Fashoda Community Association (U.S.A) 2007 New Executive Committee.

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It is a pleasure to welcome our new executive committee into the Fashoda Community Association (U.S.A). May God guard on their way to carry the Fashoda Community with new ideas for improvement. The 2007 Executive Officers are:





1. Jalpan O. Nyawello

The President

(469) 335-7741


2. Olwak C. Aywak

The Vice President

(515) 244-6018

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3. Jameson C. Nyapal

The Secretary General

(615) 668-5775

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4. Kuol D. Farag

The Treasurer

(208) 713-3687

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5. Jermico D. Amon

The Secretary for Information and Public Relation

(615) 942-8156

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6. Okuc O. Lwangmianga

The Secretary for Culture and Social Affairs

(615) 244-8178


7. Banydhuro A. Padet

The Secretary for Women Affairs

(402) 452-3971


8. Emmanil Ajak

Assistant Secretary General

(404) 5089862

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9. Jiban Agor

Assistant Treasurer

(507) 529-0060

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Please feel free to forward your ideas or comments to the President or the Secretary General via e-mails and phone #'s mention above.Thank you, ~Kuol D. Farag....Money mouth

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  • Aban othow

    Our congratulation to Molana Jalpan O.Nyawelo for assuming the presidency wishing him all the best with his energetic crew.

  • Kuol D. Farag

    On behalf of Fashoda Community Association (U.S.A). We would like to thanks Mr. Ambassador Aban Pagan for his support. Good spirit my brother...Hope we have some more like you out there! We need to stick together.

  • Jwothab Othow

    I though, there is only one Sudanese Ambassador, Dr. John Ukeck Lueith in the U.S.? Please, please we should learn to use appropriate Title to individual we try to praise. It is a good thing to praise our brother Aban Pagan Othow, but it is not appropriate to give him a title he does not owned. Thanks

  • wadalong

    Jwothab you're so negative always, I don't why? I don't see calling Mr. Othow ambassador is a big deal. I think you're getting jealous of Mr. Farag and Aban Pagan being possitive. Please stand and be possitive one day. And keep your proposals for yourself there, start from where you are. I thought you going to congratulate befor you suggest. Clean your home first (Australia).

  • oaamon

    To all collo,
    Let's use our knowledge, skills, and strength to support our new community that we elected this month. we chosen the new individuals in the office to serve us for better years to come. we need to support them first with ideas that may help them run that office for better result. us collo, what are the things keeping us behind for not accomplishing our goals? let's us give positive feedback to our new office to pass those problems. also, everyone need to put himself or herself in the shoe of those individuals who accepted to serve us and ask yourself. what can you do if you are new president?, share your knowledge to help them and a way you helping ypurself. people who write this! forgive me if i made any mistake here; all want is to share my thought in a good way.

  • Kuol D. Farag

    Sorry Chollo, my bad for callin' Mr. Aban Pagan Ambassador, I know he's workin' his way to that title. Aban, was my classmate back in the days. Calling him Ambassador will not change Dr. John title. As our brother Nikako mentioned on his comment that its not biggy, just a name. Chollo, I don't visit this website to write (-) things or criticize any one. First: I hate politic, and second: This Pahodo web is contaminated with politic. Its became like a war zone. Chol said" this, Dak said" that. We're killin' each other instead to give love to one another. I thought the web was build for our communities to share our positive ideas or what benefit us, but its look like the web is destroying us and bringing hatred among Chollo. Again, my bad for mis-using the big word (Ambassador). Aban, sorry my man, I believe one day you'll be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jwothab Othow

    First of all I do not know brother Aban Pagan Othow nor do I know brother Farag. I think Mr. Ngino; you just misinterpreted what I said. I have nothing personal against brother Aban Othow and Mr. Farag. I think it is always good to understand what the person is saying before you reacted negatively about what the person saying. What I said was very clear even if small child can understand. As I said that it is a good thing to praise brother but it is not appropriate to give him a title ambassador. Now where is jealous here Mr. Ngino? People, we must learn to put things in perspective. Mr. Ngino, you need to understand that whatever you say here on Pachodo website can be view by anybody because this is the World Wide Web and we have no control of it. So, calling brother the Ambassador is totally misleading and I do not think he would accept to be given a title he does not owned. I’m not saying that he does not qualify for ambassadorship but we have to wait until brother Aban become ambassador someday hopefully. Please Ngino, you need know that there are two names here.
    You should not blame Mr. Jwothab who is living in Australia for nothing and I have never seen him written something negative on this Pachodo website. So, please you should apologize for him. I was the one who made the comments and there is no need for you to attack Mr. Jwothab who is an innocent. Again Mr. Ngino, you need to understand first before you make your comments and use the common sense about what the person is saying and who is this person.
    Regarding the proposals, I have proposed for the Chollo community in the United States was not propose for you alone Mr. Ngino but for those who have a common sense to read this proposals and be able see what is good and what is not for Chollo community in that proposals or suggestion without just making prejudice. Let's say that the proposals I have proposed is not good in your view but what would you offers to Chollo community better than that proposals Mr. Ngino? Let’s be realist now, I like somebody to criticize me provide that he or she presented her/ his positions and that is a good intellectual argument that would benefits the public. But if you just want to criticizes me without presenting your position than forget man. Above all we are all Chollo and we can disagree and agree but ones should not take personal okay, Mr. Ngino. Remember, this is the World Wide Web and we should be careful about what we say to each other as Chollo because our big enemy is watching and viewing what we are saying here on Pachodo Website.

