meeting held at the Nyakuron Cultural Centre in Juba yesterday, the community denied some reports that it had ditched the party.

Community leaders explained that the Collo should not be branded in any way just because some of their members have taken certain political routes. “We loudly condemn those who are used by the enemy to sabotage the right of the people of Southern Sudan”, said Mr. William Ezekiel, a community leader who also asserted that the Collo community will continue to work hand in hand with the rest of the communities in Southern Sudan to realize full liberation of the people. “We announce here in broad daylight that we support SPLM and President Salva Kiir Mayardit, unequivocally”, he said.

Mr. Budo Oju, a youth representative emphasized the historical participation of the Collo community in the liberation struggle adding that their livelihoods were also affected just like the other Southern Sudanese communities. “We cannot isolate ourselves from the other communities now from the continued liberation struggle”, he said. He cautioned the community to beware of people out to purchase votes with money. “Money is not as precious as the blood shed by our people during the struggle”, he asserted.

Speaking on behalf of Collo women (DIERO), Hon. Banguot Amum, an outgoing representative of Pibor in the Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly (SSLA) and wife of the late Cdr. Nyachigak NyaColok who died in the frontline during the struggle, reiterated their support for SPLM and assured the party that its candidates will carry the day in Collo land.

Acknowledging the support by the community on behalf of the party, the SPLM deputy secretary general for the Southern Sector, Dr. Anne Itto commended the Collo for remaining steadfast in the party of that exemplifies their struggle, triumph and hope. She urged the community to stay focused and not be swayed by latter-day liberators, especially at this critical time in the country’s history.

“Sudan is at the cross-roads...it is an historic moment in the life of the country”, she said adding that the people must respond clearly and give direction and where they want to be in future and how to get there. “You have been part of the struggle since its inception; you did not spare anything or anybody but gave your all for the sake of the liberation and the future generations”, she recalled.

Dr. Itto also cautioned the people to be cautious and beware of people claiming to “follow Dr. John Garang” yet denying SPLM and its manifesto. “You have spoken by organizing this meeting and confirmed that you do not lost people and parties”, she commended.

She urged all Sudanese of goodwill to support H.E. Salva Kiir Mayardit in his quest for the GOSS presidency saying that he has demonstrated his vision and commitment to the total liberation of the country. Dr Itto explained that H.E. Kiir has remained focused amidst challenges and delivered dividends of peace as exemplified by the achievements of his government for the past five years.

Dr. Itto also advised the people not to desert the movement just when the “harvest is about to be garnered”. Using the analogy of a farmer, she explained that no one would till land, sow, and weed then leave the grains to be eaten by birds. She explained that anyone deserting the SPLM is like such a farmer. “We have spent too much in the struggle to be free and develop ourselves; we didn’t fight to remain in misery”, she concluded.

The occasion was graced by various traditional dancers and poets. The leaders, including Dr. Itto, lauded the Collo for seasoned culture and encouraged them to preserve them. “This free expression of our culture is part of what we were fighting for”, Dr. Itto said.

Source: www.goss.org

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  • Guest - Anok

    Veto, I didnt get what you intented to say, when you said the vast interest of Collo Communtity had been sold cheaply, what is the explanation for that? By supporting the SPLA, is that what you refer to Collo community's image had been sold cheap by their leaders? you know my dear, politic is not about negative, there is live after politics! I hate when people just pick up negative thing about SPLA and forget where we were recently? you wouldnt there be in Juba if it wasnt about SPLA. we should learn alot, and because of that, we mixed the issues. The big issue now is about self determination, isnt about money, where people just want to dump important issues, and cause bitterness among themselve!

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  • Guest - William Okuch

    If human establishes religious, social and political organizations to manage, defend, protect, develop,serve and to care, SPLM/A was established to destroy, to kill, to confiscate, to dictate, to loot, to divide and to degrade.
    "SPLA's first bullet will be fired at the separatists", said the leader of SPLM/A Dr. John Garang. As a result, Gai Tut, Abdallah Chol and many others were murdered or assassinated. SSIM that called for South Sudan independence were renamed with SPLM that called for New Sudan.

