I and Karlina Achwang Kac will like to announce our happiness to all families and friends ,because God has given a new baby girl came on 24/6/2009 at Mercy Hospital for women Hielgdberg Victoria Australia around 1. Am according to Australia times.

The baby was born in miracles way supposed to be born in 21 or 23 of August this month , but she left out two months to be completed the normal birth according to due date.

In this case, because of her health she was admitted for one month and half in the hospital for completion at special nursery intensive care. Now she was discharged from hospital 8//8/2009 to family room.

Therefore, we are please to announced and shared our happiness with the all families all over the World in Sudan, America , Canada and Australia special two families late Yowin and late Achwang and their friends to enjoyed with us for the good news and for the new baby added to our family look at photo of new angel baby . We hope God will protection her and grow in him.

Please if you feel to congratulation our family through the Telephone pleases called

Home Telephone line: 613-97925706 mobile 0409695207 Francis and Karlina 0412255461

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  • Dear readers
    I want to give you some additional information it was missed out from articled which we submitted on 16, 1,2010. We apologized a bout that missing information supposed to be in the submission.
    1.The new baby name was namely in the name of Mother Theresa she was clergy Catholic in India in 1947 or 1948 she was helper the poor in India since ago we name the new baby in her name called Theresa Yowin.
    2.We try our best to put the Photo of new baby, but we wasn’t able to do it or made attachment we will send it in the birthday in the future when the baby turn one year.
    I hope you will undrestand my last submission.
    And thank
    Francis, and Karlina

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  • Guest - Dr Changjowk Nyiyom

    الف مبروك لكما(فاولينو شوتي و هديةجيمس) و بارك الله في مولودكما الجديد و انشاءالله اضافة جيدة لذريتنا

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  • Guest - Dr Albino Amum

    مليون مبروك لزوجين ( فولينو و هدية ) في مولودها ونتمنى الصحة و العافية لطفل الجديد

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  • Guest - Paul Okony Apok

    God Bless you and your fmaily, I pray she will be a one day leader in Sudan

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  • Guest - Emmanuel Timothy THWOL

    Let me convey may congratulations and prayers as well that your child will grow in love, and reign in the house the of lord and among the God obeying people in the lasting peace and prosperity

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