  • Mayik(Paulino Busari)

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    First, I would like to congratulate our brothers and sisters who elected into the office of Fashoda Community Association in USA a new executive body to run the organisation and commit themselves to serve the people( Chollo nation) in America. I also would like to congratulate and thank the newly elected members of the Management Committee of the Fashoda Community Association(USA) for shouldering the enormous task and resposibilities entrusted upon them by the public.I hope that they will be able to carry out their duties and responsibilities without hinderence. I know that it will not be easy especially when this involve people of high calibre interest of just opposing any thing done by Mr.X. and not giving any positive and constructive contribution.

    From the list of the new executive committee members,it seems to me that I do not know them personally but my advise to each of them is that do not listen and be discouraged by what people say but instead do what you think is good for all Chollo people, in America or elsewhere.

    I am the Chairperson of Australian Chollo Community inc, in Australia and I just do what I am saying now: just do what you think is good: talk to the people and let those who can participate and contribute ideas do so to enable you solve problems.Let them feel that they are part of your executive body.

    I hope that nothing will distract you to carry out your duties and responsibilities.
    God bless you
    Hope to be in contact and have future correspondences before the end of our term in the office.

    Yours Sincerely,

  • Kuol D. Farag (Ray Charles)

    On behalf on Fashoda Community Association. I would like to thanks Paulino Busari, President of Chollo Community in Australia for all of his support & encouragement to the New Officers for Fashoda Community in United States of America. We'll try out hard to the best for the seek of our people back home. They really need our help. Paulino, we need to keep in touch and work as one Chollo Community. Lets stand together. If yo have any inputs or advise, please send them to the President Jalpan, or Jameson the secretary general, or myself. E-mails and phone #'s are on the posted list above!!!

  • Kuol D. Farag (Ray Charles)

    Excuse me! I meant We'll try hard to do the best!!!!!

  • Michael Othur

    Thank everybody who is concern about Chollo Community Association in U.S.A, or elsewhere.
    Again, first of all I would like to thanks Chollo Community Association in the United states of America. though must of us are critical, no problem we are from same DNA if I'm not mistaken. The good things I seen we have nice people with open mind dreaming to make our community a better place to live. those people are working volunteer for the sought of our future and beneficiaries. Of course, we are all people who care together, we are one vioce with a passion to bring more true Collo programme in to our community. We formed the Collo Community to devise a way to make a difference here, today and tomorrom, that is our objective. The nice people are working hard to make that dream true, (but individuals are creating a trashy). which we don't need to worry about. while our handsome men and beautiful ladies deliberately continue to produce more to achieve their objectives. Therefore for those who do care there is now a way to put caring into action. The collo community it is their responibility to make sure there is money behind the creation of the right type of programme.
    Be proactive and change the way the community works. You can be instrumental in helping create and support what the entertainment community produces.
    You may not be in the community ,yet you can help to implement change within the community .
    Your voice along with collo community people who care, can develop creative quality enterainment for the culture and meeting.
    We don't have to just sit by and watch, but we can implement change. Start now with an active voice for today and tomorrom with annually contribution.

    thank all of you my good people
    God bless you and your planning

    Charles/ Michael Othur

  • Kuol D. Farag

    Good touch brother Othur, thanks for your support. As you mentioned some of us are cirtical. We're Chollo, but we thinks different. This community is for all of us (Chollo). We would like every one to join, some might & some may not, but even if we have 20 or 30 dedicated people. We'll have a very successful community. Our mean problem at the moment is $$$$$$$$. I believe we can have that if we stand together.
    Thank you,

  • Kimo Ajing Aba (Jo

    Honest congratulation to the new executive office of the Pachodo Community Association, USA. I wish them all the best in service of their Collo communities, in the diaspora and at home. Let this new elected office spearhead the developmental challenges that are facing Collo nation. An answer to the question: How are we going to develop Phodi Collo after the peace agreement?, is a core and central issue which calls upon each and every one of us to unite and rally behind this new executive office. Thanks

  • Jwothab Othow

    Mr. John Silvio, your question seemed to be the most challenging and crucial one to all Collo sons and daughters about, “How are we going to develop Phodi Collo after the peace agreement”? I think in order for Chollo to be able to carry out effective development for Piny Chollo will require tremendous mobilization of human resources and material resources. Above all is the unity of Chollo people is the key to achieve effective development for Piny Chollo.

  • Kimo Ajing Aba (Jo

    Dear Bro. Jwothab Othow, I thing what you have just mentioned, in response to my question is all that we need to go forward in bringing development and upgrading the standard of our people. From now on, I which we all stick to that as a formula for a good start. Thank you brother Jwothab.

  • Kuanyriethyout

    what a job got done.
    congratulations to the new Chollo office memberwws, I never thought it could happened, but I thought wrong. once again congratulation to each of you, do your best to please others, stand stronge to defeat the critism and work together to achieve more for and in the name of Chollo and may God bless you all in every deed you do.

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