Invitation CardDear all,
Please kindly find this invitation card on the ceremony of my traditional marriage. Your attendence is highly appreciated in advance.
Wish you all the best!
Dr.Changjowk Nyiyom Awin
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  • Guest - Dr. Emmanuel Bedipiny

    This is what we have been waiting for, Dr. Waa Nyiyom. May i take this opportunity to wish you and Dr.Luchia half of the most beautiful things in the world( I will leave the other half for me) and a love that grows day after day and year after year...

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  • Guest - Dr. James Okuk (PhD)

    Dear Dr. Changjwok and Dr. Lucia.

    This is the greatest moment all of us have been waiting to see you liberate yourself from bachelorism in order to join the rest of your best friends who have chosen the dignity and blessing of the family life.

    May your wedding be a blissfful one marked by every joy it should entail. We are looking forward to see Dr. Changjwok a great man behind a great Dr. Lucia as we also look forward to see Dr. Lucia a great woman behind a great Dr. Changjwok. Nothing less and nothing more.

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  • Guest - Paul Okony Apok

    Dear Brother
    Go a head with.
    The fly that has no one to advice it follows the corpse into the grave.
    God bless you with your new family
    Paul ;)

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  • Guest - Obec falak

    wonderfull twin doctors congratulation to you good bye bashelorism and welcome for new marital life,wish you all the best -God bless!


    Malakal Town

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