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“When life itself is not cheap and the freedom is not free, then what relies ahead is unknown for humanity – especially for Chollo people that has repeatedly been labeling other Chollo a Dinka for having different political agendas than the defected Agwelek of General Johnson Olony which is now the head of the Agwelek-In Opposition (Agwelek-IO) and the Chief-Staff of the SPLA-IO (SPLA-In Opposition) which is also led by the rebel leader Riek Machar. We have done enough not only to our image but to the throne that we cherish and the unionized organization of the people’s government of the Republic of South Sudan. In that case calling other Chollo fellows a Dinka for having different political view is more than looking for trouble on the top of another unsolved problem. Therefore, crying is the solution to the problems that have been engulfing nation of South Sudan and the unity within. If someone standing with the SPLM, he/she is encouraged and allowed to do so and some people choose to support the DC party, they are permitted to follow their cause peacefully without arms resistances involvement. But when some individuals opts to support IO party and FD (Former Detainees) political sectors, there is no secret to be hidden since it is already clear that both IO and the FD are fire armed and they conduct their own army wings as a tool to threat the Government of South Sudan. Such a mischief, but calling your fellow Chollo a Dinka for having different political opinions would not help in anyhow, to solve the problems within the nation’s political turmoil. As per advice, it would be smart thing to do to get out of any areas within the Chollo (Cøllø) Kingdom zones eastern Nile bank and western Nile bank blocks’ land slices if it does show that someone or somebody is supporting the IO groups or the defected Agwelek-IO that is led by General Johnson Olony. The same groups, same radical thinkers that have disrespected and insulted Rädh Tugø … Rädh Kur (Atïngdörø) Rädh Pediet, Rädh Dak, and Rädh Kwongo now. If such groups can insult your traditional leader as a Dinka for trying to maintain peace, unity, coexistence and harmony between all southern Sudanese ethnic communities, chances are that it is also the same group that has been picking up arms alongside berget/nyigat (that is now SPLA/M-IO and the likes) against Chollo people whom they fundamentally suspected as Dinka for supporting unity and coexistence with Dinka as peaceful neighbourhood. To be honest, there has been major mistake on the ‘Final Brief Conclusion on Chollo and Agwelek.’ It was a request, but did not meant to; taking back that brief. ”

Stephen Owet


This is another brief, and that time has come to get rid of such insults off the people’s chase. It would be better for any IO armed member or the armed rebel groups to pack up and leave Chollo Kingdom for Pagak where Nyigat/Berget headquarter is located. The insults of being named Dinka for being brave in preserving peace and the unity among the people of South Sudan, insults such that your Kings are always being a attacked by armed Nyigat/Berget led opposition armies and rebel groups, and insults for being the leader who does not support discrimination and segregation amongst the people of southern Sudan and Sudan and the areas, and insults for being self-motivated and an active member of nonviolence. All kinds of insults against Chollo people that have been called Dinka, and all kind of insults that have been directly or indirectly used against the Chollo king – especially the current Chollo king, His Majesty Rädh Kwongo who has been insulted in the media, and all kinds of insults that have led to the killing of the Fashoda (Pachodo) palace police officer by Johnson Olony’s armed groups have to end whether through a not negotiable commands or through face to face confrontation militarily. And show Agwelek-IO and Johnson about who is the boss in the Chollo Kingdom and areas. Should whoever calls Chollo people a Dinka repeat the same insult, and not willing to pack up and go to Pagak, then the people’s army, the SPLA will tell if South Sudan deserves having rebels or armed opposition army wings around. Based on this scenario, Aywok Ogad who is another Agwelek leader may have to expose Johnson Olony and Agwelek-IO as the unknown outlaw that still following former Berget/Nyigat allainces, that have been trying to use military forces against nation’s healing.


