Bishop Vincent Mojwok NyikerDear all,

As many of you know that Bishop Vincent Mojwok Nyiker had retired last year after 43 years serving Diocese of Upper Nile Malakal.

Let us all pray for this great living saint among us who is leaving the office of diocese of upper Nile with honor!

We as entire faithful of all Catholics of Sudan must remember Bishop Mojowk who had shown how to be good shepherd of Christ. The very humble man in the history of Catholic Church of Sudan is leaving behind orphan young's priests who need a lot of help, and my hope is in Holy Spirit who always guides the Church. I am very grateful to bishop Nyiker who had accepted my invitation to be the guest of hounr on my ordination this year 2010. Please make your calendar (Venue and Time Saturday August 14, [email protected] 10:00AM St. Ambrose Cathedral Catholic Church 607 High Street Des Moines, Iowa 50309) here I am exacting my invitation to all entire Sudanese catholic in USA those who would like to meet and honor bishop mojowk you have chance to meet him in Des Moines, Iowa. I am not going to say more then what brother Okuk had said about the retied bishop but I want give you small bi of this great man.

Bishop Vincent Mojowk was born 1933 in town of Tonga Southern Shilluk area

Ordain into priesthood in 1966 together with cardinal Wako and archbishop Laro of Juba

Bishop Mojowk was assigned to many parishes before he become bishop of upper one of them was Lul parish where many people think till today that Bishop Vincent is native of Lul. Bishop Mojowk took over the diocese from late bishop Pio Deng Yakuwan in 1978

It ‘s took  Bishop Mojowk 20 years to build large house of God in Malakal where all the catholic could have enough place to warship . He never give-up. Cathedral in Makalal today is the sign of his faith of serving people of God, good numbers of priest's sister's deacons is the hard working of this living saint. Who never leave City of Makakal in the hard time during the war-time?

Bishop Mojwok you have my pray, love and long life for you, peace be with you good shepherd.

My prayers  for Fr. Taban may good lord guide you with this great assignment, I know you will do the best with support of faithful people of great Upper Nile.

Yours In Christ,

Francis Nyawello M. Chan
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