Major General Johnson Olony
Major General Johnson Olony

As we have come close enough to the end of Chollo peoples’ suffering and long wait of struggle for land and freedom of the Chollo land, I would first better explain at this end conclusion and have my words better be translated and understood the way I have phrased them.

First my oyee to Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin and his removal of the term “SPLM” from his political ethic and diplomacies, and my next applause is to say “Happy Canada Day” to all those Chollo Canadians, friends and Chollo community for happily part-taking in Canadian celebration of July 1, and to those who have been supporting Agwelek and all Chollo land defense forces that have been struggling alongside Agwelek for the Nyikango people, the Chollo Kingdom peoples’ land ownership right and respect. Oyee, I can shout up it while I am here, and I think I know where I am heading and the light ahead of me and the Chollo community for the sake of Pachodo (Fashoda) leadership and administration in general is so bright – and we can hold on to it because it ours, and that Chollo people should heal politically and diplomatically at home and abroad as well. As it has been noticed by many thinkers that “Freedom is not free.” People have to struggle, fight and keep on resisting to earn what is worth dying for – for the benefit of the future generations of Chollo and Chollo Kingdom. For that I say thank you to those that have shared the pain with Chollo people, Agwelek and the entire Chollo Community at home and abroad.

To make it short, I believe majority of Chollo people – because that is where democracy steps in, the Chollo society have unanimously elected to have Reth Kwongo Daago Pediet as the supreme leader of Chollo Kingdom. For diplomatic and political and security in Chollo Kingdom, Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin is to represent the Prime Minister seat, Dr. Adwok Nyaba as the Assistant Prime Minister and Dr. Pagan Amum as the Secretary General for Chollo Kingdom’s diplomatic and political affairs. And, for security and defense system in Chollo Kingdom, Major General Johnson Olony will continue representing the Defense Minister and Chief of Staffs for Chollo peoples’ liberty armed army. More interestingly, General Yaunis Okich of Tiger II will be representing Security logistic and Supervisor of armed army of Chollo Kingdom’s people and liberty. At this point, Chollo people will have a better look at the smooth flow of the orders and administrative services.

Conclusion to this brief note is that no “SPLA/M” terms or SPLA words will used in Chollo Kingdom and areas, and all Forces that are operating in Chollo Kingdom will have to merge under the “Agwelek” leadership and when voting comes, our objective as Chollo people is to vote for the causes that can benefit Chollo Kingdom and Chollo society in terms of security, politic and economic. For the reasons like those, we will always vote against Jieng (Dinka) and Naath (Nuer) systems. Over all, I would like to extend my apology to the Chollo people that have been left heartbroken by my writing. This is my way of a brief conclusion on Chollo people and Agwelek. Kwøb Athumø kinøw. Ka bungi dhaanhø ma pa cug ki tyeenyø. Keløg Dr. Lam Akol atyenyø, amen a pa tyenyø ki wäyi gønø? Jaag Olony pa nyi näägø ki Cøllø. De ka bëëdø yi møgani kinøwø, aca ngan akööbø køm pa tyenyø, otyenyø yi Cøllø. Thank you and have wonderful victory Chollo.

Stephen Owet

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