In Juba, the capital city of the Republic of South Sudan, Mr. Aywok Ogad has already announced that he is not a member of the IO on the South Sudan national TV. And if it turns out that it is a propaganda, then it would be better if General Aywok Ogad to be armed and sent to take out the entire Berget/Nyigat alliances (Agwelek-IO) that is led by Johnson Olony. Everybody has alliance. Dinka are divided, Nuer are divided and Shilluk (Chollo) has to be divided by the politics as well. If people are not divided by political agendas, then why bother vote or election or why bother to oppose others? REMEMBER: Only tradition and culture can unite communities and ethnicities that have different political views. Dinka can only be united by their Dinka culture and tradition; Nuer can only be united by Nuer tradition and culture; and Chollo can only be united by Chollo culture and tradition. Never in history has tribe or ethnic community been united by politics. So, leave it that way. And if anybody has an issue like those who have been naming the Chollo people that have been coexistence between other communities a Dinka basically, that individual has to either leave people the way they are or find another political topic to argue on. With arms involve in killing Chollo people by the Agwelek-IO, it would also take arms to force Agwelek-IO to leave the Kingdom’s property and land to the Chollo people that are willing to live in peace with Dinka and others – this is not the first time Dinka has lived in Malakal, Atar, Melut, Nyithoo, Renk and/or Akoka and Piji areas, it has been in history that Dinka were welcome to live near Nile water and it was the people’s King, Rädh Padiet (father of Rädh Dak Padiet) who was the grandfather of Rädh Kwongo Dak Padiet decision that it was not okay to let the fellow human lives in flood in rainy seasons or in drought in dry seasons. If other opponents have no choice of having peace around, a join Chollo Kingdom Administration and the Government of South Sudan will determine what and what not in the Republic of South Sudan. Therefore sticking with what people accepts as peace is what needs to be expressed and practiced day in and day out in the Chollo Kingdom as whole and in South Sudan – for the safety and for the interest of southern Sudanese people and the likes. But it is a look for predicaments Chollo when insulting Chollo people as Dinka when people are representing political party or policy that is not only Dinka policy or politic.


Everybody was insulted including the Governor of the West Nile State William Othwonh. But for what reason and what cause for? So far, moving ahead with the 28 states of South Sudan is the only way to have the government agents/agencies available and near enough when needed. Should question or doubt arise, Rädh Kwongo Dak, Salva Kiir, Paul Malong, Aywok Ogad and any of the unarmed political parties’ leaders are the people that people should direct their doubts or questions – concerning Chollo and the political within the other ethnicities’ bridge. Apart from that, IO and the supporters of the IO are not the groups to contact since they are still armed and against the people’s government and against the interests of all Sudanese. On that matter, it feels genuine and truthfully that there is no point to be in opposition and still rebelling against people and the government – since it is known that armed army rebellion activities are the root causes of the absent of development and suffering of the people within the nation. The game to be determined next is up to the SPLA, South Sudan Army and the alliances. And it should be understood by now that whenever someone or somebody is appointed by the President to be his/her assistant or vice, it should be known that the job belong to the leader and assistant is under the management of the President, and if vice goes wrong, he/she should understand that the boss ahead of him/her is not his opponent. Having vice President that still opposing President’s work is not how nation is run. And people should stop supporting those Berget/Nyigat propagandas and extremisms like that. So, stay bless and be ready to pick who to follow and on what causes and benefits. Simple understanding, but remember the only opposition that work peacefully within the nation is when army is one, and political groups divided, where by the leading party governs the state or the nation, and the minority parties have voices until another election is held and so on. What it means is that, what can people afford to lose? Losing resources and lives of the people and losing supporters as well, or having access still to some resources and revenues available and still have your people living and interrelating with others and have part to play as well?


Before thinking about what to do next, please remember to stop all armed army rebellion activities, and let opponents stop opposing government through arms. As southern Sudanese and Chollo people, the problem is not Salva Kiir; the problem is the individual that is trying to take the nation’s leadership through the use of armed rebel against the innocent people of southern Sudan. Therefore, test time is over and people should stop looking for the solution when the problem that needs to be dealt with is still running loose. With Riek Machar around, South Sudan is not going to be a peaceful nation. Such a mechanical engineer with no clues or solutions to resolve problems of the broken machines is a true problematic for all southern Sudanese security, peace, unity, development and coexistence. So, Riek Machar is out and peace is in. It is over that way, but if others do not see it over like that, well troubles lays ahead of the IO supporters and Agwelek-IO in Chollo Kingdom and areas. NOTICES: Only unarmed, nonviolence opposition is welcomed global wide, and the Government of South Sudan should get use to breaking up all fire armed oppositionists through the use of forces before the worse could happen, and to maintain control of the government and the sovereignty of the nation. The dog businesses of arm embargoes policy on South Sudan is both politically, economically and ethically analyzed already as another war that the foreigners (supporters of Riek Machar) trying to practice against South Sudan. So, let southern Sudanese and Sudanese give no chance to lose money to the dealers, and then lose the goods to the opposition foreigners’ ideologies and greed that do not function as a peaceful solution. So, to stop that war from happening is only by blocking Riek Machar and his alliance army from having share with the government of any state or region in southern Sudan or Sudan.


A southern Sudanese-Canadian. Not In Your Bandwagon, Building Our Own

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