    During the war, SPLM/A favored single tribe. Many areas were called 'liberated areas' to allow international organizations to pour billion dollar support to single tribe in so called liberated areas. In addition, cognitive name 'LOST BOY' was created and thousands of boys from single tribe were sent to western world.
    After the war, power was allocated to single tribe and few from tribe are employed as nominal servants to serve their masters. After the war, southsudannation policy is being implemented by killing other tribe and forcing them out from their ancestral land for demographic change that favor one tribe. After the war, the whole budget of south is divided among single tribe and gave some money to nominal servants to make them submisive to SPLM. After the war, SPLM has conceded from notion of New Sudan by refusing to contest against Bashier rather than giving chance to other northern Yaser Arman. What about million Southerners killed for notion of New Sudan. After the war, SPLA continue to be real enemy to our civilians in South.
    Then how can one of us be proud of destroying entity as SPLM/GOSS?

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  • Guest - William Okuch

    Any part of land on earth is suitable for living. But other countries like Australia, America, Canada, Europe, Japan and many others are assumed better for living not because God create them so, but because their leaders strive to make those states good for living.
    It is shameful for many of us who steal public money from south Sudan and buy expensive houses in those countries. I can be proud to walk my visitor around my house built on my ancestral land. I will be proud to show a visitor my house because it is my hands that built that beautiful land. But if I show a visitor my house in Australia, or in other country, it make me be ashame and look like one of corrupt leaders running away with public money from my original country.
    My Collo men, if we are silence not to express ourselves about what is going on in our land because of money we get from GOSS and use them abroad, we are guilty.
    No one can milk a cow before it give birth to calf. It is therefore not a time to enjoy while our own people are still suffering. It is a time to labor and when peace and real stability ripe in our land, then we will harvest the result of our labor.
    Struggle up to the end to stabilize our land first. Do not make yourself be look at as refugee or corrupt leader in other people land.
    Be a free man or woman.

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  • Guest - Anok

    Dear friend, I don’t know how to convince you for argument? But let me remind you this, the mission why we fought with the north isn’t yet finished. It’s good that you mentioned, the prosperity and development of Western World Nations-States, but think first, how did they come to that level! First of all, smart people target THE MOST IMPORTANT issues! The most issue now in our land is the secession not the distribution of money. You talk about public money being corrupt by few people. If you are smart guy, look where/ the Southerners get/or where the sources of these funds come from? South Sudan gets this money from the North. It can be understood in full context of intellectuality that we are still under the instruction of another Government. I refute your notion that your people or how call them, have to forsake the SPLA because there is a corruption. To me, it is a mentally defeated! You are not capable of solving the issues that what it means my dear, because education isn’t just to have a degree. You have to know how to work the ideas out, how others nation-states achieve the good development. Development is a knowledge, and knowledge is rationalization, mean people think and act accordingly. What was the mission of the SPLA in the first place? They take arms and fought against the Khartoum government, it was about corruption, if you don’t know. Here is my point, corruption is a fixable thing you don’t have to leave it and just go and blame other for it. We will fix this when we have our own government. Do you think if you support the NCP or another party, they will save your community from corruption? In Juba, before the SPLA, there were no good roads and good toilets in past, But for you, what the SPLA doing now is a big problem and is better for you to compare them with evils thing and the one before that wasn’t bad guy? If you know these Nation-States you had mentioned, they were not just happened to be rich or developed without any general will or without rationalization. Everything take time, corruption is there in South Sudan, but its not big issue for us at this time. This notion of corruption is distraction; some parties are encouraging this in order to ignite the civil war in the South Sudan again. I hate it and I hate those who rally behind this stupid idea. You said, SPLA‘s stratification is built/ form by one tribe. In that sense itself, you are a big liar. Take look carefully before you post your subjective. SPLA is not about Dinka. It is failing ideology as a mind set for some tribes who always accuse Dinka and running away from solving problems. Your mind set about Dinka, telling us now that SPLA is comprised by Dinka. But as Southerner Sudanese like you, its insult not even liars. Look, what you said and take a look for few positions I will highlight for you and community. What can you say about General Secretary of SPLA position, and his two deputies? What can say about the SPLA deputy chairman position, and what you say about parliamentary speaker’s position, and many positions? Are you telling us or your community that these positions are hold by Dinkas? It is the facts not politics, Dinkas are majority; it is a facts, not politics, If you want to know the politics, get to know how its work not its ideology. And how it works is that, know the truth. Being majority in other way of politics is not a factor, but it is factor when some politicians don’t know how to play that cards. Always politics of SPLA-DC is about dinkas, about corruption and majority had occupied the high positions. Come on, Dr. Lam was once Sudanese foreigner affair minister, and he was elected by the SPLA. If you guys want successful campaign in South Sudan, please refrain yourself of using DINKA AS a problem in the South Sudan. Politics is about attraction, but with narrow mind of SPLA-DC, who the chairman himself is anti-Dinkas, it will be hard for him to accomplish his political goals in south Sudan. SPLA- DC has to attract some Dinkas to their political spectrum too. But not foolish Dinkas like Malual Madut; he has no political ground anymore among Dinkas. So if SPLA-DC chose people like that, they automatically chose a failure. Anyway Dr. Lam, will still have to pay his bills, but not to rule the south Sudan. SPLA-DC is form by people who completely hate others tribes, especially they hate Dinka, but they think, they will win in the South Sudan! And accusing others for corruptions while Dr. Lam was recently with the SPLM, but because of his selfness, hatred toward Dinkas, he misrepresents the SPLM issues worldwide that why he was removed in that position. SPLM is not for Dinkas, and if one misused its policies thinking that, he is failing Dinkas like Dr. Lam did, damn no, you are failing the SPLM/ Southerners in general not Dinkas

