is sad to anonunce the death of Dr. Lewis Athom Ajang which took place on the 25th of December 2009 in Khartoum. Dr. Lewis was a surgeon and lecturer at the University of Upper Nile. May God rest his soul in peace and provide encourgment to his family and loved ones. Amen.
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  • Guest - Francis Nyawello Majak Chan

    Dear Ajang's Family in large,

    I and my family pray for all of you at the sad time that good Lord may give his full courage to accept God will. Please know that Dr. Lewis is in safe place. We pray for his soul asking God to grand him mercy and place him with his saints in his kingdom. Peace be with you all.

    Francis Nyawello, Des Moines,Iowa

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  • Guest - Dr.Changjowk Nyiyom

    to Ajang's family:
    please accept My sincere condolences on the great lost of our father ,elder brother , teacher .may our lord JESUS CHRIST rest his soul in peace forever.
    special advice to my friend James Amum , please be courage and tkae care of your family and God will be with you......amen
    Dr Changjowk Nyiyom

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  • Guest - Othol D.P.Dr.

    The untimely and sad death of Dr.Athom Ajang is a tremendous loss for those who have grown up and lived together with him.

    This on one hand is a blow to the entire medical profession of Southern Sudan in particulr and indeed Sudan at large,as a wide vaccum of intelligence,commitment and professionalism is left hard to bridge.

    On the other hand his own family is now very much deprived of his ever loving care.None the less there is little or absolutley nothing that we can say when Almighty has made the say.We have to pray for many things.

    For God to bless his soul and give him eternal life and also for our good Lord to give courage and strength to all those who have known him and in particular his next of kins to have strength and courage too,to ocme to terms with this unmeasurable loss .
    God bless.

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  • Guest - Fraancis Akic Ajang Yowin

    Dear Dr Kwucburo
    I would like to send my condolence for the death of Brother Dr Lewis Athom real is great lost for our family and Collo community .In 2009 we lost very important people in our community in time we need them to leaded our community special the time of peace in the South Sudan, but we will accept this , because is will of God . Please brother Dr Kwucburo sincerely accept this, because the death is out of our character as human beings when we lost our lovely one we felt very sad, but we cannot change any thing, The King David was very anger when his still alive son he prayer that God can for gave him , but when his son passed away, he changed his clothes and ate and went out to met people but the people was very surprised, when he ate after the his son was died he tell his guards ,he cannot returned him , but he will go behind him. Please be encouraging special our sister Nyabol and her children and all family and friends God gave and take.
    Lewis is finished his mission on the earth God called him take rest in good place where we will be when the God come no painful and hungered ,but we will rejoiced with the Lord forever .
    My God rest his soul in peace till the lasting day come

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  • Guest - Kucburo Ajang

    Thank you very much brothers and sisters for your condolences for the death of Dr. Lewis Athom. He was a true brother of us all. Most of us will find it difficult to believe that he has died especially those of us outside the country. But we have to believe it because it was witnessed by the our people at home.
    He died on Christmas Day at 02.00HRS. from Respiratory and Heart Failure.
    The prayers took place in Khartoum on Monday 28.12.2009.It was attended by more than a thousand people.He was well known to us all.
    The Bible teaches us that everyone of us has a day when he/she will be called by GOD. It is the LORD who gives and it is the LORD who takes away.
    May the Almight GOD Rest his SOUL in ETERNAL PEACE.AMEN>

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  • I would like to express my profound condolences to Ajang’s extended family for the untimely death of Dr.Lwis Athom who was one of the major pillars and a prominent figure in the medical community and the country at large, his legacy remains tangible where ever he served the humanity. May God almighty rest his soul in peace and keep his eye on his nuclear family.

    Aban Pagan Othow
    Wsashington DC

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  • Guest - Othwonh Thabo Ojwal

    With heart filled with profound sorrow and sadness, I would like to extend my sincere condolences to the family of late Ajang Ajieng in particular and the entire collo community on the untimely loss of brother Dr Lewis Athom Ajang. Dr Lewis was a genuine simple, humble and carrying human being...may god rest his soul in peace with all the angels and saints.

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  • Guest - Paul Okony Apok

    Dear Family of Late Ajang
    I and my fmaily prayer for all those who remain behind, to have courage

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