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  • Guest - Tipo William

    it is a very interesting arguments where some commentators are digreeing from the real subject or contradicting themselves.all I can say here is that things that are unusual will attract attention. so the issue here is the myth of tribe in politics.
    Today we have a serious political, social and economic challenges, because the primary social unit of the social structure in South is the tribe. In this sense, tribalism has been playing a negative role in the political life since people begin to used it as a means to political end.

    we the people of south sudan suppose to learn from our past. During the liberation struggle, some tribes aligned with the North against SPLA/M. To them the war was seen primarily as an opportunity for financials and political gain. the North with its different political systems was more than willing to pay the tribes, in money, and weapons to secure their support.
    By the end of the war and in this interim period, these tribes have emerged as powerful enough to actively influence the political system in the South and no one knows if it happens that the war break out suddenly where they will stand?
    In a democratic society, people vote for other people to represent them at different levels of the government.they make a choice about who they want to do a particular job be a president, governor or MPs without being intimidated or threaten.
    However, when supporters declare their affirmation to support certain candidate or candidates in election based on tribal line and produce slogans and jingles is what create tensions, conflict and triticism.

    Tribal role in the political system facilitates external interference in political affairs and cause serious social social tensions as it is happening in the south these days. therefore, for us to build a healthy, self-satisfied, harmonious and a dynamic nation that is better equipped to take its place in an increasingly internationalized world, we need to argue our politicians to put a way the tribal card in politic. we need to break tribal power in politic and instil state's sovereignty. more importantly, we need to play a persistent efforts to create bridges of trust that can dissolve the widespread tribal animosity in the South. In doing so, a sense of national identity will emerge that will be based on a life style embracing diversity.

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  • Guest - Anok

    Mr.Okuch, I’m not what you think, but the truth. Your problem is that, you closed your mind about the SPLM/A. You don’t care to know their deed, either negative or positive. Why do you limit your knowledge! What I mean, your bitterness about SPLM/A has blinded you completely. SPLM/A isn’t all about negatives, but hard for you to transform your ideas now to look carefully what the SPLM/A doing in the South. SPLM/A have some services that they delivery to the communities, including your community too. These services are including representatives. Don’t compare the SPLA/M with Iraq’s former government of Saddam! SPLM/A was in war, and in any war, there is no justices at all. It is very common to any nation-state in war, they committee crimes, not only the SPLM/A moment, because war is rage. You see I’m trying to give an idea here; you stick with the past, which will not bring change to your community and to the South Sudan in general. You are someone working backward; your aim is to pull people back. History is about tomorrow, if you are aware about it which I know you are better than this argument. Don’t let your sentiments blinded you. You set your mind like device, SPLM/A was not in war with your community, but if anything happen which I’m not personal on denial, crimes and killing and things like that were not just happened. You have to look both sides. You know the justices, and to apply the justices, don’t take one side. You mentioned about Dr. Garang and you use his words on your context. Well my own analysis on that notes is that agreement is an agreement, but when it happened one side has to dishonest that binding without any objectives. Than what Garang mean by first bullet to the separatists was the enemy. Enemy has no color, it doesn’t matter, if he/she from the south or north. During the war, there were many tribes turn against the SPLM/A, especial in your areas and now another problem is about money again! Where ever you reside in western world, did you ever see civilian attacking police, with knife or gun, and the police will just walk away, because he/she is civilian? When your community was against the SPLM/A, mission by attacking the SPLA forces during the war, you telling me the SPLA will not response to that attacks, because your people are civilians? Well SPLM/A leadership were governed by human, so walk away from that notions. Killing is not morality to any society in the world, there is no random killing, it happens with many reasons. So don’t credit yourself for that, your people/ community was wrong. On the other hand, being under social contract doesn’t mean, any government can’t take action against those who agitate peace in any free society leave alone our society in mess. I don’t blame the SPLA/M of taking action against those who attack them.

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  • Guest - William Okuch

    ANOK, you put it vividly described yourself as SPLA prosecutor. You said my area was against SPLA during the war that why SPLA continues vandalizing and exterminating Collo people in Anakdar, Abinimo and Pigi ETC. You prove it right; therefore, I'm plaintiff and you are defendant ANOK.
    Before I go ahead, let me be honest with you. Never, never and never try to think your are persuading me with your immoral defend of SPLM/A. No you have no logic or wisdom to impart me with anything. Your tongue is fruitless like tree of desert. You are fighting with reality and trying to free yourself from crimes you and your party have committed. But you will never exit from your guilt without trail. i'm info teller and you are denier.
    You mentioned that war causes crimes to human. That is true. But there are laws call 'laws of war'. Any allegation that there is violation of these laws, those found guilty were tried before court. Crime against humanity included, sexual abuse, deportation of residents of villages, counties, towns, vandalism, killing of captured prisoners, confication of possessions etc which your organization (SPLM) did that.
    In Darfur, president Basher is wanted to stand trial because he is a president of state.
    Now you are trying negatively to tell people to drop charges against your evil organization while allowing ICC to prosecute Basheir. Why is it plausible to arrest Basher and implausible to talk about SPLM/A or GOSS crimes?
    Your argument that I should not be looking back is wrong. Past make us to do future thing consistently rather than inconsisten.
    ANOK, you and your party leaders are liars. You say something today and say something different tomorrow. Salva Kiir said many times in marginalized areas whenver he visits that he will urge southerners to vote for unity and he will vote for unity as well, but when he is in South he tells southerners that seapartion is first thing for SPLM party.
    ANOK, LET continue dialogue. But I assured you that you and your leaders will never and never escape from sword of justices. We will hunt you down wherever you hide like war criminals such as Saddam Hassuein, Charles Taylor, those in Serbia because you violated laws of war. During the war, you killed southerners leaders who called for independence of South and many evil things against our civilians. After the war your oragnization allied with tribe to kill other tribe such as those killed in Anakhdar.
    Play again with your tail till justice surpress you.

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  • Guest - Anok

    Okuch, let me highlight you of how the problem of the SPLM/A started. In the beginning of our moment, our intellects from the south who lead the moment had no draft or constitutions of protections, both the civilian and military like. So in the course of the war, thing mess up, because part of it which was ignited the problem of looting or killing was also base on cultural perspective, lack of education and social economic as well, had big impact on war especially on soldiers. For instance, soldier happened to be somewhere in part of south, who don’t speak ethnic language of that community, and who happened to have no education background, and who happened to have no economic stability, and he/she doesn’t know what is humans rights? Do you expect that soldier will follow the ethnical morality in that environment? No, I don’t think so. It is not one community who experience this incident; it is all over southern Sudan. The SPLA by then was composed by many tribes with different background, so don’t take it as it happened to your own community or it was committed by one tribe, it happened to others too. For me, I cannot point these problems to the SPLA party alone. It is our problems including those who just break away from the SPLA party. When did we form this so call multi parties in the south? They were just form when the civil war stops. Don’t just accuse the SPLA administration for this mess. The SPLM-DC has a big part in this mess too and plus many others parties leaders who just break away, including Dr. Lam, because he was among high commanders by that time. On that notion of crimes being committed by the SPLA, you are wrong. Not only the SPLA, many people have involved directly and indirectly including people from your areas, they did the same thing to others people or others community. We fail as southerners in general when we started the war without a clear manifesto about war. So don’t bring your failure and failure of your people and load them to one party. Yes SPLA was in charge, you will say that, but the mission of the SPLA was for all of us as southerners. We all have part on it, either you participate or not, was not for one party. If I gave you one example, the conflict of 1991 when Dr. Lam and Dr. Machar break away the SPLA, and start killing civilians’ in Bor areas, was it a problem of the SPLA? What do you think about that? So if we start to hold people accountable as you mentioned, than your part lead or whoever you supporting will be indicted for that too! I want you to start from your own area, make your own independent investigation, ask your leaders, what happen, why this mess happened! The big problem why there are so many atrocities during war was that we didn’t create the manifesto. There is no smoke without a fire. Part of this problem, your community has involved, but when people fail always to recognize their problems, it doesn’t help the situation it makes it worse. You have to acknowledge the role of your leaders, is there any impact had cause to the SPLA or not? One of the lunatic, between the SPLA soldiers and civilian is when the civilian ambush the SPLA soldier and they don’t think for the outcome or consequences! And you guys sitting in western world and shout it out that your people are murder by the SPLA. You are wrong, don’t defend something you have no clue simply you were born there, but you don’t know what they have done to the SPLA too.

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  • Guest - William Okuch

    Your justifications that, “our intellects in the movement had no draft or constitutions of protections, both the civilian and military like” is vague because the purpose for war was by itself a constitution that calls to fight for sake of our liberties. Do you know what liberty is? If yes then you answer yourself? In other word, we wage war not to kill ourselves than protecting ourselves which enemy did not grant.
    “Lack of education and social economic as well, had big impact on war especially on soldiers” is not stimulant that engendered notion of killing a southerners by their own soldier. To fail your negative argument, Collo warriors who fought series of invaders were illiterates. They were not rich but poor because they live by fishing, hunting and farming. How you interpret this? If you do not see logic here, other people do understand that happen. Stop here! You have no wisdom and logic as I mentioned before.

    Concerning your saying that, “it is not one community who experience this incident; it is all over southern Sudan”, that is true. But who suppose to administer or discipline the SPLA? Answer is Dr. John and his aides are morally responsible to make any accountable for his/her act. Do you persuade the readers that soldiers who murdered civilians or civilians who ambush SPLA soldier were tried before court? If yes in which court, when and who? You did not provide the readers with specific judgment conducted by your party leader rather than being very general. Stop generalization here!
    For your saying that, “not only the SPLA, many people have involved directly and indirectly including people from your areas, they did the same thing to others people or others community”, I found it very general too. I talked about specific crimes committed by your party such as killing of Gai Tut, Abdallah Chol during the war and currently policy of SPLM/GOSS of encouraging tribalism. However, you keep saying, YOUR COMMUNITY AND AREA. Do not talk about community rather than responsible government (SPLM/GOSS) who is in charge of administration of South.
    I accept the crimes committed during 1991 split of SPLM/A. But as you said that is no smoke without fire. The reason is treason of SPLM by deleting self-determination or notion of separation that was replaced with NEW SUDAN VISION and lack of democratic management of the SPLM. Call these reasons as causes to the consequences of Bor incident and others. Today, you and your leader who urged millions of southerners to die for new Sudan are stuck in Juba for money and power. That is other treason this time against the people of marginalized areas and southerners.
    Please use specific events because we are debating on tangible issues not something illusionary.
    Let continue debating.

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  • Guest - William Okuch

    I want to remind ourselves on what I mentioned above that Salva Kiir and his party have betrayed the people of marginalized areas because of power and money in Juba. Those people are left vulnerable to NCP because Salva Kiir has disowned them. Now they begin defecting or cooperating with NCP because they are powerless.
    Please see the warning posted at the Sudan tribune website. Kiir now is wraned by SPLM party in Nubia mountain for potential split of SPLM.
    Millions of Southerners died because of NEW SUDAN VISION and now people of the marginalized areas are abandoned by SPLM without implementation of new Sudan vison. That is derisive.

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